Lake Barcroft Association

Annual Meeting – Minutes

February 18, 2004 – 7:30 p.m.

JEB Stuart High School – Little Theater



               The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by the LBA President, George McLennan. After opening remarks and general announcements were made, Mr. McLennan introduced the LBA Board of Directors in attendance. They are: Uri Arkin, Karen Wehner, Regina Derzon, David Feld, Peter Walker, Diane Davidson and David Dale. Frank Aukofer, Mac Canter and Bob Foster were not present.


               Mr. McLennan introduced the ten candidates for the 2004-2006 LBA Board of Directors. The incumbent members are Uri Arkin, Karen Wehner, George McLennan and Diane Davidson. Other candidates are David Goslin, Kevin Howe, Frank Johnson, Burma Klein, Shirley Timashev and Heather Thomas.


President’s Report       


Mr. McLennan presented the President’s Report in which he gave an overview of the accomplishments during the past year. The report (detailed by committee with committee chair in parenthesis) is as follows:


               ARC (Dale) – David Dale, Kevin Howe and Eunice Murray comprise the Architectural Review Committee. They are working to be proactive and assist people in the planning stages of their projects. Homeowners undertaking projects without ARC review continues to be a problem. The Board and Committee will begin considering assessing fines to bring this under control.


               Community and Security Watch (Walker) – Pete Walker has worked hard to restart the Neighborhood Watch program but needs more support from the community to make this happen. He also started the Lake Watch program for which Tom Talleur, Seth and Diane Davidson and Brian Tawney are volunteering.


               Environmental Quality (Davidson) – Diane Davidson held a very successful hazardous waste clean-up day. Committee member Betsy Washington is working to gain more knowledge on the beaver population at Lake Barcroft. We will review our current beaver policy once additional information is gained. Diane has also played a key role in the WID/LBA task force as LBA’s WID liaison.


               Finance and Audit (Wehner) – Karen Wehner has overseen the recently-completed audit of LBA’s financial records. We continue to seek alternatives to LBA’s liability insurance and many hours have been spent on this project.


               Improvements (McLennan) – George McLennan has been acting chair of this committee. Mike Niebling assumed the responsibility of oversight after the death of Ernie Rauth. Mike has set an ambitious agenda for maintenance and improvement of the beaches and common grounds. A portion of the Parcel A property will come under LBA care this year and we will have to build a hiking path. This requirement is part of the Parcel A agreement and the cost will come out of the fees paid by the new homeowners in that area.


               Legal (Canter) – Mac Canter has no special projects this year but has always been available when needed to address legal issues in the community. Committee member Garrett Green (also an attorney) has been very helpful as well.


               Membership (Derzon) – Regina Derzon responded to LBA’s change in status to a true homeowner’s association by leading the effort to develop a disclosure packet (as required by law) which must be provided to prospective home buyers by the home seller. She will continue to improve the monitoring of home sales to track transfer fees and changes in membership. An improved coordination between the LBA Lake Manager’s office and the Newcomers Club is an integral part of this project. Along with Board member Karen Wehner, Regina will develop formal procedures for collecting unpaid fees owned to LBA.


               Publications (Aukofer) – A new newsletter team has published the best newsletter this community has ever seen and has also broken even financially for the first time. The committee will publish a new phone directory and a separate community handbook. With the revision of the handbook, the community rules will be updated with input from the entire community on proposed rule changes. Volunteers will be sought for this task.


               The LBA webmaster, Charles Turner, has devoted many hours rebuilding and greatly expanding the community website. Additionally, Lake Link (the community listserv) has over 680 subscribers.


               Special Events (Arkin) – Uri Arkin did a first rate job in organizing some of the largest and most successful events for our community.


Water Safety/Beach Maintenance (Foster) – Bob Foster served for 7 years as chair of this committee and did an outstanding job. The next committee chair will be charged with the responsibility of finding a replacement for Water Safety Supervisor Kevin Hardy who has served the community for 16 years.


Other Committees and/or Projects – Innovative Concepts Committees:


Community Center Feasibility Study – Mike Spivey, David Dale, David Feld and Christy Herz conducted a feasibility study last year to determine whether a community center is a feasible undertaking and an idea with merit. Their initial findings seem to indicate this is so and they will be refining their initial study and exploring practical alternatives under the guidance of David Dale.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors (Sebolka) – Jim Sebolka worked very hard to develop a program that will foster independent living. He continues to work on this project despite the obstacles.


Toddler Playset (Pabliona) – Ginger Hays and Chris Pabilonia, along with other volunteers, raised approximately one-third of the cost of buying and installing a toddler playset at Beach 3. They also contributed a lot of the installation labor.


Traffic (Jafari/Waters) – Moe Jafari began the work of the committee and George Waters assumed the responsibility later. The committee is looking for ways to reduce speeding within the community. An initial report and recommendations will be presented to the LBA Board during the next few months.


Lake Barcroft Foundation – The Foundation Board (the officers of LBA) will review the mission and funding of the Foundation this year.


WID/LBA Relationship


               The Task force for the Community Future (established by David Alne and George McLennan) has completed its work. The first and most significant recommendation was to establish a community inclusive process for appointing new WID Trustees. The new process was implemented last fall with the selection and appointment of Charles de Seve as new Trustee. The Task Force issued it final set of recommendations in December and these were reported in the February 2004 newsletter.


               Next month, LBA and WID will establish a joint Improvements Committee to oversee maintenance, improvements and other matters related to common property. This combined effort will give us a more integrated and effective approach to planning and implementing community projects.


               Additionally, the WID/LBA Task Force will establish a small joint committee to re-evaluate the 1973 easement granted to WID by BBI with the goal of updating and clarifying it as appropriate.


Treasurer’s Report


Ms. Wehner presented the Treasurer’s Report in which she expressed gratitude to Ivan Selig and his staff for their assistance with the financial recordkeeping and preparation for the audit process. She reviewed the 2003 financial report (copy attached as permanent record) which indicated a net income of $310.46 for the year ending December 31, 2003.


               Ms. Wehner also reviewed the 2004 proposed budget (copy attached) which includes a WID subsidy (for designated expenditures) of $40,000. The proposal also assumes the $20 fee increase is passed by the membership.


               Ms. Wehner reviewed in detail the three reserve funds established by the Association – Contingency Fund, Asset Replacement Fund and Capital Improvements Fund – and presented a comparison of the 2003 and 2004 actual and projected amounts for each fund (copy attached).


WID Report


               Charles de Seve presented the report of the Watershed Improvement District. He acknowledged the hard work of his fellow Task Force members Sammie Guy, Diane Davidson, Pat Devito, Bruce Powers, George Waters and Sam Rothman.


               Dr. de Seve discussed the lack of success of the debris diverter on Tripps Run (above Potterton Bridge). He said methods for this problem were continuing to be examined. He addressed the oft-asked question “If the bonds are paid off, shouldn’t we stop paying the WID tax?” Bond retirement was a small portion of the WID budget (lately, about 13%). The necessity for maintenance of the dam and continuous water quality monitoring (and treatment) are essential priorities of the WID.


               Dr. de Seve reported the dam release mechanism is now electronically-controlled and should prevent any future occurrence of the lake getting too high before the water level is lowered. Additionally, a new boom in front of the dam is being installed due to the old boom being damaged. He announced the next annual WID meeting is in April and a notice will be distributed to the community. He also announced the results of the recent testing of the fish in Lake Barcroft will be publicized soon.


Special Reports


               Newsletter Update – Carol Donlan told the audience that a directory update form would be sent to them soon and it needs to be returned quickly to ensure the timely production of an updated LBA Directory. She explained that the Directory (addresses, etc.) would be a separate document from the Community Handbook (rules, bylaws, etc.). The Directory will be published first.


               The February 2004 edition of the LBA Newsletter will begin the second year of the new format and new staff. She expressed that help is needed in various areas of newsletter production. These include help with the “Milestones” feature, additional writers, another camera person and a nature writer. Ms. Donlan expressed her appreciation to Chris and Vince Lawson for their success in obtaining advertisers and to Ellen Feldstein, who serves as the Associate Editor of the newsletter.


               Architectural Review Committee –David Dale, ARC Committee Chair, discussed the recent amendments to the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance and their effect on some homeowners in Lake Barcroft. Detailed information can be found on-line at or by calling the Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs at 703-324-3187. The amendments Resource Protection Areas (RPAs) around all water bodies with perennial flow. Lake Barcroft is such a body of water. Mr. Dale advised each property owner to determine whether his/her property is a designated RPA and to follow-up on the regulations relating to such status.


               Traffic Committee – Committee chair George Waters stated that the basic goal of the Traffic Committee is to get people to drive more slowly around the community. The committee is gathering information about options for controlling speed and will report to the community at a later date. He also requested additional people to serve on the committee.


Parcel A Update


               Mr. McLennan stated that home construction has not yet begun on the twelve Parcel A lots.


Questions and Additional Comments from Community


               Dr. de Seve acknowledged the work two additional WID trustees – Tony Bracken and Pete Silvia – and expressed his gratitude.


Election Results


               Mr. McLennan announced the results of the 2004 LBA Board of Directors election. Each newly-elected person will serve a two-year term which will expire in February of 2006. They are: Shirley Timashev, Uri Arkin, Kevin Howe, David Goslin, Karen Wehner, Diane Davidson and George McLennan. They join (or re-join) the other board members whose terms will expire in February, 2005.


               The results of the vote on the dues increase of $20 was 243 voting “yes” and 25 voting “no” – with the dues increase – effective January 1, 2004 (retroactive) passing.


               The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Regina Warner Derzon

Acting Secretary