November 13, 2002


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association Board of Director was called to order at 7:44 p.m. by President George McLennan at 6423 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors David Feld, George McLennan, Diane Davidson, Garrett Green, Ralph Smalley, Sue Nixson, Karen Wehner, Peter Browne, George Waters, Frank Aukofer, and Pete Walker. Also present were WID Operations Director Stuart Finley and Lake Manager Chris Lawson.


The October minutes were approved as submitted.




2003 Budget Estimates:  The Board went over the budget options presented by Karen Wehner.  Questions were asked.  The consensus was that Option 3 was best.  The Board will vote on a budget in December.  Karen will work on refining the numbers in the interim.  There will likely be a dues increase, along with an increase in boat tag and storage fees.  George Waters's collection of past due accounts will give us a better number upon which to base projections.


Nominating Committee Update:  David Feld reported that there are six regular positions created by expired terms to be filled plus one other opening created by a Board member who is moving away.  Since we need at least three more candidates than we have slots, a minimum of ten candidates is required.  David reported on the number of volunteers and/or recruits so far.


Innovative Concepts:   George McLennan reported that about a dozen people attended the meeting on November 6, where two committees were formed and given their charges--one studying the feasibility of a Lake Barcroft  Community Center, and one multiprogram committee on improving the quality of life in our community, especially for kids, teens, and seniors.  Mike Spivey is leading the Community Center Committee, and Sue Nixson is leading the multiprogram Quality of Life Committee.  The committees are to report back to the LBA Board by July 1.

Ralph Smalley offered to help in any way he could.




Second Coffee for New Residents:  Karen Wehner reported that there were enough new residents expressing interest for us to hold another coffee.  It is scheduled for November 17, at 3 p.m. at the home of Therese St. Hilaire





WID:  Stuart Finley reported that the Potterton Causeway Bridge is open.  He also reported that Godzilla II, to be used for interim small volume dredging, is now operational.  Additionally, he informed the Board that the agreement between the WID and the Culmore Eckerd Drug Store by which Eckerd would by pollution credits from  the WID for $50,000 is going through, and that there might be other such agreements in the future with local businesses.


Security/Neighborhood Watch:  Pete Walker reported that several Neighborhood Watch bikers and walkers have volunteered.  They will need to be identified in some way.  Since they are volunteering for a LBA-sponsored activity, they are covered by LBA's liability policy. 


ARC:  Garrett Green informed the Board that the ARC has had a "history lesson" with former ARC members.  The Committee would still like to establish some consistency and clarity about the enforcement of policies regarding substandard, dilapidated homes and the guidelines for new construction.  One possible consideration is a mailing to all homeowners about the existence of the committee and architectural guidelines in Lake Barcroft.


Publications:  Frank Aukofer presented a comprehensive written report naming the new staff of the Newsletter, complete with biographical sketches.  The Newsletter will be revamped.  A new printer--McCabe's Minuteman Press in Merrifield--will print and mail the paper.  Production will be done by volunteers "in-house" here.  Don Christian has done a new design which will debut February 1.  Debra Lee has been hired to do graphics and layout.  Carole Hawley will continue to do the paper through December and January.


Ralph Smalley was appointed to chair a committee to deal with the WID proposal for Beach 5.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:55.


Respectfully submitted,


Barbara McGrew

LBA Secretary