July 12, 2000

The Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 7:41 PM by President David Feld at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors David Feld, George Waters, Karol Forsberg, Nan Brent, Mac Canter, Bob Foster, Therese St. Hilaire, Ken Leventhal and George McLennan. Also present were Improvements Committee Chairman, Ernie Rauth, Stuart Finley, WID Operations Manager and Environmental Quality representative, Sammie Guy. Other guests included Water Safety Assistant Manager Sue Lynn Leveque and lake resident Alan Hudson.

The minutes of the LBA Board meeting of June 14, 2000 were approved as corrected.



LBA WORK UNIFORMS: Ernie Rauth discussed various prices for supplying the maintenance crew with LBA uniforms. A motion was made to approve $480 to purchase uniforms and that this amount would be taken from the Improvements budget and to reallocate funds in the budget at the end of the year if necessary. All voted in favor.


FRIENDS OF THE LAKE: Sammie Guy presented to the LBA Board a check from the "Friends of the Lake" in the amount of $900. Discussion took place involving WID's assistance in the process of picking up floating debris from the lake. Stu Finley reported that the WID had decided to continue what they presently are doing and that this operation should be funded solely by the LBA. Finley explained that the WID cleaned up lake debris as necessary but was opposed to being put on a schedule of having to perform this duty every Friday. Finley further explained WID's responsibility to monitor water quality by physical, chemical and biological process to identify micro and macro invertebrates up stream and referenced the WID minutes from the trustees meeting. Several Board members voiced their opinion that this was WID's responsibility but could be shared with the LBA. After a lengthy discussion, the check presented by F.O.T.L. was returned to Sammie Guy. Guy has agreed to go back and discuss this issue further with F.O.T.L.


ODYSSEY OF THE MIND NATIONAL COMPETIION: The previous motion made by the Board not to supply a donation to the national competition for the "Odyssey of the Mind" was revisited and it was felt that funding was not available at this time.



BEAVER PRESENTATION: Sammie Guy discussed recent damage on Pinetree Terrace by beavers and introduced lake resident Alan Hudson to address his present problem. Mr. Hudson discussed the large amount of damage to his trees and shrubbery on his property from the beavers over the past 30 days alone and asked the Board to reconsider their decision to trap the animals. David Feld discussed the present beaver management plan that was underway throughout the community and asked Mr. Hudson to try and work humanely with LBA on discouraging the beavers. The WID agreed to remove any new beaver lodges if requested by the Board.



BUDGET REALLOCATION & RESERVES: Karol Forsberg distributed a list for the Board to review discussing an approach to formulating and executing the budget and building, maintaining, or using the reserves if needed. Forsberg asked the Board to review her suggestions and to be prepared to discuss it in detail at next months meeting.



WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: Bob Foster introduced Water Safety Assistant Manager Sue Lynn McAndrew to present the Water Safety Supervisors report prepared by Water Safety Supervisor Kevin Hardy. Ms. McAndrew discussed recent problems with the phone system at the beaches which was discovered when trying to call 911 for an emergency situation that took place at Beach #1. Fortunately, the woman who had blacked out for a short time in the water was okay and wrote Bob Foster complimenting the staff and their quick response. Further discussion will need to take place involving a new system through wireless phones. Ms. McAndrew reported equipment that needed to be replaced. The first of three series of swim lesson has been completed successfully and the second set will begin shortly.

Bob Foster discussed boats that did not have current tags on them and reported that boats with no tags of any kind would be removed immediately and stored at the WID compound. Boats that do not have an updated sticker will be contacted by phone. Foster will work with LaChance on this.

Additional and replacement signs were discussed and Foster has agreed to work with Hardy on this and appropriate location of these signs.

Sammie Guy discussed boats being brought into Lake Barcroft from outside the community and the concern about the possible spread of hydrilla into our lake waters. Stu Finley discussed his concern of gas boats that have been allowed into the lake with the understanding that they would not be running their motors. These boats are very much at risk of possibly carrying hydrilla as well as leaking oil and should not be allowed into Lake Barcroft. The lifeguards will be asked to check boats being brought down and launched into the lake. David Feld asked Sammie Guy to head up a committee consisting of Stu Finley, Bob Foster and Kevin Hardy to discuss previous measures and to come back to the Board with suggestions.

George Waters reported that he had received a call from Dave Goslin complaining about the "no wake" zone by his house and that the guards were breaking this rule. This will be discussed further with WSS Kevin Hardy.

Ken Leventhal discussed the parking lot at Beach #4 and the problem with space availability on weekends. It was agreed that a sign should be placed at Beach #4 informing residents that cars without LBA stickers would not be permitted to park in the lot on weekends. Bob Foster agreed to work with WSS Kevin Hardy.


WID REPORT: Stu Finley distributed a WID operations report and a memo addressing WID's financial situation to the Board. He discussed the new WID project involving removal of debris on the south side. Finley discussed WID's concern of funding explaining that the designing of the debris trap was costing the WID between $50 and $75,000 alone.

Ken Leventhal discussed WID funding and asked if WID should of asked for funding from the state and possibly federal? Leventhal agreed to research this for the WID. David Feld asked Ken Leventhal, George Waters and any other interested parties to meet with the WID to discuss this situation further.

Finley explained that the WID has applied for a VDOT Enhancement Grant but has not received notification yet as to whether they will receive it or not. Finley stated that instead of dredging every four years that the WID is considering doing it every five years.

Karol Forsberg discussed the conflict between the LBA and WID and the need to work together and eliminating any negative comments in his report about LBA would be helpful in diminishing this situation.


SPECIAL EVENTS: Ken discussed the 4th of July parade and fireworks and thanked the many volunteers involved. He added that he would be putting an article in the upcoming Newsletter about the events.

He reported that he had received approximately 340 responses of people interested in attending the event and that the hotel had knocked down their requirement of 380 people to 320 for the guarantee.

Leventhal reported that the 50th Gala Committee had met last night and would be working on getting out invitations along with a registration form shortly. The committee was working on a community potluck/cookout as well.


ARCHITECURAL REVIEW: Nan Brent discussed a recent fencing issue and concerns of residents that would not comply with the ARC recommendations. It was suggested that a form letter be devised for those who violate the rules and are not in compliance with the ARC guidelines and covenant. Mac Canter has agreed to work with Brent on this.


COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY: George McLennan reported that we did have police coverage on the evening of July 4th and that all went well. The "Lake Watch" still needs volunteers to donate their time to accompany the police in patrolling the waters. One officer did bring his own boat in and did catch some trespassers by surprise. McLennan informed the Board that the patrol had not been meeting their approved hour quota as requested and that he would be discussing this further with Officer Connor.

McLennan supplied the Board with a map of the Mason District Police Service Areas and explained that these areas are permanently assigned to develop better relations with neighborhoods. He stated that he would like to invite someone from the Police Statin to speak at our October Civic Affairs meeting. Discussion took place about considering the location of the meeting and that the WID meeting had an excellent attendance due to change in location and the availability of offering a dinner at a reduced price. Therese St. Hilaire agreed to check into locations and report back to the Board.


LEGAL: Mac Canter reported that the agreement between the Rec Corp and all parties involved was close to being finalized. He stated that the Lake Barcroft Foundation would be the recipients of approximately four acres of land allocated as "Tree Save Area". An easement to allow access to the beach area would be added to the agreement. He stated that LBA should not incur any legal fees during this process. Canter stated that a final version would be supplied to the Board and involved parties prior to the next Board meeting and that the Board would need to vote on it at the August Board meeting.

George McLennan made a motion that LBA place approved minutes of each LBA minutes on the community website. All voted in favor.

Ernie Rauth discussed the Friday's lot which is equivalent to two lots and that they have requested a subdivision of this area. This was deferred to the Parcel A committee to review.

Stu Finley discussed concern of incorporating outside lots into Lake Barcroft and that the Board should not allow this.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Sammie Guy discussed a joint brainstorming meeting about the environment of the lake that would be taking place in the next several days. Guy will update the Board accordingly.


IMPROVEMENTS: Ernie Rauth distributed pictures of a house on Pinetree that was in the process of constructing a boat house down by the water. Rauth will keep the Board updated on the situation.

Rauth stated that he has had to replace a few spokes on the gazebo due to vandalism.

Bob Foster stated that he had received several complaints about dogs on the beaches and agreed to work with Rauth on a "No Dogs Allowed" sign that will be placed throughout the community on common area property. Both have agreed to work on an article for the Newsletter as well.

Rauth informed the Board that Mrs. Harmon, a lake resident, had kindly donated $250 towards the purchase of two benches for the Cavalier Corridor cul-de-sac.

The Board thanked Rauth for repairing the Beach #4 gate. Rauth stated that he would also begin digging holes for the Beach #3 swing set installation shortly.

Rauth expressed a concern about the increased amount of trash at Beach #5. It was agreed that either signs needed to be posted or additional cans needed to be added to this area. LaChance explained that the scheduled beach parties were required to submit a security deposit and were well aware that they did not get their check back if they did not clean the area and take their trash with them. LaChance reminded the Board that this area was only guarded on the weekends and that there was a lot of traffic in this area because of that as well as having two grills used by the community.


PUBLICATONS: Therese St. Hilaire distributed a letter that was being sent to Vera Poe Archer from the Publications Committee thanking her for her continued support of supplying a contractor's list to residents upon request. A recent misunderstanding had taken place when contractors were placed on the website without her being notified or permission being given by her to use her list.

An example of a referral service contractor form was distributed to the Board for their review and comments. This form could be supplied to residents to acknowledge their satisfaction/dissatisfaction of work performed. Mac Canter was asked to review the form.


TREASURER'S REPORT: Karol Forsberg stated that she had received one proposal back for an audit of the books and that it was double the price previously paid. Stu Finley supplied her with the name of an auditor that the WID has used and been happy with to solicit for a bid.

David Feld briefly discussed the reserve account and the desire to use for specific purposes if needed. This discussion has been tabled until next month.

Stu Finley questioned LBA's insurance coverage and stated that the WID and LBA might be paying double premiums unnecessarily. Forsberg, Finley and LaChance have agreed to meet to discuss this further.


The LBA Board meeting was adjourned at 10:51PM.


Respectfully submitted by,

Chris LaChance, Lake Manager