August 13, 2003


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:40 PM by President George McLennan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors George McLennan, Karen Wehner, Regina Derzon, Bob Foster, Uri Arkin, Pete Walker, Frank Aukofer, David Dale and Diane Davidson. Other guests included community maintenance coordinator, Mike Niebling. Board members not present were David Feld, Ralph Smalley, Peter Browne and Mac Canter.


The minutes of July 9, 2003 were approved as presented.




CALENDAR REVIEW: The calendar was reviewed and updated.


ACTION ITEMS UPDATE: Action items were reviewed. Bob Foster informed the Board that the boat auction would be held Sept. 13 at the WID compound. Boats will be available for viewing from 9-11 AM and the auction will start at 11.




SIGN FOR RAUTH ISLAND: The motion to officially name the small island near the Potterton bridge was tabled.


NOMINATING COMMITTEE: George offered the Woman's Club and the Newcomers Club an opportunity to participate more directly in the selection of LBA Board candidates for the 2004 election. Each club will name one member to staff the nominating committee. He will name the committee members before the end of the month.


WATER SAFETY SUPERVISOR: George informed the Board that Water Safety Supervisor Kevin Hardy has decided to leave his position at Lake Barcroft after 12 years of service. Bob felt we would need to recruit a new water safety supervisor by February at the latest. Bob will undertake a salary survey of similar positions in the region to assess our current pay scale and report back to the Board.


WID TRUSTEE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The agreement between the WID and LBA implementing a procedure for nominating WID trustees has been signed. Karen moved that George and Diane be the LBA representatives on the WID nominating committee. Seconded by David Dale. All in favor. Charlie Cooper and Pete Silvia are the WID representatives on this committee. There will be a notice in the next newsletter advising persons interested in serving in this position to contact a committee member.




STUART FINLEY: There was some discussion of options to honor Stuart Finley. Tony Bracken will chair a committee to review several options, including a Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District request to plant a tree in the community in honor of Stuart. LBA Improvement Committee members will serve on Tony's committee.


TRAFFIC COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS: George presented three recommendations from the traffic study committee. 1) Request that VDOT place a stop sign and a crosswalk on Waterway Drive at Beach 3. 2) Request that VDOT place a stop sign and a crosswalk on Lakeview Drive at Beach 2. 3) Request VDOT place a stop sign or speed hump on Beachway Drive near the downhill end of Edgewater Drive. Motions were passed to support recommendations 1 and 2. Regarding recommendation 3, the Board approved a motion by Uri and seconded by Diane requesting that the traffic study committee consider signage such as "$200 fine for speeding" or "pedestrian crossing ahead." All voted in favor. The Board also requested that the committee meet with VDOT to solicit their recommendations for reducing speed including a specific recommendation for placing a stop sign.

A motion was made by Uri to accept #2 that also involves placement of a stop sign and a crosswalk at Beach #2. Seconded by Diane. All in favor. Suggestion to #3's suggested was denied at this time. Uri made a motion to send this back to the committee to check with VDOT to check about location and to consider signage. Seconded by Diane. All in favor.




ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Diane presented her plan for establishing permanent subcommittees under the Environmental Quality Committee. The subcommittees would include wildlife (geese, beavers and mosquitoes), pesticides, the Barcroft forest, wild life education. Diane would also like to establish an annual environmental quality event and is planning a "Hazardous Waste Collection Day" that will be held on Saturday, November 1.


SPECIAL EVENTS: Uri reported that the Labor Day games are on track for September 1st with Joe Pisciotta leading the organizing party.


TREASURER'S REPORT: Karen reported that we have been unable to find liability insurance for less than we are currently paying. The audit continues and should be completed shortly. Karen asked the Board to come to the next meeting with their 2004 budget proposals for the upcoming year.


SECURITY: In response to some of the recent disturbances and incidents of vandalism Pete has personally been patrolling Beach 5. There have been no further incidents since he started. He added that we have been unable to get as many security patrols by off-duty police officers as we would like this season. Karen suggested contacting the sheriffs department to determine if they might be available for patrols. Pete has been in touch with a private security company that offers a service, which could be very cost competitive with our current service. George suggested having someone come out to the community to give an official proposal so that they could see what was involved. Uri inquired about the possibility of installing sensor lighting for the beach areas. George indicated that a security study done approximately three years ago made a similar recommendation that was never implemented. He will pass a copy of that study to interested Board members. Diane suggested taking photographs of trespassers as a means of making positive identification. Pete has authorized four patrol officers to use the beaches.


WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: Bob reported that he expects to come in just under budget.


ARCHTECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE: David reported that he is working on a second article for the upcoming newsletter. He added that 10 applications have been submitted and six have been reviewed with one being denied. Except for a short period when the ARC was short one person, the turn around time for applications has been averaging approximately three weeks.


PUBLICATIONS: Frank has received bids on printing the next revision of the community telephone directory and is considering options for page layout. Newsletter advertising sales is going well and he does not anticipate needing significant subsidy from LBA.


MEMBERSHIP: Regina discussed the membership fee past due list and will prepare letter to each family demanding payment. She has also prepared a very rough draft of a homeowners association disclosure packet and will be providing the Board with a more polished version by the next meeting.


LEGAL: George reported that we have not heard back from our attorney regarding the Virginia Homeowners Association law but that we should have an answer shortly.


IMPROVEMENTS COMMITTEE REPORT: Mike Niebling reported that maintenance costs are running somewhat above last year. This is due in part to the extra grass cuttings required because of the weather. He added that new drain lines at Beach 5 have been installed which appear to be working well. The new playground equipment has been installed at Beach 3. The Beach 2 parking lot cost approximately $1,000 for gravel to have been spread in the parking area. The cost was considerably less than anticipated due to a lot of help from the WID with the initial cleanup. Mike also reminded the Board that plaque honoring Lloyd Swift was still not been installed on Swift Island. He would like to move forward with this as soon as possible. He also reported that the Aqua Terrace entrance sign was in need of repair and would soon need to be replaced.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,


Chris Lawson, Lake Manager