April 10, 2002

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:36 PM by President George McLennan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors George McLennan, George Waters, Garrett Green, Karen Wehner, Peter Browne, Bob Foster, Barbara McGrew, Diane Davidson and Sue Nixson. Also present were Improvements Committee Chairman, Ernie Rauth, WID Operations Manager, Stuart Finley and lake resident, Amon Nixson.

The minutes were approved as presented.

Peter Browne raised the issue of a streetlight at Beach 2. This was briefly discussed.

Garrett Green and Chris Lawson explained that residents did not historically want more lighting. Such lighting had been voted on and rejected.

Barbara McGrew moved that LBA authorize a task force to consider options and costs of burying overhead utility lines. Ernie discussed previous research on this issue and will supply Barbara with a copy of it. The motion was tabled until Barbara could read Ernie's information and report back to the Board.

WID REPORT: Stuart Finley reported that the dredging has been completed. 12,200 cubic yards were removed from the lake with half from Tripps Run area and other half out of Holmes Run. Furthermore, two major sediment traps and channels around the island and the peninsula were cleaned out. The WID plans on doing an analysis of how deep certain parts of the lake are. $218,000 was the cost this year for dredging. The annual WID Spring meeting will be held on April 17 at the Fortune Restaurant, and dinner will again be offered at a reduced price. Stu mentioned that the meeting will be centered on the responsibilities of WID and Fairfax County concerning the administration and funding of environmental management of the Lake Barcroft Watershed.

Finley also reported that the causeway will close on April 17 for repairs to begin on the bridge.

WID bulletins from January 1999 to date will be put on the Lake Barcroft website.

George McLennan discussed the community rules on boat motor size and speed with special concern about larger boats with faster motors now available.

A motion was made by George Waters and seconded by Peter Browne that the Lake Barcroft Association will advise residents via Lake Link and in the newsletter as to limits on boat motor horse power and thrust, and the maximum length of boats that are allowed on the lake and to notify dealers of this policy. Additionally, an annual reminder will be placed in the Spring in the newsletter, and a notice will be included with the annual billings. Passed.

Ernie suggested building separate racks for kayaks. Diane Davidson made and Garrett Green seconded the following motion: The LBA will place signs on all boat racks that encourage kayaks to be placed on top racks only. Passed.

PARCEL A: George Waters reported the attorneys for Mark Morgan stated that LBA would need to take action to specifically include the new lots requiring covenant fees, etc. into the Association.

IMPROVEMENTS COMMITTEE REPORT: Ernie reported that spring maintenance has been completed on both sides of the lake. The sign at the Aqua entrance has been repainted. He added that he was in the process of buying large quantities of plants for the community. Benches need to be rebuilt. Beach 1’s sand blows so strongly that it has covered plants. Ernie will create a barrier to block the wind.

Swift Island vines will be cleaned out prior to placement of the new plaque. An additional sign reading "Nature Preserve — Tread Lightly" still needed to be ordered.

A driveway torn up at Beach 5 from dredging and will be repaired.

A hawthorne tree in honor of Peter Browne’s son has been picked out and will be purchased shortly and placed at the community garden. Peter Browne graciously thanked the Board for their kind donation in memory of his son.

Ernie recommended not putting a boat ramp at Beach 3 as previously requested.


SPECIAL EVENTS: Sue Nixson discussed beach clean up and will post signs after the home tour reminding the community of the date. Newcomers will do a weenie roast on Memorial Day weekend at the beach to raise funds. George Waters suggested encouraging a beach captain be established in the future to oversee successful turnouts.

Lifeguards will have to be available for Sand Day, May 11.

Fourth of July flags have been purchased. A road use permit has been approved from VDOT. Rain date — wait until 6:00 PM, and put something on the website and on a phone recording.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Karen Wehner discussed the reserve account. She mentioned that a committee had met and will continue to meet through September leading to preparation of the 2003 budget. She will come back to the Board with ideas from the committee.

COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY: George McLennan reported that Ralph Smalley has stepped down as chair. He added that he was in the process of finding a replacement and would be contacting Peter Walker to see if he is interested. May 1 is when police patrols begin, and they will continue until September 30.

WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: Bob Foster thanked the Board for the plant. He reported that the WID will deliver rakes for beach clean up to his house. "Clean Fairfax" will again supply bags and hats for this event. After May 11, the WID has been asked to fluff sand. (May 11 is Sand Day.)

The ropes and buoys are filthy, and they will be power washed prior to season. Beach 2 needs a new swing set. Beach 5 needs major repairs from dredging damage.

Beach 3 needs an apron to catch oil-based coating in water.

ARC: Garrett Green reported that he had received a call from a resident about a fence being constructed on Jay Miller that did not go through the ARC and that a letter had been sent to the new resident asking that he complete an ARC form for the records.

Two applications have been submitted for seawall repair and dock replacement.

PUBLICATIONS: George McLennan reported that Frank Aukofer was taking a look at the publication process and will report back to the Board.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Diane Davidson looked into the tree removal and met with Peter. Three additional trees were found that needed to be removed. She discussed tree that VDOT cut down that was on the power lines on Dockser Terrace.

Sue asked what the status was on the three action items including the proposal for a community center. Refer anyone questioning this to Ralph.

George Waters informed the Board that Glasgow Middle School, being 42 years old and approximately 500 students over capacity, is slated for a major renovation. However, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is being lobbying to have Woodrow Wilson moved up on the renovation list ahead of Glasgow.

George Waters made a motion that LBA send a letter to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors urging that they do all within their power to try and meet the requested budget of the Fairfax County School Board, and that the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors should take no action that would negatively affect the placement and timing of the renovation of Glasgow Middle School or J.E.B. Stuart High School. Seconded by Bob Foster. Passed.

(Explanation: The second part of this motion was necessitated by a lobbying campaign being undertaken by parents in the Braddock District to have a school there placed on top of the renovation list, thereby leapfrogging over other schools, such as Glasgow, which has finally made it to the top of the waiting list.)

The Board meeting was adjourned at 10:02 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara McGrew, LBA Secretary










Action Items

  1. Follow up on recommendation to Board about burying utility wires after reading industry research. (Barbara McGrew)
  2. Inform community about rules regarding boar and motor size/power. (George McLennan)
  3. Place signs on boat racks indicating that kayaks are to be placed on top rows. (Ernie Rauth)
  4. Follow up on legal action regarding Parcel A. (George Waters)
  5. Oversee repair to Beach 5 driveway resulting from dredging. (Ernie Rauth)
  6. Order and install sign for Swift Island. (Ernie Rauth)
  7. Follow up on purchase and planting of memorial hawthorne tree. (Ernie Rauth)
  8. Report back to board on an overview of LBA publications. (Frank Aukofer)