President David Feld convened the meeting at 7:40 PM. Present were Karol Forsberg, Therese St. Hilaire, Sue Nixson, Bob Foster, Nan Brent, David Feld and Ralph Smalley. Community manager Chris Lawson, Ernie Rauth and Stu Finley were also present. Community resident Ginger Hayes and Dennis Dionisi were present as well.

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as amended.

Dave introduced Dennis Dionisi of Arkion who discussed Flight Control a non-toxic lawn and garden spray product which deters geese. This product is invisible in ordinary light but is visible within the ultra-violet spectrum. Apparently, geese can see under these conditions. Vegetation sprayed with this product gives it an unnatural color to geese and they then choose to forage elsewhere. It was proposed by Dennis, with David Feld's support, that a free demonstration be set up in the community on six properties that Dave had chosen. After discussion, it was decided informally that the Board should not be in the position of choosing some properties and not others, particularly since there is the possibility that properties not treated would end up hosting the additional geese that had been repelled by the treated properties. There was also concern for neighbors who may have acute chemical sensitivities. The matter will be left to the personal discretion of Dave, Mr. Dionisi and whatever neighbors choose to try out this innovative solution to deterring geese.

Karol Forsberg presented the 2002 budget and it was adopted with amendments. There will be an estimated deficit of approximately $25,000. However, this will be offset by a remaining surplus carry-over from the Year 2000 (two years ago) of $21,000. No increase in fees is planned.

With the approval of the budget, Karol had to leave for personal reasons, and, lacking a quorum, the meeting ended at 8:45 PM.

Ralph Smalley, Sec'y