Minutes of Annual LBA Membership Meeting

                                                                          March 6, 2003


The meeting was called to order by LBA President, George McLennan and the LBA Board members present (Peter Browne, Diane Davidson, Frank Aukofer, Sue Nixson, George Waters, and Karen Wehner) were introduced. The names of the candidates running for election to the Board were read and those present were identified.


In his President’s Report, George McLennan summarized the highlights of the Board’s activities during the previous year, including the establishment of the Innovative Concepts Committee on the recommendation of Board member Ralph Smalley, and the development and adoption of Guidelines for the Use of the Reserve Fund led by Treasurer Karen Wehner. The passing of long-time volunteer Maintenance and Improvements Chairperson Ernie Rauth was noted and the need to have 30 people to replace him was described. After reporting that Mike Niebling will oversee the work of the maintenance staff, and Floyd Robinson will coordinate the 30 volunteers who will serve as "area captains" of the various common properties in the community, both were introduced to the community. The restructuring of the Newsletter under the leadership of Frank Aukofer was recounted and the efforts of Peter Walker to expand neighborhood watch, including the establishment of a lake watch, were noted. New resident coffees with the LBA Board were proposed and are being tried by Sue Nixson and Karen Wehner. It was also noted that, after 6 years, the Parcel A settlement had finally occurred on December 10, 2002.


LBA Treasurer Karen Wehner reported on the 2002 budget. She noted that a deficit of $23,030 had been anticipated for 2002. Although some expenses, such as insurance, beaches and legal fees, had exceed expectations, the Board managed to control overall costs by making great efforts throughout the year to defer or reduce spending. Also as a result of Membership Chairperson George Waters’ efforts, a significant amount of past due dues had been collected., resulting in the deficit for the year being reduce to $8,125. Because the expenses for 2003 were expected to increase, if funding was not also increased, the projected deficit for 2003 would have been in excess of $30,000. As a result, the Board approved a $30 increase in membership fees, and increase from $25 to $40 for barge registration, an increase from $5 to $15 for registration of other boats, and an increase from $25 to $100 for real estate transfer fees. As a result, the $277,615 budget for 2003 will be in balance.


Mike Niebling, Maintenance and Improvement Committee Chairperson reported that 80% of his budget will be spent on upkeep for the numerous common areas in the community. He asked for volunteers to assist with the work and solicited suggestions for improvements that would benefit the community. Floyd Robinson reiterated the need for volunteers to serve as "area captains" for each of the beaches, gardens and traffic circles. Although11 area captains had been identified, he noted that 19 more are needed and announced a recruiting drive to fill these vacancies.


Publications Committee Chairperson Frank Aukofer thanked outgoing Newsletter Editor Carol Hawley for her 18 years of service and LBA President George McLennan presented her with a Proclamation from the Board thanking her for her service to the community. After describing the changes being made to the newsletter, the new editor, Carol Donlan, Assistant Editor Ellen Feldstein and staff members Debra Lee and Uri Arkin were introduced.


Security Chairperson Peter Walker urged residents to be aware of what was going on in their community and to report any suspicious activity to the police department. He urged residents to participate in the neighborhood watch.


Membership Chairperson George Waters reported that there were 45 transfers in 2002, 6 to date in 2003, resulting in 1019 paid members of a possible 1032. He described his efforts to obtain payment of outstanding balances due and reported that a variety of options are under consideration for action to be taken when dues are not paid on a timely basis.

George Waters began his update on Parcel A, by noting that the real estate closing with Laing Homes had occurred. Twelve rather than the initially proposed 22 house would be constructed on the property. Restrictive covenants and tree conservation provisions had been incorporated into the transfer and all the deeds would be subject to these provisions. The Lake Barcroft Foundation had received approximately 5 acres in the transaction which would in turn be transferred to BBI, which holds title to all LBA common property. No construction would be permitted on this land, but the parking lot for Beach 2 would now be reopened there. Strict sediment controls would be in place during the construction.


At the conclusion of George Waters’ presentations, he was presented a plaque by George McLennan thanking him for his six years of service on the LBA Board, including his two years as LBA President.


District Supervisor Penny Gross reported on the recent significant increases in real estate assessments, the reduction in the tax rate, and the county’s excessive reliance on real estate taxes as a result of its limited taxing authority. She provided information on how homeowners can appeal their assessments if they believed they are in error.


School Board Member Kaye Kory urged the community to sponsor a forum for candidates running for office later in the year. She reported on the school budget, the increase in the number of students in Fairfax County schools, and the upcoming vote on how to make up time lost as snow days. She also described plans for a replacement building at Glasgow Middle School.


A letter from Congressman Tom Davis was read advising of his unavailability to attend the meeting and inviting community members to a meeting at the Mason District Government Center on March 8, 2003 from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.


Stuart Finley, WID Operations Manager, invited everyone to attend the WID spring meeting, which will be held at Fortune Restaurant on Wednesday, April 16, 2003. He reported that he will be retiring effective July 1, 2003.


WID Chairman David Alne reported that the WID is 2/3 of the way through its $606,000 budget for the year and projected that next years’ budget would be $610,000. Because of the increase in tax assessments, the WID tax rate would likely be reduced to 11.5. He reported that the recent record snowfall followed by several inches of rain had resulted in the failure of the new trash diverter on Tripps Run and the release of large quantities of trash into the lake. When the ice on the lake melts, the WID staff will collect the trash. WID’s engineering consultants are currently studying how best to repair and correct the diverter. He also reported on the joint project initiated by the WID and LBA to consider how the two organizations can best work together to serve the community in the future.


George McLennan read the WID-LBA project charter and the names of the members of the committee undertaking this project: Charles de Seve, Diane Davidson, Tony Bracken, Pat DiVito, Bruce Powers, and Sam Rothman.


Steve Yafee, Chairperson of the Programs Subcommittee of the Innovative Concepts Committee, reported that the subcommittee is considering ideas to address the needs of children and elderly residents of the community. The subcommittee is proposing to place a play set for toddlers at Beach 4 and is collecting money for this purpose. If successful, similar play sets will be placed at the other beaches in the future. He asked residents attending the meeting to make contributions. Several members of the community expressed concern about the increase in trespassing and liability that the play equipment might cause. He reported that play groups and baby sitting co-operatives are also being discussed and noted that a survey is also being circulated to solicit ideas on how best to serve the elderly members of the community.


The Election Results were then announced. With 299 votes counted, the following residents were elected to a two-year term on the Board: Frank Aukofer, Peter Walker, David Feld, Mac Canter, Regina Derzon and David Dale. Uri Arkin was elected to serve the remaining one-year term of former Board member Barbara McGrew.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Karen Wehner

LBA Treasurer and Acting Secretary