June 12, 2002


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:36 p.m. by President George McLennan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, VA. Those present were LBA Directors McLennan, McGrew, Feld, Wehner, Green, Foster, Nixson, Waters. Lawson (Lake Manager), Finley (WID), Grant (WID), Kopka (WID), Walker (Security), Rauth (Improvements), Hardy (Lifeguard), November (Resident).

The minutes of the May meeting were accepted as corrected.

George McLennan moved, on behalf of Mac Canter, to rescind the motion from the May meeting directing him to write a letter and referring another matter to the ARC.

Passed. Motion rescinded.


The WID described plans for modifying the damaged seawall on the southern side of the cove at Beach 5 so that it can withstand the impact of the heavy barges used during dredging. This modification, including the use of rip-rap would result in that side of the cove being unsuitable for docking pleasure boats. In return, WID offered to clear the overgrown porcelain berry vines and other shrubbery away from the bank on the opposing northern side of the Beach 5 cove and split the cost (between WID and LBA) of building a new seawall there for pleasure craft to dock. The matter was referred to the combined forces of the Beach, Improvements and Architectural Review committees to discuss the matter further with the WID. WID did agree to make immediate temporary improvements to the existing damaged seawall to reduce the risk of injury to someone that might climb on it.

The WID and head lifeguard are looking into fixing a precipitous hole in the lake bottom's surface.

The WID will arrange for a Board visit to the dam so that Board members can understand better issues related to dam operation and maintenance.


Kevin Hardy presented the LBA Beach and Water Safety report. There will be swim and boat safety classes this summer. For action items, Kevin offered the following:

--Beach 2 dock is sagging.

--Beaches need to be monitored in the off-season. There has been some vandalism and ripped-off signs.

--A power source for recharging cell phones is needed. Kevin recommends closing in the bottom of lifeguard stands and adding power to them.


Sue Nixson moved that the title of the fireworks trailer be transferred from LBA to the WID as the WID can more efficiently insure it under their existing liability policy. Passed.

Liability. It has been determined that our LBA policy already covers anyone doing work on behalf of LBA. Therefore, no additional Board action is needed.


Karen Wehner came with a proposal for the orientation of new lake residents. This would consist of each Board member contacting new residents in his/her area, welcoming them, and apprising them of the rules and regulations of the community. In discussion, many board members felt that an orientation was a good idea. People suggested inviting new residents periodically to a coffee or some other quasi-social welcoming meeting, where they could all hear the same message. Board members are going to get their ideas on this topic to Karen.

Karen informed us that, due to an insurance rate hike, we will be $1,253 over budget, even after increasing our deductible substantially from $500 to $5,000.

The Board went into Executive Session to discuss a proposal from the Woman's Club.

George McLennan presented some issues regarding security. He informed the Board that the Police Patrol is severely understaffed, e.g., there were only seven patrols in May. There's not as much overtime available after Sept. 11. Also, other users are paying more. However, things should be better in June with twenty patrols scheduled. We will have to consider paying more in the future.

There has been a lot of vandalism around the lake, probably committed by our own residents.

George Waters moved the following three-part motion, which was then divided into three separate motions:

In light of increased instances of lakeside vandalism and other disturbances, the LBA will

invite Fairfax County police to do two to three initial patrols in police boats, if and only if they have a small (26 ft. or under) boat for the patrols.

After that, allow the police to use lifeguard boats for patrolling.

Determine if there are lakefront homeowners willing to allow the police to patrol/respond using said homeowner's boat. All three motions passed.

George Waters will bring to the Board ideas on how to deal with speeding cars.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:52 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara McGrew.