March 13, 2002

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:36 PM by President David Feld at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors David Feld, George Waters, Garrett Green, Karen Wehner, Peter Browne, Barbara McGrew, Diane Davidson, Ralph Smalley, Sue Nixson, Mac Canter, George McLennan and Ralph Smalley. Also present were Improvements Committee Chairman, Ernie Rauth and WID Operations Manager, Stuart Finley.

The minutes were approved as corrected.

David introduced and welcomed new Board members and reported on the election results.

A motion was made by Mac Canter and seconded by Frank Aukofer thanking David for his devotion and work over the past two years as President.

ELECTIONS: David Feld asked for nominations. A motion was made by George Waters and seconded by Peter Browne to nominate George McLennan as president. All in favor. McLennan accepted the nomination and was elected unanimously. A motion was made by George Waters and seconded by Ralph Smalley to nominate David Feld as Vice Pres. All in favor. Feld accepted the nomination and was elected unanimously. A motion was made by George Waters and seconded by Diane Davidson to nominate Karen Wehner as Treas. All if favor. Karen accepted the nomination and was elected unanimously. A motion was made by George Waters and seconded by David Feld to nominate Barbara McGrew as Secretary. All voted in favor. Barbara accepted the nomination and was elected unanimously.

COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS: President McLennan distributed a list of committee chair appointees as follows:

Architectural Review Committee: Garrett Green, Chair; Ernie Rauth
Beach Maintenance/Water Safety: Bob Foster, Chair; Peter Browne
Community Watch/Security: Ralph Smalley, Chair
Environmental Quality/WID Liaison: Diane Davidson, Chair
Finance/Audit: Karen Wehner, Chair
Improvements: Ernie Rauth, Chair
Legal: Mac Canter, Chair
Membership: George Waters, Chair
Publications: Frank Aukofer, Chair
Special Events: Sue Nixson, Chair

SCHEDULE OF LBA BOARD MEETINGS: President McLennan discussed the Board schedule of having meetings on the second Wednesdays of the month. It was agreed to continue this schedule.


Lawson mentioned a letter received from Mike Korin about developing a boat ramp and additional racks at beach #3 which was deferred to Bob Foster. Ernie Rauth added that he would also be looking into this and would report back to the board. He suggested designating racks by marking racks for canoes, kayaks, etc. He will prepare a proposal to be considered at the next Board meeting.

Ralph reported that he had met with Stu Finley, George Waters, and David Feld to discuss what the WID was doing about the debris diverter. $120,000 spent - $70,000 on engineering costs, and $50,000 on dredging. Construction is hopefully going to begin next month.

President McLennan shared his vision for the Board during the next year. He would like:

-- Efficient Board meetings.

-- To clarify guidelines for appropriate use of the reserve fund.

-- To increase communications between the Board and the community.

Efficient Board Meetings

This is pretty simple in concept. We are going to start on time, stay on topic, limit discussion and get out the door at a reasonable hour. This should help keep good people on the Board and keep us focused on doing the business of the community.

Reserve Fund Guidelines

In the recent past there has been much discussion about numerous community improvements and whether or not the reserve funds could/should be used for that purpose. Arriving at an answer has been difficult because there are no criteria for either determining the amount of the fund or how/where/when it might be used.

Our new Treasurer and Chair of the Finance & Audit Committee, Karen Wehner, is going to lead the effort to figure this out.

Improved Communications

In addition, to make it easier for communications to flow from the community to the Board, each Board meeting will begin with a Community Forum, which will provide a venue for everyone to have his or her say (but not all at once).

Discussion: The goal is to distribute packets by e-mail, and it's being researched with the accountant to see if financial statements could be electronically sent.
Ralph mentioned that every committee should not have to report each month.
George Waters mentioned that Jim Kilbourne would be happy to give new Board members updates on LBA history if necessary to shorten meeting time taken up with questions. It was noted that some questioning will still be necessary as issues arise.
President McLennan stated that he would like to start a community forum. In these, at the beginning of Board meetings, community members could get 5 minutes apiece to present an issue, with no expectation that it would be acted upon at that meeting.

Committee reports and WID report were given as follows:

IMPROVEMENTS COMMITTEE: Ernie Rauth reported that spring maintenance has begun, including the Women's Club garden, cul-de-sacs, and the north side of the community. He also reported on vandalism to the spokes of the wooden bridges in the garden; they had been kicked in.

Diane Davidson mentioned holly trees that have grown quite large by boat racks making it difficult to pull boats out. Rauth agreed to look into this.

WID REPORT: Stuart Finley reported dredging is well underway. Delays have been caused by various accidents, malfunctions, and mishaps. However, Tripps Run should be finished by Friday, and then dredging will move to Holmes Run; that should take a week to complete. Several restoration projects then will begin. Restoration of Beach 5 (contouring, grass planting) will be completed. However, the Easter Egg Hunt will be moved to Beach 3 for this year.
Tax assessments were discussed (16% increase on average). WID is working on its FY2003 budget which will also probably reflect an increase.
WID is in final stages of negotiations with VDOT regarding the Potterton bridge and debris diverter. Finley commented on the ongoing working relationship with the contractor and that a five-page contract between the WID and VDOT has been prepared by the WID attorney for signatures. Tuesday is the meeting with VDOT when negotiations should be completed.
The WID spring meeting will be Wed., April 17 at Fortune Restaurant. The cost of dinner--$10 for one person or $15 for two. Dinner at 6 p.m.; meeting begins at 7:15 p.m.
WID trustee meeting first Wed. of April (April 3) at 7:30 p.m. at Dave Alne’s house.
WID info to be posted on website.
Ralph Smalley expressed concern about a rate increase if not enough money is raised. 1

SPECIAL EVENTS: Sue Nixson mentioned beach clean up will be May 4. May 18 is sand day and June 2 is the Ice Cream social. (June 9 is the rain date.)

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Peter Browne stated 26 dead trees will be removed from Beach 3. This issue was discussed, and Diane Davidson agreed to look into whether fallen trees need to be removed or not.

MEMBERSHIP: George Waters gave the report.

ARC: Ernie Rauth gave a brief report.

PUBLICATIONS: Frank plans on reviewing the whole publications procedure and will come back to the Board with his findings.

Follow-Up/Action Items

-- A plant is to be sent to Bob Foster's home from the Board while he recuperates from surgery.
-- Frank Aukofer agreed to revisit /review LBA publications.
-- Ernie Rauth agreed to check over the boat rack and ramp situation, as well as the holly bush situation. He will have a proposal on boat racks and ramps for the Board to consider at its next meeting.
-- George McLennan will make appointments for positions as liaison to various agencies and political structures in the outside community and present them at the next meeting. Committee appointments will also be filled to work on Ralph Smalley's innovative initiatives as presented at the spring LBA membership meeting.
-- Diane Davidson will review our policy on the removal of fallen trees.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara McGrew, LBA Secretary