Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association Board of Directors


July 9, 2003


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:29 PM by President George McLennan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors George McLennan, Karen Wehner, Regina Derzon, Bob Foster, Uri Arkin, Pete Walker, Frank Aukofer, Peter Browne, Diane Davidson, and David Feld. Other guests included lake resident, Leo Suslow.


The minutes of June 11, 2003 were approved as corrected.

Review of the calendar took place.




No other old business at this time.




MOSQUITOS - Leo Suslow was introduced to present his suggestions regarding information sources and other resources related mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus. He distributed copies of information for the Board to review. He expressed concerns about breeding sites throughout the community and added that wet piles of leaves were a concern as well. George asked Diane to work with Leo on an article for the August Newsletter.


POLICE BARGE TEMPORARY STORAGE - George reported that the police dive team would like to store a 21-foot barge temporarily. There is a place to store along the seawall at Beach 4. It is gasoline powered versus electric but would not be used often. It was suggested to store at Beach 5. Motion made by Frank and seconded by David to allow the police to store their boat at Beach 5. All voted in favor. It was added that this boat could also be used for police patrols if necessary.


POLICE PATROL INCENTIVES- George stated that we are not getting much police coverage this season. Diane stated that she had volunteered her boat for their use previously. Frank suggested putting something in the newsletter asking residents to volunteer their boats for this purpose. George suggested offering the officers beach tags if they do patrols as an incentive. He added that presently the officers were only allowed to work 20 hours of overtime both on- and off-duty. Diane suggested a letter for the officers to take down to the guards instead of tags which could also specify the coverage date. Frank questioned whether we needed to be paying them more. George suggested to first try offering beach privileges.


NEWCOMERS NOISE ISSUE - George stated that Newcomers informed him that they want to file for a waiver for a county noise restriction for the night of their annual barge party due to problems that took place last year and asked George to write an endorsement. After Board discussion, it was felt that LBA should not endorse the waiver request.


The Board went into executive session at 8:30 PM to discuss the Virginia Home Owners Association Act and went back into regular session at 8:55 PM.


WID/LBA TASK FORCE RECOMMENDATIONS - George discussed the attachments and modifications made to the WID/LBA agreement. The WID has accepted recommendations with modifications. Frank made a motion to accept the recommendations with the WID modifications. Regina seconded it. Diane presented a revision and draft of a final agreement with the WID for the Boards review. Diane amended the motion to include the changes incorporated in the memo and authorized the President to sign it. All voted in favor. Frank thanked everyone for their time involved in this issue.




SPECIAL EVENTS - Uri reported on the ice cream social and thanked Regina for her help with recruiting a band. The 4th of July parade had about 300 people and a float this year. Removing the swings during the fireworks show was recommended in the future. Concern was expressed about fall out from the fireworks and David Dale has agreed to raise this safety issue with Amon Nixson. Uri mentioned a fax from Anne Warshauer who is interested in having Lake Barcroft tee shirts available again. Frank discussed a past resident who produced tee shirts through Lands End and that you can register your logo for $90. Frank agreed to check into this and report back.


TREASURER'S REPORT - Karen said that she is still looking for another insurance carrier but hasn't heard back. The audit is moving along but information about the original purchase of BBI is still needed. George added that a group of volunteers will meet Friday, July 18 in the LBA office to help go through some very old files and will inventory everything.


COMMUNITY WATCH - Pete continues to build the Neighborhood Watch program.


WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE - Bob stated that there is a new lifeguard stand at Beach 3 that was built by lake volunteers, Pete Silvia and Peter Finkel. He added that the lifeguards are very pleased with it. A Motion was made by Karen and seconded by David to commend them for their service. All voted in favor. The annual boat sticker inspection has been completed at Beaches 1, 2, & 3. There was some concern about possible over-expenditures in the beach and water safety budget. Bob Foster will look into it.


ARC - David stated we are moving along on reviewing ARC applications and that presently there are 5 to 6 outstanding submissions. He expressed concern about seawalls being put in without permits or going through the ARC. There was also some discussion about an RV that has been parked on a property in the community. Lawson was asked to send the resident a letter asking that they remove it immediately. An article on ARC issues will appear in upcoming Newsletters.


PUBLICATIONS - Frank reported the revenues of the Newsletter. He added that advertising had raised more revenue in the past 5 months compared to all of last year. Frank added that the committee is planning to issue a new directory by the end of the year. George will give Chris the media kits used to solicit advertising for the previous directories.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY - Diane discussed the need for recycling containers at the beaches and was asked to contact the county for bins. Regina added that at lake functions, we should be responsible for separating these items. Diane will also look into removing trash containers from community property altogether. They would be replaced with plastic bag dispensers and people would be asked to take their trash with them when they leave.


MEMBERSHIP - Regina reported that there are 17 outstanding transfers at this time. Still 5 non-members and 1 partial payer. She questioned whether we could go back and try to collect from the non-members. Lawson stated that presently there are 34 lots unpaid. Regina is working to finalize a disclosure packet that would be given to realtors.


LEGAL - George said that the Board attorney has mailed letters to the property owners involved in the ongoing property line dispute.


MAINTENANCE - George informed the Board that the area Captain potluck, organized by Floyd (Robbie) Robinson, went very well. Discussion of recruiting volunteers briefly took place. WID has hired a new clean up guy who will work 3-5 days a week to clean up the lake. George is initiating a new program for volunteers to supplement that effort. The volunteers will concentrate on bottles, cans, and plastic items. Ken Kopka and Kevin Hardy are helping put the volunteer program together. So far three people have offered to help out.


OTHER ITEMS - George stated that the Board had received a thank you note from the President of the PTA of Glasgow for LBA's recent contribution to the local schools. Next month a nominating committee will be appointed to identify candidates for the next Board term.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:22 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,


Chris Lawson, Lake Manager