December 10, 2003


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:35 PM by President George McLennan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors George McLennan, David Feld, Karen Wehner, Frank Aukofer, Regina Derzon, Bob Foster, Uri Arkin, Pete Walker, David Dale and Diane Davidson. Other guests included LBA candidates Burma Klein and Kevin Howe, along with Chuck Turner. Mac Canter was not present.


The minutes of November 12, 2003 were approved as presented.





George reviewed the calendar. It was decided to mail the letter for the upcoming directory at the end of this year and delay the annual billing until February after the dues increase has been voted on and approved at the annual meeting.



Karen presented the budget for the Board to review. Improvement expenses were discussed and the Board felt it would be wise to stretch out some of the improvements through the community over several years. George added that the WID is looking at ways to better assist LBA with maintenance in the community.


Karen stated that the fees need to be increased by $50 to a total of $290. She moved to adopt the budget and to propose to the community to raise the annual fee by $50. Seconded by Uri.


After discussion. Frank moved to amend the motion to increase this fee to $60. Five voted in favor, four opposed. Motion to amend was passed.


Diane requested that the Environmental Committee budget be increase by $1000. Regina moved that we pass a balanced budget as amended by Diane’s request. Seconded by David Dale. All in favor.


David Dale offered his appreciation on behalf of the Board for Karen’s hard work in preparing the budget.




REVIEW OF TASK FORCE RECOMMENDATIONS: After some discussion of the recommendations, George requested that each Board member make a detailed review and bring their comments to the January meeting.


BYLAWS: All Board members were requested to recommend candidates for a committee to review and update the LBA bylaws.




TREASURERS/AUDIT: Karen reported that the audit should be finalized shortly.


ARC: David stated that two applications had been submitted in the past month. In light of the upcoming revision of the community handbook, the ARC was asked to review the architectural guidelines to determine if updating is needed.


PUBLICATIONS: Frank reported that the newsletter will have a positive cash flow in the period ending 31 January, 2004.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Diane stated that the Cameron Run Environmental committee has started work and they are in our watershed. She added that the County is revising their watershed management plans and we are significantly built up. Diane informed the Board that the more people that we can have to give support to their ideas, the more it helps Lake Barcroft in the long run.


MEMBERSHIP: Regina reported that there were two new transfers and 31 outstanding renewals during the month of November.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,


Chris Lawson, Lake Manager