November 14, 2001

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:34 PM by President David Feld at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors David Feld, George Waters, Ralph Smalley, Karol Forsberg, Sue Nixson, Nan Brent, Mac Canter, Therese St. Hilaire, Peter Browne, Frank Aukofer, George McLennan and also present were Improvements Committee Chairman, Ernie Rauth. Other guests included lake residents Bob Schreiber, Harry Van Every and son, Jane LeGault and Shirley Timashev from the Lake Barcroft Woman’s Club and Kirk and Peggy Burns.

David Feld reviewed agenda items and revised the order.

2002 BUDGET: Karol Forsberg presented a draft budget for the Board’s review. Informally, the Board approved after discussion a contribution of $600.00 to the Women’s Club and an increase to $1,500 for charitable contributions. An additional cost for insuring the barge in the amount of $900 was noted. Karol Forsberg will present the finalized budget for approval at the December Board meeting.

COMMUNITY INNOVATIONS: Ralph Smalley introduced three concepts for the Board’s consideration:

  1. re-organizing the WID and the LBA in some manner to improve coordination between the two organizations;
  2. (b) building a community center and
  3. (c) fostering the establishment in the community of new programs which would

(i) support independent living of senior citizens within the community,

(ii) develop programs for young and school-age children in the community, and

(iii) develop fitness programs for all community members.

MOVED by Ralph Smalley and seconded by Mac Canter that:

WHEREAS the original purpose of creating the Watershed Improvement District is now satisfied, it is resolved that an ad hoc committee be created to consider alternatives for integrating the functions of the LBA and the WID through organizational changes in both the WID and the LBA that would:

(a) be economically advantageous

(b) readily comply with existing state law

(c) provide for direct accountability to the residents of Lake Barcroft

(d) be achievable through mutual support of both WID and LBA and

(e) consider other issues that the committee may consider relevant.

Motion passed 8 to 2.

MOVED by Ralph Smalley and seconded by Frank Aukofer:

that an ad hoc committee be created to examine the feasibility of building a community center. Such structure would provide for: offices, meeting rooms, and recreational and social activities. The committee shall consider spatial requirements, general architectural design, economic feasibility of incurring capital expenses well as operational expense, siting, stages of development if not wholly built at one time, and regulatory requirements.

Motion passed 8 to 2.

MOVED by Ralph Smalley and seconded by Frank Aukofer that:

an ad hoc committee be established to consider the creation of various community programs which would address three specific needs in the community:

1) an internal network of volunteers who would assist community members in maintaining independent, self-sufficient living within the community;

2) recreational/educational programs for children in the community including: (i) outdoor play facilities for young children, and (ii) week-end and summer activities for schoolagers and teens

3) health and fitness facilities and activities for the community generally.

Motion passed 8 to 2.

LLOYD SWIFT ISLAND: David Feld introduced Bob Schreiber, Kirk and Peggy Burns and Harry Van Every. Bob Schreiber proposed that LBA provide signs at Lloyd Swift Island disallowing various activities that detract from the intention to maintain the island as a preserve. After general discussion it was

MOVED by Frank Aukofer and seconded by Therese St. Hilaire

that signage be posted at appropriate locations on Lloyd Swift Island to alert all residents/visitors/trespassers of the following: Private Property — residents only — no access after dark, Lloyd Swift Island — Nature Preserve, Prohibited: Fires, Pets, Picnicking, Parties, Plant Removal — Do Not Disturb Nesting Geese.

MOVED by Mac Canter and seconded by George Waters that

this matter be referred to a committee. Motion to table passed, 6 to 3.

SECURITY: George McLennan stated that the crime prevention unit of the Police Dept. was in the process of expanding their mission to include neighbors looking in on other neighbors. George will keep the Board informed.

ARC: Nan Brent reported receiving a letter from a neighbor of the November family expressing their concern about the noise generated from the new pool heater. Mrs. McLaughlin informed Nan that she was investigating this with the county and would keep the committee informed.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE UPDATE: George Waters stated that five non-incumbents were needed to complete the slate of candidates to run for the LBA Board of Directors and that he only had two and possibly a third. David asked Board members to encourage those that they thought might be interested to run for the Board.

POTTERTON CAUSEWAY: George Waters reported that the WID was still involved in negotiations with VDOT.

BEAUTIFICATION: Ernie Rauth reported that his crew has completed the first leaf clean up for the community. He added that he has finished everything on Bob Foster’s list. All but one and a half lifeguard stands have been completed. Rauth added that the plaque for Lloyd Swift has been delivered and suggested installing it at Earth Day in the spring allowing for proper recognition. Ernie concluded by stating that the Cortina’s new landscaping has been tied into Beach 4’s landscaping at the entrance to the beach area.

BOAT SALE: George Waters reported that the boat auction on October 20 brought in $2,879. George added that refreshments were served and were appreciated. Reimbursements have been paid to George and Peter.

David informed the Board that Chris Lawson supplied the refreshments every month out of her pocket and requested reimbursement to her for past contributions this year and to be reimbursed for future Board meetings. The Board approved informally.

The Board meeting was adjourned at 10:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Ralph Smalley, secy.

(partially from notes by Chris Lawson)