OCTOBER 9, 2001

The regular monthly meeting of the LBA Board was called to order at 7:30 PM. Attending were Waters, Green, Aukofer, Browne, Brent, St Hilaire, Feld, McLennan, Canter, Foster, Nixson, Forsberg and Smalley. Also attending were Ernie Rauth, Marty Convisser, Stu Finley and Dave Mason.

The minutes were adopted as amended.

Old Business
After discussion of the agenda, the board considered a proposal for a "Captain's Club" whereby captained barge boats would be made available to residents who did not own their own barges. Sue Nixson presented a letter to be sent to all residents describing the proposal and offering alternatives for it implementation. One option was that the community itself purchase barge(s) but this option was debated by the board. Whereupon,

MOVED by Sue Nixson, second by George Waters, that:
the letter be re-drafted and sent to the community including two options for consideration, a "coop" barge arrangement and a volunteer barge program. Motion carried.

Chris Lawson (LaChance) reported that insurance for the "Goose Barge" would be $888 perannum. This will be paid immediately.

New Business
Ernie Rauth presented a drawing of a sign commemorating Lloyd Swift which would be placed at the east end of Lloyd Swift Island. WID will share in the purchase of the sign.

MOVED by Bob Foster, second by Karol Forsberg, that such sign be purchased, jointly with the WID. Passed unanimously.

George Waters raised the issue of enforcement of our policy on signs and pointed out that there had been three complaints or concerns regarding the manner in which such policy was being implemented by Marty Convisser. Whereupon

MOVED by George Waters, second by Mac Canter that:
the president of the Board is the only person authorized to correspond on LBA letterhead, or to make calls on behalf of the organization, to a homeowner, a real estate agent or firm, to the county government or any other entity contending that sign is in violation of the law and must be removed. Any resident of the Lake Barcroft community who feels that a sign is a particularly egregious violation of an existing law or ordinance is welcome to bring that sign to the attention of the board of directors of the Lake Barcroft Association . The president will take appropriate action.

Marty Convisser is thanked for his efforts and his sign committee is hereby terminated.

The motion was called immediately by Ralph Smalley which was challenged by Frank Aukofer. On a vote to call the question, the call passed, 9 to 2. On a vote of the motion itself, the motion carried, 9 to 2.

Frank Aukofer, chair of the Membership Committee, announced that bills were being sent out earlier to get fuller compliance and timely payment of fees. He recommended that a late fee of $20.00 be charged for payments received after March 31st and that residents who delay until the beach season begins should be required to make payment after first making an appointment with Chris Lawson.

MOVED by Frank Aukofer, second by Mac Canter, that the above recommendation be adopted by the Board. Motion carried.

Carol Forsberg requested that all chairpersons submit their proposed budgets within the next week.

Stu Finley reported that VDOT had received and opened bids on the construction of the Potterton Bridge and debris diverted. The low bid was $1,395,700. Negotiations are now in process.

Ernie Rauth reported that 60 new boat rack spaces had been constructed. He recommended that $100/month be allocated in next year's budget for trash clean up throughout the community.

Water Safety
Bob Foster reported that an auction of unclaimed boats would be held on October 20th if adequate notice to the community could be given.

George McLennan reported that the new phone directory is at the printers and should be out by October 19th.

Peter Browne reported that Jim Spivey has completed his Eagle Scout project of building and installing bat houses around the community. (Encouraging bats within the community is an ecologically-sound technique for limiting the mosquito population.) Four dead trees have been removed.

Special Events
Sue Nixson announced that a teen meeting had been held to discuss events for teens.

Parcel A
George Waters reported that a declaratory judgment had been obtained regarding the Parcel A settlement, but that eleven residents needed to be served notice because the original notice was deemed insufficient. One resident has reserved rights to sue, and this will be addressed separately.

Community Innovations
The chair recognized Ralph Smalley to present recommendations for innovations in the community. (This follows from an informal meeting held a year ago by the board.) Due to the lateness of the hour, Smalley asked that the matter be deferred until next month under "New Business". The chair agreed.

The meeting adjourned at 10:15 PM.

Respectfully, Ralph Smalley, sec'y