September 11, 2002


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:37 PM by President George McLennan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors George McLennan, Barbara McGrew, David Feld, Karen Wehner, Bob Foster, Diane Davidson, Peter Browne, Frank Aukofer, Sue Nixson and Peter Walker. Also present were WID Operations Manager, Stuart Finley, Lake Manager, Chris Lawson, and lake resident and past Board member, Ken Leventhal.


Karen Wehner requested a moment of silence in honor of the victims of the September 11, 2001 attack.


The minutes of August 14, 2002 were approved as corrected.




NEWCOMER'S CLUB COST SHARING: George McLennan reminded the Board about Newcomer's President, Amon Nixsons’s request for LBA to contribute to the cost of the welcome baskets for new residents. George suggested considering the $350 surplus that Sue has left in her budget. Barbara McGrew added that LBA should be acknowledged in the baskets as well.

Other donations given by LBA, such as to area schools, were also discussed.

Peter Browne suggested budgeting this annually.

David Feld moved that the Board authorize a $350.00 contribution to the Newcomer's Club for the distribution of welcome baskets to new residents. Seconded by Diane Davidson. Passed.


FUNCTIONS PREVIOUSLY PERFORMED BY ERNIE RAUTH PROGRESS REPORT: George McLennan distributed and discussed the report from the committee. He explained that Ernie’s various jobs involved 4 categories: maintenance, ARC, landscaping, and driving around the community.

McLennan assured the Board that the grounds maintenance was being done by Delfino with whom Ernie spent a lot of time, and George felt very confident that Delfino could operate on his own for some while without major supervision.


ERNIE RAUTH MEMORIAL: George McLennan reported that there would be a service on October 6, 2002 at 2:00 PM at the Community Garden in honor of Ernie. Notice of this will appear in the September newsletter.





INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS: After discussion, the Board re-authorized the President to appoint community members to this committee.





OUTLOOK FOR COMMITTEE BUDGETS: Karen asked Board members to start planning for next year's budget including a breakdown on proposals. She requested this information be given to her by the end of September. Various committee expenses were discussed.


BOATING RULES: Peter Browne will come up with a motion for the Board to consider at its next meeting.


WID REPORT: Stu Finley informed the Board that the WID is initiating a new project to install a floating diversion debris boom on Holmes Run . This is being done with the cooperation of the Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet Club. A $30,000 grant is being applied for through the Dept. of Conservation & Recreation. This would be a 50/50 match program.

Stu received a letter from a resident concerned about police boats, as an example, coming into the lake with hydrilla. The WID would like LBA to pass a motion requiring that any boat used in the lake be inspected. After discussion, it was agreed that the WID would be happy to inspect any boats as needed and requested.

Barbara suggested educating the community about this issue.

A CD ROM is about to be distributed about what the WID's program has accomplished in the past 6 years; the WID has agreed to distribute copies of the CD, at no cost, to those interested.

Stu stated that the WID is in the process of receiving payment from Eckerd Drugs for mitigating their dumping of phosphorus into Lake Barcroft. George Waters discussed the history of the area where Eckerd is being built. Waters reminded Stu that Stu had previously stated that Eckerd would be controlling this situation. There was considerable Board discussion and concern about this situation. The situation also raises the issue of how the Board can have input into and influence over WID decisions.


APPOINTMENT OF A NOMINATING COMMITTEE: George M. stated that David Feld will chair, and George Waters will be the vice-chair of the Nominating Committee. North, south, and middle representation is required to serve on this committee as well. George M. emphasized the need to educate candidates as to what the job entails prior to their agreeing to run for the Board.


OCTOBER CIVIC AFFAIRS MEETING: It was agreed to try and schedule Wed., October 23 at Belvedere.


On a point of personal privilege, Barbara McGrew thanked Bob Foster for taking the minutes at the August meeting while she was on vacation. Barbara announced that she would be moving out of state sometime in the next three to six months, and so the Board should consider a replacement in that time frame.





IMPROVEMENTS: George M. stated that Delfino has completed about 75% of Ernie’s five-year plan. An area captain is needed for Beach 4.


SPECIAL EVENTS: Sue Nixson reported that $580 was made by the cheerleaders from JEB Stuart at the Labor Day Games from selling refreshments.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Karen reported that she was looking for an auditor to do the books next year since the budget did not allow for it this year.


WATER SAFETY: Bob reported Beach 1 and 2 are completed. October 12 is the date scheduled for the boat auction. Several boats have been removed from the beaches and are being stored at the dam.


PUBLICATIONS: Frank reported that the Publications committee was still working on changing the process in which the Newsletter is put together, printed and distributed and would report back to the Board updates as they occurred.


COMMUNITY WATCH: Peter Walker asked the Board for help on getting the Neighborhood Watch program back and running.


ENVIRONMENTAL: Diane Davidson stated that there was nothing new to report at this time except that she would contact the WID about scheduling a visit to the dam compound.


POTTERTON CAUSEWAY UPDATE: George M. reported steel structure is up, and a concrete deck will be poured next week.


PARCEL A: George W. stated that legal fees were running higher than anticipated for the Parcel A issue but that the developer did contribute $5,000 towards legal expenses.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,


Barbara McGrew, Secretary