July 18, 2001

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:43 PM by President David Feld at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors David Feld, George Waters, Karol Forsberg, Nan Brent, Garrett Green, George McLennan, Sue Nixson, Therese St. Hilaire, Bob Foster, Peter Browne and Frank Aukofer. Also present were Improvements Committee Chairman, Ernie Rauth and WID staff member Ken Kopka and WID Operations Manager, Stuart Finley. Also present were resident Amon Nixson and Assistant Water Safety Manager, Dan Cozart.

The minutes of June 13 were approved as presented.



PLAYGROUND REQUEST PRESENTATION: David Feld discussed Ginger Hayes's handout regarding playgrounds for children. Garrett Green stated that her main goal is to have a public meeting that would allow the community to discuss this issue. Karol Forsberg raised the issue of insurance coverage and agreed to check with our agent. After some discussion,

MOVED by Garrett Green,
that a special community meeting to address the playground proposal followed by a referendum vote, be scheduled.

AMENDED by Frank Aukofer that
the boat proposal and other recreational issues also be placed on the agenda of this meeting for discussion. Motion and amendment passed unanimously.

President Feld plans to schedule a meeting in September and to notify residents by mail. It was also agreed that a notice would be mailed to all residents.



The question of storing fireworks was raised by Ken Kopka. It was pointed out that fire regulations require that fireworks were to be stored properly and separately from WID facilities. The matter remains pending. Treasurer Karol Forsberg stated that approximately $1,200 were encumbered from the capital improvements budget subject to the Parcel A settlement.



Bob Foster introduced assistant water safety manager, Dan Cozart. The issue of repair and maintenance of lifeguard stands was raised again.



JULY 4TH ISSUES: Resident Amon Nixson discussed the regulations regarding arranging for this yearís firework display. (A Type 54 permit is required.) Following discussion, it was

MOVED BY Karol Forsberg, and seconded by Therese St. Hilaire that
the board purchase a three year permit for $100 in calendar year 2001 and that we purchase a (fireworks) magazine trailer at the end of 2001 pending available funds. All voted in favor.



Ernie Rauth suggested that a warning sign at the Beach 4 boat ramp be placed in the water stating that there was a deep drop off. This was agreed to informally and Ernie will arrange for this.



Ernie Rauth discussed the need to locate a toilet at Beach 5 throughout the summer as done at the other beaches. Following his suggestion, it was

MOVED by George Waters that:
a toilet be placed at beach 5 as is done at the other beaches. Passed unanimously.



ErnieRauth reported that the plaque for Stuart Finley has been placed at Beach 4. Major landscaping project has been completed at Beach 4. Beach 3 has handicap striping on parking lot.



Karol Forsberg reported that receipts are lower as well as interest and dividends. She noted that the final Humane Society contribution has not been made this year and Feld agreed to contact them.



George McLennan reported that four trespassers were arrested by Fairfax County Police Officer Reggie Maclin in June at Beach 3 after a nearby homeowner reported a disturbance to the police. (Our paid patrols were not involved.) Two pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 12 months of unsupervised probation and 50 hours of community service. The other two individuals asked that their cases be continued until an unspecified date in August. (George McLennan attended the court hearing but did not testify.)

Therese St. Hilaire recognized McLennan for all of his efforts and thanked him on behalf of the Board.



Bob Foster noted all the work that has been done by Ernie Rauth throughout the community. A new resident has agreed to work with Rauth to build some new boat racks. Bob Foster reported that the lifeguard staff has completed a survey on rack usage but Foster feels that it needs to be checked again. Unchained boats and unidentifiable boats will be removed immediately. Waters agreed to work with Foster on the survey.



Nan Brent reported that the county went back a second time to the Waterway property after receiving pictures of how it looked previously and would be contacting the owner about their findings.

Waters questioned required landscaping around Joseph's shed. LaChance agreed to send a letter to this affect.

Waters raised the issue of Massenhove house on Whispering Lane and the concern for trash that was accumulating. Feld explained that residents were working together to contribute money to hire someone to assist with cleaning up the area. It was agreed informally that if the property has not been cleaned up by the next Board meeting, a call would be made to the Health Dept. by Feld.



Therese St. Hilaire reported that the July Newsletter was presently at the printers. George McLennan reported that the database had been turned over to resident, Molly Jewell, who was working on producing the directory.



Peter Browne displayed a bat box to the board and stated that they would be placing a few throughout the community. He will report back on their effectiveness.


MEMBERSHIP: Frank Aukofer reported for the month of June that a new membership in the amount of $300 had been received per the Boardís previous approval as well as $100 in transfer fees. He stated that he would be working with Chris LaChance on past dues fees.


SPECIAL EVENTS: Sue Nixson reported to the Board that she had met with Marty Convisser about the community signs and hopes to show the new signs next month. She added that she had informed Joe Pisciotta who will be organizing the Labor Day games, about the new rules for signs throughout the community. Sue also reported that the Ice Cream Social served over 24 gallons of ice cream and was very successful. Harris Teeter had contributed a gift certificate in the amount of $30.


PARCEL A: George Waters discussed the recent waiver mailed to residents in section 3 and that residents who did not comply were now being served. He added that attorney Tina Charvet had informed him that they have to wait twenty-one days after the last person has been served and that they must also place the names in the newspaper weekly before they can move forward. A court date is anticipated for the end of September.


The Board meeting was adjourned at 10:24 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Ralph Smalley, secíy (from notes by Chris LaChance, Lake Manager)