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From the November LBA NewsletterIn response to what the Board views as a clear consensus opposing short term rentals, particularly those operating as businesses enterprises and where the primary resident was absent from the property, a proposed draft rule was approved at the October board meeting  for comment by community residents . The rule would clarify the meaning of the Lake Barcroft covenants as it applies to allowable home-based business activities in our community.  The rule would essentially codify the existing practice in Lake Barcroft, adopted by the Board in 2009, which allows certain forms of home-based businesses that are allowed by Fairfax County in residential areas designated as “R2” without a special exception to the zoning ordinance.   

The rule is in draft form. It is published in this newsletter and available on the web site here to invite comments from the Lake Barcroft community. Comments will be accepted by email through the end of the year.  Please send your comments to Lake Manager Chris Lawson at  In January the LBA board will consider and discuss all the comments it receives. .