LBA Meeting of April 11, 2001


Meeting was called to order by President David Feld at 7:50 PM with ten members present.

Minutes of March meeting were read and approved as amended.

The chair announced new chairpersons for several committees as follows:

Frank Aukofer for Membership Committee

Sue Nixson for Special Events

Holly Hazard for Wildlife Sub-Committee

Tom Stafford for Friends of the Lake Sub-Committee


Old Business


MOVED by David Feld and seconded by Peter Browne that: it is the policy of the Board that existing beavers not be killed but that beaver population be controlled by spaying neutering, or relocating when such action is recommended by the Environmental Quality Committee.

Motion passed unanimously


New Business

The chair introduced Marty Convisser who discussed the problem of unsightly signs by realtors and other s being placed illegally in various locations in the community. As an initial remedy to the problem Mr. Convisser offered a letter that could be sent to realtors who list property in our community. After some discussion, it was

MOVED by Frank Aukofer, second by George Waters that the letter be sent to realtors serving our community advising them of the illegality of posting signs in public rights-of-way.

Motion passed unanimously.


The chair presented a letter received from a resident who recently purchased a home for which no initial membership initiation fee was ever paid. The letter requests that the Board allow the new homeowners to pay the $300 fee instead of the revised $3,500 fee approved by the board last year. The homeowner states that he was lead to believe prior to settlement that he would have beach privilege without joining the LBA.

A detailed discussion ensued. This property is one of six in the community in this situation. All owners were amply advised and cautioned of the impending fee change before it was implemented. The fee increase was established in anticipation of the twelve new homes that would become part of the community when the "Parcel A" legal matter was settled. The request presents the dilemma of wanting to accommodate a new homeowner while not compromising the position of the community vis a vis the anticipated new homes to be added to the community. The matter was referred to the membership Committee for further consideration.

MOVED by George McLennan, second by George Waters that a small committee be established to evaluate the procedure how members of the community bring matters to the Board.

Motion passed unanimously.


The chair introduced Dave Alne who spoke on the historical role of the Watershed Improvement District (WID) and on a recent disagreement regarding the community's policy regarding beaver population control. Several board members participated in a discussion with Dave Alne that followed his presentation. Beyond the specific issue of beaver population control, several board members indicated that they felt the WID, while legally a separate legal entity empowered to act on its own, had a over-riding obligation to be responsive to the needs of the community as represented by the Board.

Stu Finley addressed this issue and suggested that a six person committee be established to work jointly on resolution of the beaver policy issue. Such committee would be composed of equal numbers from the WID and the LBA.

MOVED by Frank Aukofer, second by George Waters that such a committee be established.

Motion passed unanimously.

Committee Reports

Improvements: Ernie Rauth reported that Spring clean-up was completed. Beach One handicap walk is complete. Bids for a gate at Beach Four are being received. Survey of railings at Beach Five is being conducted.

Water Safety: May 5th is the next Clean-up Day.

Architectural Review: An application for a covered swimming pool is being reviewed carefully because of a neighbor's objection.

Other committee reports include: Publications, Security, Environmental and Special Events.

In other matters, the chair announced that our previous resolution on education was adopted at the Mason District Civic Association.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:00 PM.


Ralph Smalley, sec'y