September 19, 2001 (postponed from September 12, 2001)

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:37 PM by President David Feld. Present were LBA Directors David Feld, George Waters, Ralph Smalley, Garrett Green, Sue Nixson, Therese St. Hilaire, Bob Foster, Peter Browne, Frank Aukofer, George McLennan and also present were Improvements Committee Chairman, Ernie Rauth and WID Operations Manager, Stuart Finley.

Other guests included lake resident Amon Nixson and Marty Convisser.

Minutes approved as presented. (Ralph Smalley left early and minutes were taken by Chris Lawson).



SIGN POLICY: George Waters discussed recent excessive enforcement of our sign policy. It was agreed to maintain the present policy .



MISCELLANEOUS: Chris Lawson advised that the "goose barge" and other boats owned by LBA are not insured and never have been. The board approved obtaining insurance immediately and that further inquiry into appropriate coverage will be made by Ralph Smalley.

David Feld asked committee chairpersons to prepare their budgets for next year and to provide them to Treasurer Forsberg for the next Board meeting. Ralph Smalley requested that the board discuss specifically its policy on adhering to annually approved budget items. George McLennan and Ralph Smalley agreed to work with Karol Forsberg on budget formulation. David Feld would like a summary of what each committee thinks they will have left by the end of this year.

Peter Browne introduced James Spivey to discuss the construction of bat houses. Two small houses on each pole and seventeen houses will be built total.

David Feld plans to invite local representatives such as Tom Davis, Bob Hull, Kay Kory, Leslie Byrnes and Supervisor Penny Gross to the semi-annual community wide meeting.

The following items were agreed upon for the upcoming agenda:

Greetings by elected officials

WID Report

Parcel A Update

Potterton Causeway Update

Membership Committee Update

Publications Report

Community Organizations

Lloyd Swift Island

Phone directory and "Lakelink" update.

The meeting will be held from 7:30 to 9:30 PM at Belvedere Elementary School in their cafeteria. It was suggested that the various organizations (Newcomer's, Woman's Club, Barcrofters, Friends of the Lake) should have sign up sheets available for those interested in becoming more involved.

WATER SAFETY SUPERVISOR'S REPORT: Bob Foster reviewed Kevin Hardy's report for the end of the season.

WID REPORT: Stu Finley reported on recent maintenance to the dam and explained that carbon steel was being replaced with stainless steel on the dam.

BEAUTIFICATION: Ernie Rauth reported on Beach 4 improvements. New warning signs regarding wading and swimming in deep water will be installed. They will also be in Spanish. A new boat rack at Beach 5 for fifteen boats has been built. Landscaping for winter season is being done at the beaches, sixteen cul de sacs and median strips. Weather-proof cabinets are being installed at each of the beaches.

SIGN COMMITTEE REPORT: Marty Convisser discussed his report and reported on recent signs.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Sue Nixson Captains Club meeting tomorrow night at 7:30 and Special Events committee meeting next Wednesday at Sue Nison's house.

WATER SAFETY: Bob Foster thanked volunteers who helped with identifying boats at the beaches. A boat auction for unclaimed/unregistered boats is planned for October 20 from 10 AM-noon.

COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY: George McLennan reported that he will end up with a possible surplus of $1,000. It was agreed to stop the beach patrolling at the end of September.

MEMBERSHIP: Frank Aukofer reported that the committee will have a notice on establishing a late fee. He added that he was working on a letter to the delinquent owners.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Peter Browne reported that a hazardous waste pick up will be on Sat. Oct. 13 at Beach 5. Three dead trees at Beach 5 were removed.

PUBLICATIONS: Therese St. Hilaire reported that the directory was being completed by lake resident Mollie Jewell. Articles published by Tony Bracken will be condensed into a book and will be sold for $20. Fees would go to the Woman's Club. LBA will lend $2000 to the Woman's Club as an interest-fee loan since the money is in the Publications Committee budget. Additional funds collected from the sale will go to charities. Delivery is anticipated in November.

MOVED BY George Waters that the policy of not allowing non-payers to receive directories be continued and that this policy be publicized. Seconded by Therese St. Hilaire. All voted in favor.

Sue Nixson raised the idea of a "Captain's Club" whereby the community would purchase barges for use by residents living off the lake. In its discussion, board members recognized the appeal of such an idea, the inadvisability of the LBA financing such a program or undertaking the liability associated with it.

MOVED BY Therese St.. Hilaire that up to $300 be spent for a mailing to the community to find out who would be interested in a co-op program. Motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 PM.



Ralph Smalley, sec'y (from notes by Chris Lawson)