August 14, 2002


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:38 PM by President George McLennan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors George McLennan, Karen Wehner, Bob Foster, Diane Davidson, Peter Browne, Garrett Green, Sue Nixson and Peter Walker. Also present were WID Operations Manager, Stuart Finley, WID manager Ken Kopka and Newcomers President, Amon Nixson.


The minutes of July 10, 2002 were delayed until next month.




LBA SUPPORT OF NEWCOMERS WELCOME BASKETS: Amon Nixson reported that the Newcomers had put together 62 baskets last year with the cost averaging $9.70 per basket and asked the Board for $500 support this year. $700 was provided by LBA in 2001.

Support for the Welcome Baskets to be on the September agenda.


WID REPORT: Stu reported in the process of putting adapters on the dam. Also in the process of removing the tree from the lake. Dam recently inspected and received a good report.

The WID agreed to remove a dead animal reported at beach two.


LIFEGUARD SITUATION: Bob reported that Kevin will be short of guards after August 26. College kids will be gone by then and private and public schools have started earlier. No one after Labor Day will be available.


ERNIE RAUTH DISCUSSION: George discussed our great loss of Ernie Rauth. Would like to honor him in some way. Numerous suggestions on what we might do. Someone suggested renaming the community garden. The family has offered to share his ashes to sprinkle in the community garden and have a gathering of residents. Planting a tree was suggested as was naming the golf tournament after him. Board decided to hold a lake service in late September, early October.

George met with Delfino and he has a definite schedule that he had gone over with Ernie prior to his death but eventually will need someone to take over the Improvements Committee as well as on the ARC. Karen suggested his various jobs need to be divided up into manageable pieces. Suggested thinking of someone who is down at the beach often.

Stu suggested drawing up a job description with emphasis on administrative tasks, etc. Diane suggested devising a list of everything Ernie did. Karen suggested forming a committee and Stu volunteered Ken to serve on this committee. Bob and Peter and George Waters were nominated to serve on this as well. George asked the committee to come up with a job description and report suggestions at the next Board meeting.




RESERVE FUNDS GUIDELINES: Karen discussed her handouts and explained the history of researching the finances of the association and how a reserve fund would be used. George, Diane, Therese, Tony Bracken, Karol Forsberg and Joe Reid served on this committee. Discussed unexpected expenses that come up and the need to carry us over, for emergencies, replacement of assets. Need to set aside a large amount of money for the assets. Suggested to make a larger initial deposit allowing smaller fees later. $100,000 initially and then $5,000 annually should be put in this account.

Bob questioned such items as security and new lighting, etc. Karen called attention to the guidelines outlined that would involve Operating Reserve Account, an Asset Replacement Reserve Account, the Capital Improvements Reserve Account and Funding & Maintenance of Reserve Fund.

Motion made by Karen that the Board adopt the reserve fund guidelines as presented by the committee. Seconded by Peter. All in favor. Passes unanimously.


PARCEL A DISCUSSION: George reported that tomorrow afternoon they are due to settle on Parcel A. Ground breaking could begin as soon as three weeks.


SPECIAL EVENTS: Sue reported that the wine tour is on Sunday and is a success. Volunteers are needed for Labor Day games.

Sue discussed the Captain’s Club and since it was discussed at the community meeting, residents are asking about it. It was agreed to discuss this at the next Board meeting.


NEW RESIDENTS COFFEE: Karen reported on the first resident gathering to introduce them to Board members and discuss the community and LBA. Five residents responded. Due to limited response, the recommendation was to try one more to see if there is more interest.


SECURITY WATCH: Peter Walker stated water patrol has begun out in the lake.

Recommendations for area coordinators for Community Watch. Peter Browne and Peter Walker will work on this and report back.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Diane will work on an article addressing mosquito control.


ARC: Garrett reported that there were several plans approved.


Adjourned at 10:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,


Bob Foster, Acting Secretary