September 13, 2000

Prior to the regular meeting, the Board entered executive session at 7:30 PM to discuss community recognition awards that would be made in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary celebration.

The regular meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) Board of Directors was called to order at 8:00 PM by President Feld at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors David Feld, George Waters, Bob Schreiber, Karol Forsberg, Nan Brent, Bob Foster, Ken Leventhal, Bill Lowenthal, George McLennan, Ralph Smalley and Therese St. Hilaire. Also present were Improvements Committee Chairman, Ernie Rauth, Stu Finley, WID Operations Manager and Water Safety Supervisor, Kevin Hardy. Other guests included lake resident's Holly Hazard, Diane Kilbourne, Jim Jaskinski, Mike Stahl, Scott Kline and Reynaldo Pasa.

The minutes of the LBA Board meeting of August 9, 2000 were approved as corrected and will be entered into the LBA web site.

George Waters requested that draft copies of the minutes be distributed within a week to a week and a half of Board meetings to allow the Board to review them prior to meetings. LaChance agreed to get them out in a more timely manner.

David Feld called attention to the revised agenda and the desire to allow guests to speak first.


WATER SAFETY REPORT: Bob Foster thanked WSS Kevin Hardy for an excellent season. Hardy distributed his end of the season report to the Board and discussed his needs prior to next season and his desire to purchase a new phone system. He expressed his desire to increase lifeguard wages for next season in hopes of attracting and keeping qualified guards.

Hardy stated that he would like to work with the WID to obtain their water testing reports so that they can be posted on the beaches for residents to view. Stu Finley discussed the test performed by the WID staff and that it did not test for quality of the water for swimming. Finley proposed creating a statement about swimmability with representatives of the Environmental Quality Committee and the Water Safety & Beach Maintenance Committee. Hardy reported that eight boats have been removed from the beaches that had expired tags ranging from 1979 to 1983 and six boats did not have any identifiable information on them.

Prior to Labor Day, $44,000 has been spent in the budget for Water Safety.

Hardy concluded his report by stating that he has agreed to come back next season. The Board thanked Hardy for his hard work throughout the season.

After Hardy's departure from the meeting, Foster informed the Board that Hardy had submitted a request for bonuses for the guards in the amount of $1,500 and that he would also like to propose to give Hardy a bonus of $650 which was within his budget. He explained that based on his performance and a great season, he made a motion requesting approval of these amounts. The motion was seconded and approved.


WID REPORT: Stu Finley reported that the RFP had not been issued yet on the Potterton bridge or the debris trap.

Finley reported that the big tree located in the lake has been removed. He noted that the Residential Infill Study report had been published by the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES) and public meetings would be scheduled by the County to discuss it.

Finley stated that he had written a letter to Supervisor Penny Gross on behalf of the WID requesting that the parking lot of the Mason District Government center would be an excellent location to offer for a hazardous waste pickup possibly in the spring.

Finley informed the Board that dredging would be postponed for another year.

Finley reported that there would be a hearing on September 18 at 7:00 PM addressing "Cluster Development By Right" for those interested in attending.


ESTABLISHMENT OF POTTERTON BRIDGE/DEBRIS TRAP OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE: David Feld reported the need to develop a group of people to focus on the Potterton bridge/debris trap development and asked George Waters to chair this committee. Feld introduced guests to address their concerns they had about this area. Jim Jaskinski spoke on behalf of the Waterway Drive residents attending the Board meeting and their concerns about trash debris and an appropriate trash debris trap for this area. Stu Finley stated that he had spoken with Nick Nicholson of VDOT about the sequence of events. Lake resident Scott Kline passed around pictures that he had taken from the rear of his property showing the large amounts of trash that are trapped in this area and expressed his concern of not being involved in discussions involving this area. At George Waters' request, the four residents attending the meeting agreed to serve on the Oversight Committee.


RE-BUDGETING PROPOSALS: David Feld asked committee members to estimate their projected financial needs for the remainder of the year as compared to their actual budgeted amount in hopes of having a surplus. George McLennan reported that the security patrol had used less than originally budgeted and anticipateds having around $1,000 left but won't know until the end of the month. He added that the patrol was being extended for weekends through September. Neighborhood Watch signs needed to be purchased.

Karol Forsberg stated that she will check with accountant Ivan Selig about "Geese Peace" donations not showing on the financial statement.

David Feld reported that he could have as much as $6,000 left over from the Environmental committee. Bob Foster reported that due to a rainy season and other factors, he anticipates having approximately $10,000 remaining. Ken Leventhal reported that the Special Events committee was not anticipating any surplus due to the 50th anniversary gala. Feld reported that he had spoken with the Legal committee chair and Mac Canter stated that he was not expecting much more in legal expenses. Therese St. Hilaire reported that $5,000 had been spent out of the $12,000 budgeted for Publications and expressed a desire to publish another directory next year. Karol Forsberg reported that she had received two bids of approximately $6,000 to do an audit of the books.

Feld stated that there could possibly be as much as $28,200 left over that was not used that could be allocated to other areas. Bob Schreiber stated that the budget expenses were under-running by about 10% and that, if surplus held up through the end of the budget year, according to the Bylaws those funds would be available for the 2001 budget but could not be shifted around in the current year's budget that had been formally adopted at the February general membership meeting.

A lengthy discussion took place about re-allocating under spent budget items and Karol Forsberg expressed her concern on going back to the members to revise the current year's budget at the October membership meeting. Forsberg suggested not using currently estimated excess funds and that in an emergency, the reserve fund could be used. As Treasurer, Forsberg will ask Mac Canter for his legal interpretation of the bylaws. Ken Leventhal suggested setting up the capital reserves differently for next year's budget.

It was felt that the Board was successful in keeping overall costs down this year due to a rainy summer season which reduced expenses in the largest budgeted area (Water Satefy/Beach Maintenance); Parcel A being resolved peacefully avoiding additional legal costs and success of the "geese peace" program among other factors.


ODYSSEY OF THE MIND CHAMPION TEAMS: Lake resident Diane Kilbourne again addressed the Board in hopes of getting a financial donation to compensate retroactively the two teams of which four members and two coaches are from Lake Barcroft. Kilbourne asked if the Board would consider donating between $600 and $700 to be divided between the two teams. Karol Forsberg stated that there was only $250 budgeted for donations that had not been used to date. Bob Schreiber suggested that an alternative might be to seek funds from the Lake Barcroft Foundation for "educational purpose". Schreiber added that in considering next years budgeted figure for donations, a reasonable funding amount should be considered. Kilbourne explained that the competition had already taken place and that a donated amount would be divided between families to help cover their costs. After a lengthy discussion, the motion was made to contribute funds. Four voted in favor, five opposed and two abstentions. The motion did not pass. Holly Hazard briefly addressed the Board on this issue and Diane Kilbourne expressed her disappointment with the Boards decision.

Feld agreed to write a letter to Kilbourne and Hazard on behalf of the Board to explain further the Board's position.


ESTABLISHMENT OF CAMP BARCROFT SUMMER 2001 PLANNING COMMITTEE: David Feld stated that he would find someone to chair this committee and report back to the Board. Therese St. Hilaire suggested placing an article in the Newsletter about this item.


50TH ANNIVERSARY: Ken Leventhal reminded the Board that the picnic to celebrate the anniversary of the lake would take place on Saturday, October 7 at beach #5 from 2:00 PM to dusk. He explained that it would be a potluck event and that he was trying to raise some money to cover additional costs for paper products, etc.

Leventhal reported that three bands have been hired for the gala dance on November 18. Lake resident Ron and Wanda Martinson and Lake residents, have agreed to play during the cocktail hour, the Bill Eliot Quartet will play during the dinner hour and the Round Midnight Band will play during the quartet's breaks. To date, 281 paid reservations have been received. Leventhal reminded the Board that the minimum hotel guarantee required was 320 and encouraged Board members to remind their neighbors to register.

Leventhal informed the Board that Trippi Penland would like to sell Lake Barcroft anniversary t-shirts for $5 and has requested to print 300 shirts with an advance from the LBA that would be reimbursed A motion was made and approved to authorize the expense of printing 300 t-shirts for the cookout. All voted in favor.


PROPOSAL TO CHANGE BOARD MEETING LOCATION: David Feld expressed his desire to relocate the monthly Board meetings to the Mason District Government building's conference room in hopes of allowing a larger attendance to the monthly meetings. Several Board members expressed their desire to continue in the same location but it was felt that the Board would be willing to try this location on a trial basis.


PUBLICATIONS: Therese St. Hilaire reported to the Board that she was preparing a letter to go to local elected officials requesting that they submit information to the Newsletter. Included with their letter would be January through August issues of the Newsletter.


AGENDA FOR OCTOBER CIVIC MEETING: After discussion of the Board, the following agenda items were agreed upon:

Bailey's Crossroads Revitalization: Allan Hudson

Captain from the Mason District Police Station: George McLennan

Parcel A Update: George Waters

Gala Update/Awards: Ken Leventhal

Potterton Drive Bridge Update: George Waters

Geese Update: Holly Hazard

PTA Update: Kay Kory

Local Representatives: Penny Gross, Tom Davis, Leslie Byrne, Bob Hull

Committee Reports

An article on the meeting being held at the Fortune Restaurant would appear in the next Newsletter.


LISTSERV: George McLennan stated that over 100 people have signed up for the listserv, but it is still rarely used. He asked the Board for suggestions that would encourage more use.

McLennan stated that the high speed digital Internet service that was to be offered in our area by Spring 2000 by Media General Cable has been delayed because of the Cox Communications by-out. Cox is planning a more ambitious offering of digital services, which the Media General infrastructure can not accommodate. Rebuilding that infrastructure will delay service to our community until Spring 2001.


ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW: Ernie Rauth reported that a letter had been sent to the resident on Pinetree Terrace who built a shed/boat rack by the water without submitting plans to the committee for approval. Nan Brent added that a letter had been sent to a resident on Blair Road who constructed a six-foot fence even though the ARC had requested that it be lowered in height. She explained that recently she was informed that VDOT had a 50-foot right-of-way and that Fairfax County owns the roads but VDOT maintains them.

David Feld informed the Board that the dedication of land owned by VDOT at the intersection of Duff Drive and Beachway Drive to the Cortina's and LBA (Beach 4 parking lot) had been formally approved by VDOT.


PARCEL A: George Waters reported that he had spoken to the attorney representing developer Mark Morgan and the Rec Corp and was informed that Dick Waterval had a couple of minor changes to the settlement agreement that needed to be agreed upon and signed prior to the Rec Corp signing the final agreement. Waterval wanted to have the wording changed that stated that the Rec Corp was not responsible for the development of the footpath but that the developer was and that LBF and the homeowners would be responsible for the maintenance. His other issue was the map site number was incorrect in the document.

Waters explained the recent meeting that took place in the LBA office for the signing of the documents by LBA, the LeGault's and the O'Malley's but that the Rec Corp was not present at the meeting until the end. Dan Lecos came to the closure of the meeting to take the documents to Waterval for review prior to signing on behalf of the Rec Corp. Waters added that the next step would be for residents in section 3 to sign off that they would not object to the development of 12 houses. Developer Mark Morgan will underwrite all costs involved in serving the neighbors in Section 3.


The LBA Board meeting was adjourned at 11:25 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,

Chris LaChance, Lake Manager