January 10, 2001

President David Feld called the meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) to order at 7:37 PM at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors David Feld, Bob Schreiber, Karol Forsberg, Nan Brent, Bob Foster, Ken Leventhal, Mac Canter, George McLennan, Bill Lowenthal, Therese St. Hilaire and Ralph Smalley. Also present were Improvements Committee Chairman, Ernie Rauth and WID Operations Manager, Stuart Finley.

Seven representatives from the Bailey's Crossroads Fire Department were present to address ice safety and rescue. Lake Barcroft residents Kirk Burns, Garrett Green and Dan Determan were also present.

The minutes of the November 10 meeting were approved as corrected.

GUESTS FROM THE BAILEY'S CROSSROADS (COMPANY 10) FIRE DEPARTMENT: David Feld welcomed guests from the Bailey's Crossroads Fire Department to address ice safety issues. Captain Elmore and his staff reviewed their procedures for ice rescue and the equipment involved. Response time is usually 2 to 3 minutes to arrive on site. They stressed reporting the nearest address location when calling for help and cited the importance of noting reference points on the lake shore in order to locate a person in distress on the ice or in the water. Fireman Sparrow agreed with Feld that it would be helpful to send a letter to all Lake Barcroft residents providing basic safety facts about ice safety and emphasizing that prevention is the first step.

They exhibited two types of safety suits that Company 10 uses for ice rescues. They also inflated an ice rescue raft. Fireman Tim Sparrow explained hypothermia and how quickly it happens, and that time was essential for a successful rescue. Although ice rescues have been rare in recent years because of relatively mild weather, Caption Elmore explained that additional ice rescue suits are needed because the current suits were old and wearing out. The cost is approximately $500 each (dry suit type). He noted that Company 10 presently uses a16-foot Boston whaler boat for water rescues. It is getting old and needs a new motor.

The Board agreed that the LBA should provide the funds to purchase one new ice rescue suit (dry suit) for the Bailey's Crossroads Fire Department. Ken Leventhal explained that some life saving equipment had been purchased with $180 from the $750 authorized at last month's Board meeting for ice safety. The motion was amended at Bob Schreiber's suggestion to provide the $500 for the rescue suit from the unexpended funds already authorized.

It was agreed that the Board should inform Supervisor Penny Gross of the Board's action and to encourage her to seek funds for more equipment needed by the Bailey's fire department. At the request of Captain Elmore, the Board agreed that the fire department could use their boat on the lake to drill once a month.



NOMINATING COMMITTEE UPDATE: Bill Lowenthal said he had sent a list to George Waters of the final slate of candidates that have agreed to run for the Board of Directors.



LETTER TO RESIDENTS ABOUT ICE SAFETY: It was noted that David Feld's ice safety letter was ready to mail to all residents. Feld asked Kirk Burns to discuss the idea of a monitored safe skating area that would be demarcated on a trial basis. Lake resident Garrett Green addressed his concerns with such a step and the liability issues, stating that no one can guarantee the safety of the ice because there are too many variables. The monitored skating area proposal was not adopted. It was agreed to proceed with the installation of signs at the beaches, reading "Danger! Deep Water - Stay Off Ice". The Board discussed revisions to Feld's ice safety letter and, on a motion by Ralph Smalley, it was agreed that an amended letter, including suggested changes by Mac Canter, would disseminate, as an attachment, ice safety information already published by a professional source.

ANNUAL MEETING: Chris LaChance reported that she had reserved Belvedere Elementary School's cafeteria for Wednesday, February 28 for the LBA's annual business meeting and requested Board approval, which was received.

The following agenda items were discussed and agreed: Election results, the 2001 budget, the president's report, a website/listserv report, Potterton Bridge update, Parcel A update, Water Safety report and a Security update.



WID REPORT: Stu Finley informed the Board that he had written a piece on the "swimmability" and the cleanliness of the lake for the WID Bulletin in the upcoming issue of the Newsletter. He suggested that lifeguards might use this to help answer residents' questions about the quality of the water.

Finley distributed a draft letter from Dave Alne addressing Priscilla Stevens' letter concerning pesticides used within the community that had asked for LBA and WID's assistance in controlling the use by neighbors in her area of noxious chemicals on lawns.

It was suggested that this letter could be mailed to all residents and the WID would be happy to split the cost if the Board decided to send it out. It was decided that the next step should be for representatives of the LBA and the WID to meet with Mrs. Stevens to discuss the letter further.

Finley reported that lake resident Tony Bracken has been appointed a new trustee of the WID.

BEAUTIFICATION: Ernie Rauth reported that he had received a call from Bill Lecos about a fence addition on Potterton that was already under construction. Nan Brent stated that she had spoken with the resident and would be taking her an application and an LBA directory and stated that the resident would be happy to complete an ARC form.

ARC: Nan Brent reported that the non-conforming shed located by the water at 3309 Pinetree Terrace has been taken down. Ernie Rauth has agreed in the spring to meet with this resident along with Pat DiVito to make suggestions if the resident needs to have a shed.

WATER SAFETY: Bob Foster reported that he had received no sealed bids for the boat auction. He added that all other unchained boats will be removed from the beaches and taken to the WID compound in March. He added that he wanted to wait until another reminder was placed in the next Newsletter.

SECURITY: George McLennan reported that he had attended the Police Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting and would keep the Board informed of any information obtained from those meetings. McLennan stated that he has attempted to get off-duty police officers to patrol the Women's Club bridge area to evict trespasser on weekends but that the officer's need more time before they can meet such scheduling.

PUBLICATIONS: Therese St. Hilaire reported that a lake resident would like to place a boxed item in each Newsletter about what Newcomers parties are taking place. Bob Schreiber added that any resident of the lake may now join Newcomers. George McLennan added that a questionnaire for the telephone directory update would be sent out with the annual billing letter.

MEMBERSHIP: Bill Lowenthal reported that four transfer fees have been received since the last meeting. David Feld noted that a letter on past due fees had recently been mailed to delinquent members.

LBA LIAISON REPORT: Bob Schreiber reported on the over-occupancy and unkempt conditions on Pinetree Terrace and suggested that the LBA should send a letter to the owner about their tenants. He reported that there had been another murder in Culmore, for a total of three in the general area in the past three months or so. No construction has taken place on the Culmore playing field for the past three months where the Eckerd drugstore is being built. Schreiber agreed to research this and will report his findings back to the Board.

COMMUNITY INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS REPORT: Ralph Smalley reported that he was still planning on putting together a report by the next Board meeting.



David Feld reported that Bob Foster had received a call from the Park Authority to offer swim training at Providence for the Culmore area. Foster agreed to discuss this in more detail when he receives further information. Bob Schreiber noted that all fourth graders receive a class on water safety at Bailey's Elementary School. Foster will remind the Park Authority representative of this.

Feld asked about security police availability off-season and suggested getting coverage if possible for the upcoming weekend plus the following two weekends, to deal with expected trespassers and the large crowd expected for ice skating. He suggested that funds for this expense should come out of the emergency reserves rather than money allocated for summer police patrol. The board did not take any action on this proposal.


The LBA Board meeting was adjourned at 10:34 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Chris LaChance, Lake Manager

Bob Schreiber, Secretary