November 8, 2000

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:38 PM by President David Feld at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors David Feld, George Waters, Bob Schreiber, Karol Forsberg, Nan Brent, Peter Browne, Bob Foster, Ken Leventhal, Bill Lowenthal and Ralph Smalley. Also present was Improvements Committee Chairman, Ernie Rauth.

The minutes of October 11, 2000 were approved as corrected.

BEAUTIFICATION: Ernie reported that the grounds maintenance uniforms have arrived. He stated that the swingset addition to Beach #1 was close to completion and boat racks have been built at #1. Additional racks will be added to other beaches by the end of the year. Price for cabinets made for the guard stands made of plexi-glass and redwood will be given in a week from a carpenter.

Ernie discussed that Fairfax county would be sending an inspector to visit the property with the shed and boat rack already under construction on the water and would report back to the Board the outcome of the meeting.

Rauth reported a recent problem with the County picking up debris at the beaches. He added that he had spoken with the County and was informed that they picked up residential trash not commercial trash. The Board may need to send a letter in the future to the Waste Management department if this continues to be a problem.

Bob Foster questioned signs that are due to be ordered for the beaches and common property. Painting of the parking lots at #3 and #4 will need to be done as well.

George Waters stated that he had ordered several items last week. Handicap picnic tables will be placed at Beach #1 as well as at two other beaches.

Rauth has received calls about leaves in the lake. Discussed previous boom that the WID used to stop leaves and it was suggested to discuss this with the WID about putting it out again. Rauth has agreed to discuss this with them.



2001 BUDGET REVIEW/DISCUSSION: Karol Forsberg discussed the draft budget that she prepared after gathering information from committee members. Various capital improvements were briefly discussed. Bob Schreiber suggested showing $40,000 in income and capital budget from Parcel A as separate items on the budget in the form of a memo such as "Available pending receipt of income from Parcel A" and suggested having a separate line item in the budget for Capital Improvements of approx. $10,000.

Peter Browne stated that each committee member should go back and reduce their budget or justify it. Ernie Rauth stated that Water Safety Supervisor Kevin Hardy had volunteered a lifeguard when the beaches were slow to patrol the water for geese patrol.

George Waters submitted a proposal asking the Board to consider donations to local schools. Bob Schreiber suggested putting $1,250 for donations in the upcoming budget. Karol recommended that if Board members have particular Capital Improvement costs, to please e-mail them to her so that it is the majority discussion next month.

Ken Leventhal discussed purchased of a trailer to store the fireworks.


50TH ANNIVERSARY: Ken Leventhal stated gala reservation are presently around 450. Discussed briefly was political people attending the gala. David Feld informed the Board that Bob Hull would be bringing his wife. It was added that Leslie Bryne was also a co-sponsor of the resolution. It was recommended to have all six attend the gala as guests of LBA including Ernie Rauth's ticket.

Leventhal reported that Diana Ward is the chairperson of the decorating committee.


NOMINATING COMMITTEE: George Waters will chair the nominating committee and suggested Therese St. Hilaire be asked to serve on the committee.



INSURANCE REVIEW: David Feld reminded Karol Forsberg that it was her duty as Treasurer to oversee insurance for the association. Feld briefly discussed risk management and hiring a consulting company to come in and do a review. Approximate expense would be around $3,500 and it was suggested to allocate up to $4,000 and initiate a contract now. Leventhal suggested asking the firm for references prior to contracting with someone. This has been delayed until next month until George McLennan can discuss his conversation with the consulting firm.

Leventhal stated that whoever is involved in this review should present a specific report to the Board next month.


BOATING RULES &endash; BOAT STORAGE: Bob Foster stated that George McLennan had met with representatives from the local police department and they suggested that any boats that are not chained at the beaches should be removed immediately. It was also recommended that all boats to be removed at the end of each season. Motion was made to authorize securing all boats after contacting residents. If they are not secured, they will be removed. Bob Foster suggested changing rules that everyone on boats must wear life shell instead of a jacket.

The following resolution was passed unanimously by the LBA Board based on the recommendation of the Police Department Crime Prevention Unit and was accepted by the LBA's Beach Security and Water Safety Task Force as part of its review of Lake safety and community security.

RESOLVED, that all watercraft on the common properties must be chained by the owner to the boat racks (not the trees) when not in use. This regulation shall become effective thirty days after the publication of this resolution in the December 2000 Lake Barcroft Newsletter. Thereafter, unsecured watercraft will be removed from the beaches at the owner's risk.


INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS: Ralph Smalley presented his report and suggested the Board review and contact him with questions or suggestions. Bob Schreiber suggested going to the community to solicit input on revising the by-laws. Smalley was asked to write an article for the Newsletter. Discussion of LBA being trustees to the WID.

Ken Leventhal questioned what could be paid with funds from the Lake Barcroft Foundation besides the scholarship fund? Leventhal will discuss this further with Mac Canter and report back.

The Board thanked George Waters for all of his efforts in recruiting Congressman Tom Davis's assistance in passing a bill that would have the state allocate $200,000 towards the design and construction of the debris trap at the Potterton causeway.

David Feld discussed court proceedings that took place today involving the five trespassers at Beach #4 on October 2, 2000. Three gentlemen present in court were all fined $1,000 with $900 waived with the stipulation that they do not return to Beach #4.


The LBA Board meeting was adjourned at 11:12 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,

Chris LaChance, Lake Manager
Bob Schreiber, Secretary


Adjourned 11:12 PM.