June 11, 2003


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:34 PM by President George McLennan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors George McLennan, Karen Wehner, Regina Derzon, Bob Foster, Uri Arkin, Diane Davidson, and David Feld.


The minutes of May 14, 2003 were approved as corrected.




The Board reviewed the June and July calendar and updated it as necessary.


BEACH PARTY RESERVATION FORM: Karen and Mac modified the form to add the following words to the contract: "If alcohol is served at the function and any accident or injury occurs, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Lake Barcroft Association from and against any claims or damages as well as legal fees."


MOVED BY Karen Wehner and SECONDED by Bob Foster:

that the above paragraph be added to the beach party contract. Passed unanimously.


RECOMMENDED CONTRACTOR LIST: George discussed the Board's recent letter to the person in charge of the contractor's list and will keep the Board updated on its progress.


CULMORE PROSTITUTION UPDATE: George stated that the police had reported that police department efforts to clean up the prostitution problem at Culmore have been successful. The most recent sweep with undercover officers did not uncover any additional activity.


PARCEL A UPDATE: George informed the Board that LBA attorney Ken Chadwick has completed the paperwork transferring ownership of the community's part of the Parcel A property from LBF to BBI. He also noted that Laing Homes has reported that demolition of the pool area is due to start within the next four weeks.




TREE ISSUES: George reported that WID is in the process of updating their tree policy. The final draft should be available within the next few weeks.


INSURANCE UPDATE: Karen updated the Board that previously we had anticipated that the insurance premium would go up 20% this year but instead went up by over 130%. There are a number of factors contributing to this increase, including 9/11, poor performance of the stock market, the weak overall economy, and the previous several years of a weak insurance market. Other associations are experiencing premium increases of the same magnitude. Karen and George have contacted at least 20 insurance agents or insurance companies. Most have not been willing to even offer a quote. However, there is some hope that one or two will be willing to offer us a policy at a lower rate.


Each Board member with budget responsibility identified areas of their budget where cuts could be made or activities/projects deferred. Unless there are more surprises later in the year, the premium can be paid without dipping into reserves. It was noted that our attorney suggested that insurance industry problems are likely to continue through 2005 or even 2006. We are likely to face difficult budget choices in the coming years.




WATER SAFETY REPORT: Kevin reported that the season is off to a slow start due to the rain. However, the beaches being closed on several days has saved the community some lifeguard expenses. His new staff consists of eight regular full-time guards, 4 management positions and several new young guards used on a part-time basis. Kevin is very concerned about the guard stand at beach 3 and is happy to work with the Board to expedite the replacement. He concluded by stating that swim lessons will begin shortly.


SPECIAL EVENTS: Uri reported that June 22 is the date set for the ice cream social from 2:00 to 4:00 PM at Beach 5. He acknowledged Regina for securing a banjo band for this event. He added that lake resident Marie Glass leads a kazoo band that will also be performing. Uri is in the process of trying to get wholesale ice cream and is looking for coolers to be donated as well. The July 4 parade permit has been approved by the police department. Pending any emergencies, the fire department will participate in the parade. Chris will notify our political representatives of the ice cream social.


TREASURER/FINANCE & AUDIT: Karen reported the audit of our financial records for 2002 is underway. An early result of the audit is the realization that we have been unable to locate a couple of key historical community documents. The Board members will pull several very old boxes of records from long-term storage and inventory their contents in an effort to locate the documents.


COMMUNITY WATCH: David raised the question as to whether the officers could issue traffic tickets while working for LBA and specifically asked what can our hired police officers do while working for us? It was agreed to have Pete check with our officers about this and report back to the Board


MOVED BY David Feld and SECONDED by Mac Canter:

For LBA to investigate the feasibility for the officers to issue warnings and citations to speeders and traffic violators. One opposed, motion passes.


BEACH MAINTENANCE: Bob Foster reported that plantings on the right hand side of Beach 4 will be relocated for an area for trees to be removed from the water by WID.

A new Beach 3 lifeguard stand will be constructed by volunteers. The water temperature currently is 72 degrees.


PUBLICATIONS: George reported that Lake Link is up to 600 subscribers as of today. Last month a record 429 messages were exchanged.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Diane reported seeing a very, very large beaver in her back yard on Pinetree Terrace.


The Board went into Executive Session.


MEMBERSHIP: Regina reported that a new residents list will go in the next newsletter. The welcome gathering for new owners has been delayed for now. She suggested joining forces with Newcomers on this issue. Regina is working on a realtor package that would contain the covenant and by-laws that would be given to realtors to give to new owners.


IMPROVEMENTS: George discussed Mike Niebling's improvements report. The area at Beach 5 behind the sand is a muddy mess and Mike discussing the feasibility of installing some drains.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:57 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,


Chris Lawson, Lake Manager