May 14, 2003


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:34 PM by President George McLennan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors George McLennan, Karen Wehner, Frank Aukofer, Regina Derzon, Bob Foster, Uri Arkin, Diane Davidson, Peter Browne, David Dale and Peter Walker. Other guests included lake residents Ginger Hayes and Chris Pabalonia of the Innovative Concepts Committee and Charles de Seve, Chair of the Task Force Committee.


The minutes of April 9, 2003 were approved as presented.




Review and discussion of the May and June calendar of events took place.

PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT: George introduced Ginger and Chris who presented their proposal for the Boards review. They have raised $2,400 from 40 families but still need $1,700+ and have come to the Board to ask for the additional fees. Also needed is a load of sand as well as 2 days of labor from Delfino for installation. Adding in the cost for sand, labor brings the total cost up to around $3,700. Frank made a motion that the Board should in good faith, fund the amount needed. Bob Foster seconded the motion. Uri amended that signs be placed stating children are not allowed to play unattended. Karen discussed the current budget. Frank amended his motion that the estimated shortfall includes the remaining amount for installation and up to $3,700 and that LBA approve the expenditure that includes appropriate safety signage. All voted in favor.




INSURANCE ISSUES: Karen discussed the recent meeting with Siu Poon of Flather & Perkins to discuss our present insurance coverage. She stated that the playground equipment is already covered under our general liability policy. D & O insurance was discussed and anyone that acts on behalf of the community is covered. However, directors should be aware that, if they are sued and the amount exceeds the insurance coverage, the director would be personally liable for the additional amount. We were also informed that past Board members should be covered for a couple of years after they have left the Board due to possible litigation and statutory limits that could allow a lawsuit to take place after the Board member has left the Board. Our agent is also looking into raising our umbrella policy as well.

Parcel A property is in the process of being transferred over to BBI from LBF.


BEACH RULES & PARTY CONTRACT UPDATE: Karen discussed alcohol being allowed at parties and informed the Board that the insurance policy stated that we would not be covered if alcohol was present at a Lake Barcroft function. She suggested adding

a waiver of liability to the party reservation form stating that LBA bears no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that occur on LBA property if the party host serves alcohol.


TRAFFIC ISSUES IN THE COMMUNITY: George stated residents concerned about speeding throughout the community. George will set up a committee of citizens to look at some proposal of what is practical to do. Moe Jafari has agreed to chair this committee and Steve Spitz and Board member Pete Walker will also serve on this committee. Uri presented a poster of an electronic speed sign that cost between $4,500 - $5,500 that reads the speed as every car drives by. Question was raised as to who pays for it. Pete Walker will research and report back his findings.


BOAT MOTOR RULES/48 VOLT LIMIT: George discussed George Waters recent letter regarding boat motor size and use on the lake and the erosion that will occur from the increased speed that will cause wakes. George McLennan asked if we needed to change the existing rules limiting it to 48 volts. Frank suggested also putting an article in the Newsletter and lakelink for those interested in purchasing a new motor and will work on an article. Uri suggested including a letter with the billing form explaining this


SEAWALL CONTRACTOR: David Dale discussed seawall construction in the lake and met with the county to find out the requirements. He was informed that any seawall 2 feet from the base of the lake or less does not require a permit. Most seawalls in Lake Barcroft are above their requirement but in September, it will be increased to 4 feet which will present a problem to the ARC. Docks are required to have a building permit for all new construction. He reported to the Board that a recent contractor is tieing off their seawall work to roots of trees which is concerned.

David distributed a change to the submittal form for the Board to review. He express concern of neighbors not going through the committee or the county and wants to know how the committee can handle enforcement? George stated that a lot will depend on the outcome as to whether LBA qualifies under the Virginia Homeowners Association Act.

David stated that at some point, the covenants needs to be examined due to the current language regarding dock size.


RECOMMENDED CONTRACTOR LIST: George discussed the flaw in the process with the contractors list on the website stating that any current contractor with even just one negative feedback from a lake resident, was being removed from the list. It was discussed that it would be very easy to simply place for example, 4+, 2-, after the contractor's name. Regina requested that George write a letter to the lake resident maintaining the list informing her of the specifics of how the Board would like the contractor's list to be maintained. Regina also suggested that every contractor have their phone number listed as well to simplify the process for residents.


LOT AT GLEN CARLYN & BLAIR ROAD: George discussed the empty lot at the north east corner across from Sam Corl. It was originally zoned as a buildable lot but due to the drainage, hasn't been. It was suggested to contact the owner to see if he would be willing to donate this land to either the LBF or to the WID. It was agreed to have the WID contact him directly.




SPECIAL EVENTS: Uri reported that Sand Day will be this Saturday from 11-1 at beach #4. He added that the Newcomer's Club would be selling food. George added that he had been requested to help judge the sand castles contest. June 22 is the date selected for the ice cream social from 2-4 at beach #5. It was requested that any information regarding July 4 including parade information, should be put out earlier this year.


TREASURERS REPORT: Karen and George met with an auditor and the estimate cost for the audit of the 2002 books and records was estimated at $3,000 to $5,000.


COMMUNITY WATCH: Pete Walker reported that the community Police patrol will start May 19 and end Sept. 27. Special coverage for July 4th. George stated that he was at the Citizen's Action Group and was informed that approximately 23 prostitutes have been arrested in the Culmore and surrounding area.


WATER SAFETY: Peter Browne stated that he had purchased two motors and one aluminum john boat for the upcoming season. Buoys have been placed at the beaches for swimming area. Problem with seawall at beach 5 still an issue and Peter agreed to contact the WID about repairing the area that was damaged during their dredging program.


PUBLICATIONS: Frank stated the next project will be the directory. He wants to explore the possibility of having the printer sign a contract to produce this annually. Separate community book to be devised as well.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Diane mentioned David's e-mail stating goslings that have been seen on the lake.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Regina distributed her report for the Boards review.


IMPROVEMENTS: George summarized Mike Neibling's report to the Board.


TASK FORCE ON COMMUNITY FUTURE: Chuck de Seve presented his memo to the Board.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:06 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Chris Lawson, Lake Manager