Lake Barcroft  


Beach Conduct Rules

Beach Conduct Rules

(as posted on each beach)

While using the beaches, the following rules apply:

  • All guarded swimming is limited to the designated rope boundaries which shall not be crossed from either direction.  Swimming outside the ropes or when no lifeguard is present is at the swimmer’s risk.
  • Residents with beach tags are allowed to be on beaches until midnight.
  • Swimming at dusk or at night is a HIGH-RISK ACTIVITY. All swimmers who choose to swim at dusk or at night, despite “Beach Closed, No Swimming” signs, do so at their own risk and should avoid heavy boat use areas of the lake and should take reasonable steps to enhance their visibility to boaters.
  • Non-swimmers and toddlers must stay within the boundaries of the shallow swimming area.  All questionable swimmers are subject to a swim test by the lifeguard on duty.
  • Throwing sand, rocks or other debris is prohibited.
  • All sand holes must be filled and sand piles leveled when finished playing.
  • The lifeguard sand pile is OFF LIMITS for playing.
  • Playing games or conducting any organized activity around the lifeguard stand is distracting for the lifeguard.  Games such as Frisbee, paddle ball, football, catch or tag shall be played away from other beach patrons, either at the back of the beach or on the grassy areas.
  • Frisbee playing and ball throwing in the swimming area is permissible only at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.
  • Rough play and loud or distracting activities are prohibited on the beach and common properties.  A personal music device should be at a volume set in respect for others.
  • Playing under rafts or other flotation devices is prohibited.
  • Rafts with oars are not permitted in the swimming area.
  • Standing on or diving from rafts is prohibited in shallow water and otherwise not advised.
  • Diving from shoulders or throwing of children is permissible in deep water only at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.  Diving from shoulders is prohibited in water less than four (4) feet deep.
  • Persons, including children of all ages, shall be appropriately clothed at all times.
  • Trash must be discarded in the proper receptacles.
  • No smoking is permitted on the beach.
  • When the beach is very crowded, lifeguards can declare a break in swimming for children under 15 years of age as frequently as 15 minutes per hour.
  • Except for eyeglasses and sunglasses, articles made of glass are not permitted on a beach.
  • No pets (other than service dogs) are permitted on the sandy areas of a beach between the Friday before Memorial Day and Labor Day.  All dogs on the sandy areas of a beach during other periods must be on a leash.


Revised September 2013