Lake Barcroft Association

Annual Meeting – Minutes

February 16, 2005 – 7:30 p.m.

JEB Stuart High School – Little Theater



            The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by the LBA President, David Goslin.  After opening remarks and general announcements were made, Mr. Goslin introduced the LBA Board of Directors in attendance.  They are:  Uri Arkin, Karen Wehner, Regina Derzon, Frank Aukofer, Peter Walker, Diane Davidson, Kevin Howe, Shirley Timashev and David Dale.  David Feld was not present.  Also in attendance was Lake Manager, Chris Lawson and LBA Attorney, Kenneth Chadwick.


            Congressman Tom Davis made brief remarks and announced an upcoming Town Meeting to be held in the area.


It was announced that the Woman’s Club will be conducting a Home and Art Tour on Saturday, April 30 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Proceeds will be used to support local charities chosen by the club.


Mr. Goslin introduced the eleven candidates for the 2005-2007 LBA Board of Directors.  The incumbent members are Frank Aukofer and Pete Walker.  Other candidates are Carolyn Coldren, Stuart Feldstein, Matt Friedman, Phil Kemelor, Lark Lovering, Jerry Mendenhall, Christopher Pabilonia, Mike Stahl and Kim Willenson.  Six board members will be elected and the 7th highest vote recipient will be elected to a one-year term to complete the term of resigning board member, Uri Arkin.


President’s Report


Mr. Goslin presented the President’s Report in which he gave an overview of the accomplishments during the past year.  The report is as follows:


            He recognized retiring (or resigning) board members David Feld, David Dale, Uri Arkin and Regina Derzon.  Mac Canter resigned a few months ago upon his relocation from Lake Barcroft.  He expressed the board’s and community’s appreciation for their work.


            He recognized the work of the late Stuart Finley for many years of service to the community.


            He announced that Anne Marie Hardy has been selected to be the new Water Safety Supervisor.


            The community association insurance replacement efforts were successful due to the diligent efforts of Karen Wehner.


            The Traffic Committee completed its work and the implementation is still in progress.


            Construction has begun in the Cloisters (development of Parcel A).


            A procedure for developing community rules was adopted by the board.


            An overview of the work of the Special Events Committee was provided, highlighting the events held throughout the year.


            Music-related events abound in the community.  At least three venues hold concerts on a regular basis.


            LakeLink continues to be a successful way to enhance communication among the residents of the community.


            The website is a well-organized and well-maintained device for showcasing the various aspects of the community and as a repository of official documents, forms and reports.


            Tree planting on Swift Island and other locations is progressing.


            Various other improvements continue to be made through the community.


            A special recognition was given for community members who have died in the past year.


            A broad range of wildlife is found in the Lake Barcroft area and is being documented by residents using LakeLink and the website.


            The year ahead will find Lake Barcroft showcased in the March issue of Washingtonian magazine.


            The financial condition of Lake Barcroft Association is strong.


            In conclusion, we always need more volunteers, including folks to help with community watch.


Treasurer’s Report


Ms. Wehner presented the Treasurer’s Report.  She reviewed the 2004 financial report (copy attached as permanent record), the FY 2005 Budget, and an overview of the Reserve Fund.  She answered questions from the community.


            Architectural Review Committee (ARC) – (Howe, Chairperson)


            Chairperson Kevin Howe thanked the other members of the ARC for their work this past year.  He stated there were 70 submissions to the committee for review.  He also reported that each new resident receives a letter from the ARC regarding the regulations and procedures.


WID Report


            Charles de Seve presented the report of the Watershed Improvement District.  He thanked Davis Grant (new operations director), Tony Bracken and Pete Silvia for their continued efforts on behalf of the WID.


            He announced there would be no WID tax increase this year.  He gave an overview of future plans for dredging, debris diverting, street sweeping, and the new aeration and water quality study.  LBA and WID are working in cooperation with the LBA Improvements Committee to improve the overall quality of the lake and its environs.  The next WID annual meeting will be held Tuesday, April 19.


Bylaws Amendments


            Mr. Goslin presented an overview of the proposed changes to the LBA Bylaws.  The proposed changes and explanations were distributed to the community over the past few months and posted on the website.  After a brief discussion and questions and answers, it was moved (Paul Imse) and seconded to approve the Bylaws with changes as presented.  After additional discussion and input from LBA Attorney Kenneth Chadwick, the motion was approved and the revisions to the Bylaws were adopted.  Additionally, Mr. Chadwick reiterated that Lake Barcroft is, indeed, subject to the Virginia Property Owners Association Act.


            Resident George Waters thanked the Board and Kenneth Chadwick for their work on the revision of the Bylaws.


            The floor was opened for general discussion of community issues.  The question arose as to whether having ones lot number on the beach tag (and presumably attached to ones house keys) presented a security problem.  It was suggested that beach tags might best be kept separate from house or vehicle keys.


It was suggested the since PDF file format versions of most LBA documents are available on the website, it might not be necessary to produce paper documents (newsletter, etc.).  The community acknowledged that there are still several residents who are not connected to the Internet and therefore paper documents would continue to be produced at this time.


            It was announced that JEB Stuart High School’s “Taste of the Town” would be held soon.  Further information will be made available.  The events supports various programs at the high school.


Election Results


            Mr. Goslin announced the results of the 2005 LBA Board of Directors election.  Each newly-elected person will serve a two-year term.  They are:  Frank Aukofer, Pete Walker, Stuart Feldstein, Carolyn Coldren, Lark Lovering, Mike Stahl and Jerry Mendenhall (appointed to fill the remaining one year term of Uri Arkin who recently resigned from the Board).   They join (or re-join) the other board members whose terms will expire in February, 2006.


            Mr. Goslin thanked the community for being at the meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Regina Warner Derzon

Acting Secretary