March 14, 2001

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:44 PM by President David Feld at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors David Feld, George Waters, Karol Forsberg, Nan Brent, Bob Foster, Garrett Green, Sue Nixson, Therese St. Hilaire, Mac Canter, George McLennan and Ralph Smalley. Also present were Improvements Committee Chairman, Peter Browne, Ernie Rauth and WID Operations Manager, Stuart Finley. Other guests included lake resident Amon Nixson.

The minutes of the February 14 meeting were approved as corrected. Revisions made by George McLennan.

David Feld commented on the recent annual meeting and the large attendance as well as new subscribers to the listserv. Feld read the election results and welcomed new board members. Feld explained LBA and BBI's roles briefly.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Feld opened the floor for nominations. Feld nominated for Pres and seconded. All in favor. Feld nominated George Waters, seconded. All in favor. Feld nominated Karol. Seconded, all in favor. David nominated Ralph Smalley as secretary. Seconded, all in favor.

COMMITTEES: David asked standing committee chairs to remain. Feld suggested finding members on the Board or outside to assist with these committees. Garrett Green is considering chairing the Special Events. Do not have candidates for the Membership or Civic Affairs. Ralph explained the goal of the Innovative Concepts committee. George Waters will continue to chair the Focus Committee and the Parcel A committee. Will finalize by the next meeting.

SCHEDULE OF BOARD MEETINGS: Agreed to keep the second Wednesday of the month.


OLD BUSINESS: There was no old business at this time.



EDUCATIONAL ORIENTATION AT THE MASON DISTRICT MEETING ON MARCH 21. George stated that Kay Kory would be making a presentation of the proposed budget. At the end, they will vote and there needs to be a representative at this meeting. Waters will be unable to attend and has requested someone else. Would like someone to support education issues. George made a motion that this Board urge the Fairfax Bd of Supervisors to support the budget proposed at the meeting. Seconded. Mac expressed concerns about not knowing enough about it. George M. expressed his concern as well. George stated 23 million deficit proposed with over 5000 new students anticipated. Schools not getting enough money &endash; 800 trailers in Fairfax County. Support leadership within Fairfax County. The representative of the LBA will have to vote on the motion before them and to have the support of the budget as proposed by the Board of education. Five in favor, 1 opposed.

LETTER TO CAROL HAWLEY: David suggested that on behalf of the Board, a token of sympathy be done for the loss of her husband. Nan stated that the family was accepting donations to Hospice. A motion was made by Therese that for all the work that Carol has done, make a donation of $100 to Hospice in honor of her husband. All voted in favor.

Ernie discussed the island owned by George made a motion LBA by foot bridge to name the island Lloyd Swift known as Turtle Island. All voted in favor. Rauth has agreed to work on a sign for this area.

George Waters discussed with Jim Kilbourne about putting together a history of the association and a role of LBA and the role of BBI. Kilbourne suggested a legal history so that new Board members and the roles of the entities understand the connection. Homeowners Association Act was briefly addressed.

IMPROVEMENTS COMMITTEE: Ernie hopes to begin clean up soon throughout the community. Beach 1 work still under way. Signs are being made and will be placed around the community. Trees came down at beach 2 over the stream. WID cleaned it up. First week in April with full crew and possible earlier depending on the weather. Nan reported that the Women's Club has agreed to donate $1000 for the garden and should be received shortly. Karol proposed if we get a general donation, we could off set Ernie's budget.

WID REPORT: Stu reported that he had spent the last three days at the Watershed conference and is the secretary of this group. Picked three people from our Lake Barcroft experience to discuss gypsy moth fungus, particulate sweepers and geese peace. Stu addressed the minutes and dates for clean up and will have a staff member available. George requested use of the hay rake to be used at beach #1 again. Stu stated that he had been contacted by resident Joe Pisciotta to discuss the island and whether it was a wild life preserve and they will hold a meeting to improve the island.

Potterton project is moving on very well and he has written a WID bulletin that will appear in an upcoming Newsletter. He distributed a copy of it to the Board. Any comments, please contact him.

Stu discussed the Property Owners Association Act and added that it is a known fact that Lake Barcroft is not covered.

NEW BUSINESS: Stu stated new project called "Seniors on the go" established by the county. They omitted zip codes 22041 and 22044. County will pay half of the taxi fare for seniors to go places such as the senior center or grocery center. Stu read a motion he prepared to say that the LBA Board of Directors is concerned about the omission of the zip codes, etc. Therese made a motion to adopt Stu's motion. Seconded. All in favor. Income of less than $50,000 a year. Move that Stu contact Fairfax County Transportation Office regarding this issue. George W. suggested writing a letter. Stu will draft a letter and forward it to LBA.

David requested new business be given prior to meetings.

George requested minutes be distributed shortly after meetings.

WATER SAFETY: David reported dates for upcoming deliveries. Contract off to Kevin. New phones to be ordered soon.

TEASURER: Karol reported $2,500 less than transferred. Karol questioned donation to schools. Mac suggested putting the change in the newsletter. George W. discussed that a monthly report should be done in the Newsletter. George stated that minutes should not be too abbreviated for the record. Lake Manager report needs to be put back in. Summary of the minutes and Lake Manager report to be coordinated with Ralph.

George M. discussed Bob Schreiber's previous minutes and feels that this needs to continue detailed minutes.

NEW BUSINESS: George M. Move that LBA official approved minutes be placed in the Newsletter monthly. Seconded, all in favor.

ARC: Nan has received a couple of applications. Concern of new residents not knowing about ARC guidelines. George M. stated that there really needs to be a welcome package. Madeline Jennings is upset about a house that has been vacant for the past five years and has asked the committee for their help with fencing. Ernie agreed to take a look at it and report back. Blair house situation has been resolved to the best of our knowledge.

COMMUNITY WATCH: Nothing to report at this time. George questioned time frame established in the Security Force Report to be completed by the summer.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY REPORT: David reported that they will be doing a little more harassment prior to the nesting so that the eggs can be addled. George W. questioned beavers. Trees will continue to be wrapped as needed. Stu reported that Kopka believes there are some new beavers in the lake. Holly will continue to serve on this committee.

LEGAL: Mac thanked Stu for the memo on the association act. Has not heard anything

On Parcel A. George recommended a second letter should be sent out. Discussion of past due fees. Mac suggested determining the authority on this issue.


PUBLICATIONS: Therese reported I will have all the updated changes by April 1. Phone listings and the map. George emphasized the desire to publish a complete directory in the future again. David explained decision of the Board to do this at this time. Sue stated that she would be happy to assist on this committee and help with pricing when necessary. George W. will continue on this committee.

George. M reported that there are 205 members as of tonight. 115 additional names from mailing.

SECURITY: Encourage residents to invite the police PSA (Police Service Area) to block parties and functions out here.



POTTERTON BRIDGE: George W. stated the desire to minimize the time the bridge is closed. Starting date of August was asked to be examined.

PARCEL A: Should be having to do follow up soon. Waiver discussed. A judge can deem concurrence from those that do not respond.

THURGOOD MARSHALL: Ralph reported that $3,015 has been collected to date. Recent loss due to the stock market, about 4%. Ralph will readjust the funds a bit.

George W. questioned increasing the fee of the scholarship or whether to offer more than one or a portrait of Thurgood Marshall. Asked if anyone was interested in being on this committee to contact him. Therese suggested Naomi Zeavin be on this committee.


David asked all committee chairs to contact him when they are holding their first meeting.


Meeting adjourned 9:53 PM


BBI BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING was called to order 9:57 PM. Minutes approved as corrected. Office of BBI be parallel to LBA. Read officers names. Continue to hold their meetings separate of the LBA Board meetings. Move that fees paid annual are paid as a management fee to LBA. Discussion took place about the association's history and association. Deferred to Mac.

Adjourned at 10:01 PM