June 14, 2000

The Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM by President David Feld at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors David Feld, George Waters, Karol Forsberg, Bob Schreiber, Nan Brent, Peter Browne, Bob Foster, Therese St. Hilaire, Ken Leventhal, George McLennan and Ralph Smalley. Also present were Improvements Committee Chairman, Ernie Rauth. Other guests included Water Safety Supervisor Kevin Hardy, lake residents Holly Hazard and Diane Kilbourne, and Police Officers Chip Connor, Ted Dragan and Joseph Herbert.

The minutes of the LBA Board meeting of May 10, 2000 were approved as presented.



FRIENDS OF THE LAKE: Peter Browne distributed a proposal to the Board from the "Friends of the Lake" requesting LBA to assume and fund the job of cleaning up the lake of floating debris on a weekly basis involving 4 to 6 hours. Karol Forsberg suggested that an agreement be established on an annual basis with an inflationary clause added.

After discussion, a motion was made and approved for the LBA to temporarily assume the task of cleaning up surface debris from the lake each Friday afternoon during the swimming season. The task has been and is currently being accomplished by Friends of the Lake and funded by private contributions from Lake Barcroft residents. Friends of the Lake will turn over the remaining funds from last year's solicitation (approximately $800). The Board reiterated the feeling that this job was WID's responsibility to clean the lake and that LBA would support their efforts. David Feld agreed to discuss this further with Dave Alne of the WID, to solicit financial contributions.


ODYSSEY OF THE MIND NATIONAL COMPETIION: Lake resident Diane Kilbourne discussed the national competition for the "Odyssey of the Mind" and explained the costs involved to children and their families participating. Kilbourne reminded the Board that they had contributed to this event previously and asked the Board to consider a donation again. After a lengthy discussion, a decision was tabled at this time.


SECURITY ISSUES: George McLennan introduced Police Officer's Chip Connor, Ted Dragan and Jason Herbert who discussed recent events on the LBA property. Officer Connor reported that several arrests were made at Beach #2 involving alcohol and possession of marijuana. A resident youth was involved in this incident and has been previously found guilty of causing damage to LBA property. George Waters suggested that a stern letter should be sent to the parents making them aware of the situation. Officer Connor reported an increase in activity from the water and discussed patrolling the area by water in hopes of discouraging waterside vandalism. WSS Kevin Hardy discussed night-time navigation rules briefly. Officer Connor suggested allowing the Marine boat to come out on the lake a few times to show presence. A motion was made and approved to authorize Officer Connor to have a Marine boat to come out to the lake during night-time hours one or two times during the season to show presence. It was also approved to authorize the officer's to operate a lake barge, perhaps the Geese Peace barge - for security purposes with a resident driver.

Officer Connor informed the Board that he would have an officer available to cover the beaches for July 4th. He explained that in order to recruit an officer, it required overtime pay and a minimum of 6 hours coverage instead of the average 3 to 4 hours presently being done by the patrol. Officer Connor explained the present shift changes at the station which have caused a shortage of patrol hours for the Association.

George McLennan discussed concerns of sign placement throughout the community on LBA common property and agreed to meet with Bob Foster, Ernie Rauth, Ken Leventhal and Kevin Hardy to review signage.


BEAVER MANAGEMENT PLAN: Chairperson of the Wildlife Sub-committee, Holly Hazard discussed recent beaver damage and distributed a comprehensive plan to prevent beaver damage. Several suggestions were made including wrapping of trees with wire to discourage the beavers. It was also suggested to destroy dens to avoid future habitation. David Feld discussed lakefront fencing, which will be allowed if it meets with ARC approval. A motion was made and approved to adopt the submitted plan as LBA policy. All voted in favor. The plan will be published in the Newsletter.


SWING SET FOR BEACH #1: George Waters explained that presently, two swing sets existed due to one being shipped prior to being authorized.

It will be shipped back and LBA agreed to pay half of the shipping costs. The swing set now selected for Beach #3 was made of wood and costs approximately $1,400 which was higher than previously agreed upon. A motion was made and approved to increase the budget for this item to $2,000 which would also cover costs for wood chips to cover the area and installation to appropriate standards.. This expense would come out of the Beach Maintenance budget.


5OTH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION &endash; COMMUNITY PARTY: Ken Leventhal distributed menus from the Fairview Park Marriott Hotel and the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center Hotel for the Board to review. Concern was expressed about signing a contract with a hotel for a certain guarantee. Discussion took place and a motion was made and seconded to sign a contract with the Fairview Park Marriott Hotel for Saturday, November 18, 2000 with a guarantee of 320 attendees. All voted in favor. Leventhal stated that approximate cost for attendance would be $150 per couple and $75 per person.

Leventhal reported that the second annual ice cream social at the community garden on June 4th was well attended and enjoyed by all and thanked the Woman's Club for their kind donation of $150 to help defray costs.

Leventhal stated that he was still in need of volunteers to help with the July 4th fireworks and suggested having any interested parties contact him as soon as possible.

Leventhal suggested a second community event to celebrate the 50th anniversary such as a family-oriented barbecue. In response to the recent mailing on the gala, several residents would not be able to attend the November 18th function due to other commitments. He agreed to report back to the Board on this.


WORK UNIFORMS FOR LBA CONTRACT STAFF: Ernie Rauth discussed the desire to have people working for the Lake identified properly by uniforms to distinguish from contractors working in the area. It was agreed that $250 should be spent by the Improvements Committee for caps and T-shirts.


PARCEL A: George Waters gave an update on Parcel A. The County has officially approved Morgan's site plan. In order to ensure that the legality of the development and the agreements reached to dispose of the case brought to enforce the covenant and the agreement with the LBA, one possibility discussed was for the LBA to become the plaintiff against any hold-out owners in order to get a court judgement approving the final settlement. Morgan offered to pay the first $10,000 of legal fees and then split them 50/50 with the LBA. The Board rejected this cost-sharing proposal, because such a suit would be entirely in Morgan's interest.


COMMUNITY SURVEY: Ralph Smalley discussed his desire to put together a survey along with a cover letter to the community addressing services and needs of the community as previously stated at a Community Innovative Concepts meeting held a few months ago. He anticipated the survey to be between 4 and 8 pages. He discussed costs if this were to be mailed separately. After discussion, it was agreed that it would be more economical to send with the Newsletter with a return mail envelope. A motion was made and approved for Ralph Smalley to begin working on this project.



WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: Bob Foster reported that the beaches were opened and that the season started a little later due to rainy weather but was off to a good start. He added that in the early part of July, the boat racks would be checked to make sure boats were current with stickers. Water Safety Supervisor Kevin Hardy reported that he had 20 guards with the average age being 17. Pay ranged from $6.25 to $9.30. The three managers for the season are returning guards Sue Lyn Leveque, Erin Doyle and Anne Marie Hardy. Hardy reported that to date, there have been three incidents already in the water involving children and that he has had to tow several barges.

Hardy reminded Board members that his cell phone number was (703) 798-4365 for those that needed to get in touch with him.

Group swim lessons will be starting next week and will continue with a new session beginning in July and August. Signs are posted at the beaches for those interested in signing up.


TREASURER'S REPORT: Karol Forsberg reported that she had sent out three letters to auditors requesting bids and will also place an ad in the Newsletter.


ARCHITECURAL REVIEW: Ernie Rauth discussed a recent shed that had been sited from the water that did not have either ARC approval or County approval and was authorized by the Board to call Fairfax County for enforcement. Rauth agreed to report back to the Board.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY &endash; TREE IN THE LAKE: David Feld discussed a recent situation involving a tree that had fallen in the lake and whose responsibility was it to have it removed. Pictures were distributed for the Board to view and comment on. It was agreed that this item needed to be researched and Feld would report back to the Board his findings.



LBA LIAISONS/REPRESENTATIVES: Bob Schreiber gave a brief report on the status of community efforts to save the Culmore playing field and reported that at a recent meeting, Congressman Tom Davis and Representative Leslie Bryne attended along with approximately 100 people interested in saving this area from development. Schreiber added that there still was a chance to save the field.


THURGOOD MARSHALL SCHOLARSHIP UPDATE: Ralph Smalley gave a brief report announcing that he would present this year's award of $2,000 tomorrow at J.E.B. Stuart High School.


CLOISTER SECTION OF PARCEL A: David Feld distributed a map of the Recreation Lane area showing that Recreation Lane was included in the sub-division of Lake Barcroft and suggested the possible revenue that could be received should these lots also be allowed into Lake Barcroft at this present time. Discussion was tabled at this time.


NEW AD-HOC COMMITTEE FOR STAFFING OPTIONS: David Feld noted his desire to form a committee to address future staffing options for a variety of jobs needed in the community at varying times. This discussion was delayed at this time.


The LBA Board meeting was adjourned at 10:48PM.


Respectfully submitted by,

Chris LaChance, Lake Manager