February 14, 2001

President David Feld called the meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) to order at 7:37 PM at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors David Feld, George Waters, Bob Schreiber, Nan Brent, Bob Foster, Ken Leventhal, Peter Browne, Mac Canter, George McLennan. Also present were Improvements Committee Chairman, Ernie Rauth and WID Operations Manager, Stuart Finley.

The minutes of the January 10 meeting were approved as corrected.



WATER SAFETY & SECURITY TASK FORCE: George McLennan presented the Water Safety & Security Task Force Final Report, which contained two sets of Action Items, the first set to be implemented immediately and second set to be addressed as part of LBA's long term planning and budgeting. Each action item in the second set was reviewed. [These are referred to below by sequential number, although the items are not numbered in the report.] Bob Schreiber distributed his written comments on eight items in the report.

The Board unanimously accepted the action items, some of which have already been done or are being done, with the following changes or provisos:

No. 2: Reference to removal of decaying and poorly maintained boats…from the common properties was deleted because that action has already been taken by Bob Foster.

No. 4: The proposal to thin or eliminate the undergrowth around the perimeter of the Beach 5 gazebo area to allow increased surveillance was modified after extensive discussion of several possible impacts it could have. The value of the understory vegetation as a noise and privacy barrier for the Beachway residents, the ecological relationship to the trees, WID's efforts through the years to establish needed border plantings, the general desire of residents to keep the community in as natural a state as possible, and the advisability of consulting the Beachway neighbors based on their previous concern over not being consulted about the impact of Beach 5 lighting were discussed. In addition, if the lights were turned off, as proposed in item 6, less underbrush might not allow for much improvement in surveillance. Consequently, the Board agreed (5 to 3) to a motion made by George McLennan and amended by Mac Canter that the Improvements Committee, with input from the WID, should undertake a moderate thinning and pruning of the perimeter undergrowth only to the extent that the privacy of the Beachway residents would not be affected. The balance of item 4, to clean up trash, bottles and other debris in the area, was accepted.

No. 5: Installation of a fence around the Beach 4 boat storage area raised a number of practical details and operational problems for which no solutions were agreed and no fencing plan was presented. Bob Foster pointed out that all boats will be chained and in the racks.

No. 6: The proposal to cease lighting Beach 5 at night and to install a switch to light the beach and the gazebo area only when there is an approved activity was not accepted. It was pointed out that in past years our security police advised that the light should be on at all times to make it easier for them, and others, to see the area and this inhibits potential mischief. Rauth noted that VEPCO will not install such a switch that that the LBA would have to contract to have such work done. If such a switch were installed, the security light would be useful only if and when the security officer got out of his car and walked into the Beach 5 area.

No. 8: Installation of more lighting, including sensor lights will take place as a trial at Beach 4. In this connection, it was noted that the original sensor lights at the Community Garden had been shot out. It was also agreed that the trial lights should be shielded to divert the light from neighboring residential properties.

No 18: Action was approved to have Ernie Rauth "investigate" the installation of electrical outlets at each beach for use by fire and rescue teams, rather than proceeding to install them. It was noted that regular outlets would not be sufficient for Police emergency needs and that they would be expensive because VEPCO treats such installations at the beaches as commercial, not residential, and because VEPCO will not install the actual outlets. Ernie Rauth noted that the cost of such an outlet would be about $3,600.

The accepted Safety & Security Report is to be reported in the Newsletter. Ken Leventhal suggested putting a Security regulations and procedure booklet together for new residents and also to publish a summary of this information in the Newsletter.

Additional signs are being prepared for beaches and common areas.

ANNUAL MEETING: George Waters discussed the budget in the absence of Treasurer Karol Forsberg. He suggested adding a line to show that the 2000 surplus offsets the 2001 Budget deficit. It was agreed to check with Karol about this. Agenda items for the meeting were discussed.

PARCEL A UPDATE: George Waters discussed the Parcel A waiver letter that will be sent to residents in Section 3 requiring their notarized signatures. Attorney Tina Charvet is in the process of mailing these out. A follow-up call will be made about three weeks after mailing to solicit the signatures. Mac Canter explained the process that would take place if someone does not sign the waiver.



PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION ACT: David Feld brought up the State Attorney General's opinion on the Virginia Property Owner's Association Act that he had distributed to Board members. Mac Canter stated that he had found a law firm (Calusio) specializing in association law whose fee should be between $2,000 and $3,000 to give the Board an objective opinion as to whether the LBA is subject to this act. A motion to spend up to $3,000 to secure such an opinion was passed. Stu Finley suggested also contacting past Board members Sam Rothman and Jim Kilbourne for their opinions, since they are both attorneys and were personally involved with the 1992 merger of LABARCA and BARLAMA into the LBA.

CCAC REQUEST FOR LAKE BARCROFT PARTICIPATION (Culmore Community Action Committee): Bob Schreiber stated that this association has been very involved with various social problems throughout the area (battered spouses, gang tattoo removal, health screening, the teen center, computer center, summer soccer camp, etc.). He explained that the County has now taken over some of these functions which are housed in Olde Salem Village buildings. CCAC is a tax-exempt group that will carry on other needed programs, such as emergency aid to people in Culmore with funding from private sources. CCAC has asked Lake Barcroft to appoint an official representative. Schreiber suggested that someone from the incoming Board should serve as the representative. George Waters made a motion that the CCAC be added to the organizations that LBA already has civic liaison involvement with. The motion was seconded and carried.

Nan Brent mentioned that she had received an inquiry requesting a contribution to the J.E.B. Stuart chess club. It was noted that this is not the type of contribution that the LBA makes. Contributions to the local schools will be made pursuant to the resolution that budgeted regular annual contributions to the PTAs. Brent also raised the subject of the possibility of the Woman's Club buying a defibrillator to have available at a beach. Ken Leventhal stated that Water Safety Supervisor Kevin Hardy could be trained how to use it. This item was tabled at this time.

IMPROVEMENTS COMMITTEE: Ernie Rauth reported that he has completed a survey of the lake for damage from the winter months. He said that he has prepared a list of the various signs and cul-de-sacs throughout the community for repair and maintenance. He added that he will start this around of work the first week in April.

WID REPORT: Stu Finley distributed copies of the WID budget for 2001. He noted that with the increase in the real estate property tax valuations by the County, the WID would reduce its tax rate to the level that would continue to cover the WID budget.

George Waters discussed the delays on the Potterton bridge and that VDOT but was getting closer to soliciting bids for the project. He stated that he was informed by VDOT's project engineer that construction timing has slipped into the late summer or fall and noted the effect this would have on school buses. Finley added that the next lake dredging could not begin until the bridge is completed.



SECURITY: George McLennan distributed a handout about upcoming meetings of the Police Citizen's Advisory Committee and will post the information on the LBA website.

WATER SAFETY & BEACH MAINTENANCE: Bob Foster announced various scheduled dates for beach cleanup (May 5), sand delivery (on May 6-10), "sand day" (May 12, followed by WID's fluffing) and beach opening (May 19). He reported that the Police felt our beaches now have appropriate signage. Foster added that a new phone system will be purchased for the coming season. Ernie Rauth added that he will have new bulletin boards made for each of the beaches along with six new benches and four additional picnic tables that will be handicapped accessible. Foster stated that the parking spaces at Beach #3 will be painted prior to the season, as well as all of the lifeguard stands. Rescue board stand needs to be built at Beach #1, and a lifeguard platform at beach #5 is still needed. It was suggested to publish what was done at beach #1 in the Newsletter.

ARC: Nan Brent discussed a letter that she would prepare to the resident on Potterton Drive about the excessively high fence (over seven feet) that had been built. The county is also weighing in on this. Rauth reported that the offending Pinetree Terrace shed is still being removed. George Waters discussed the status of the house on Whispering Lane and will contact the residents.

GEESE: Due to recent goose sightings, David Feld was asked to begin working on discouraging them from nesting on Lake Barcroft grounds. However, this would not fit into the program strategy, which is to allow nesting in identifiable locations so that the egg-oiling program can become effective.

SPECIAL EVENTS: A suggestion was made to consider hosting a summer concert.

PUBLICATIONS: George McLennan presented an update on Cox Communications plans to bring high speed cable service to the community. Cox is currently replacing Media General coaxial cable with fiber optic cable (upgrading the system from analog to digital), which requires placing network that MG had begun to build. The previous schedule of completion within Lake Barcroft was Spring, however that has now moved out to late Summer. New services will include high speed Internet and digital TV.


David Feld stated that this was the last official Board meeting for Bob Schreiber, Ken Leventhal and Bill Lowenthal (absent). He thanked them on behalf of the Board for all of their time and efforts and encouraged them to remain active. George Waters also thanked Schreiber and Leventhal for what they have done for the community. A motion was passed unanimously to have plaques of appreciation for these Board members and to present them at the annual LBA general membership meeting on February 28th.


The LBA Board meeting was adjourned at 10:08 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Chris LaChance, Lake Manager

Bob Schreiber, Secretary