February 11, 2004


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:35 PM by President George McLennan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.

Those present: George McLennan, Regina Derzon, Uri Arkin, Frank Aukofer, Pete Walker, David Dale and Diane Davidson. David Feld attended the meeting by speakerphone.

Not present: Mac Canter, Karen Wehner and Bob Foster.

Guests: LBA Board candidates Burma Klein and Heather Thomas and WID representative, Tony Bracken.


The minutes of January 14, 2004 were approved as corrected.




CALENDAR REVIEW: George reviewed the calendar.


ANNUAL MEETING AGENDA: George discussed the agenda for the upcoming annual meeting. David Dale discussed tree removal throughout the community and the new requirements from the county involving the Chesapeake Bay Protection Ordinance which now applies to certain properties in Lake Barcroft. George suggested including information in the newsletter regarding the ordinance. Frank also suggested this should go into the new governance handbook.


George indicated that the Annual Meeting agenda will include reports from the ARC and Publications, and Environmental Quality committees and an update on Parcel A. The Publications Committee report will be presented at the meeting by Carol Donlan.


George informed the Board that Betsy Washington has agreed to serve on a committee to work on beaver management plans.


WID MAINTENANCE PROGRAM OFFER: George stated that he was tasked to finalize the agreement from the WID. He added that the WID has budgeted for the removal of trees from common property. Frank moved the adoption of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between LBA and the WID regarding funding for community maintenance improvements. Seconded by David Dale. All in favor.


David Feld discussed his concern of trees that fall in the lake blocking property access. George stated that these situations would be worked out between the WID and the homeowner. Tony said the WID would pay for these services once a bill has been submitted and renegotiated.


WID REPORT: Tony highlighted items addressed at the WID meeting last week. He added that they were currently in the budget process prior. All but $30,000 of the $610,000 of WID taxes due have been collected. WID plans on having a balanced budget this year. Dredging for this year is budgeted at $60,000. The cost for previous dredging was $218,000. Tony added that 13,000 cubic yards of topsoil needs to be removed – equivalent to approximately 6 football fields. He briefly reviewed the WID budget and reported that the WID Annual Meeting was scheduled for April 21 at Fortune Restaurant.


REALTOR LETTERS: George has been sending letters to some of the local realtors regarding sign placement and supplied the letter to the Board. He distributed a copy of the letter to the board.


VOLUNTEER AWARDS: Pete reviewed procedures for honoring residents who have made significant contributions to the community. He suggested that after review by an ad hoc committee and approval by the Board, the recipient would receive a letter of accommodation, etc. Frank suggested taking one step out and having the committee come back to the Board with their nominations for final approval. Diane moved and it was seconded by Frank that the LBA adopt Lake Barcroft Distinguished Service Award based on the revised guidelines based upon discussion. All voted in favor.


UPDATE OF BY-LAWS & COMMUNITY RULES: George appointed a committee consisting of himself and Regina to perform the initial review of the bylaws.


Frank discussed the various rules regarding boating, ARC, parking, etc., and asked the various committees to review each set of rules. Diane suggested incorporating the tree removal issue into the revised ARC rules and that the county should supply him with their required information.




No new business was presented.




SECURITY: Pete Walker reported that he attended the CAC meeting. David Dale expressed his concern regarding people walking in the middle of the street and not on sidewalks. Pete noted it would be helpful to put something in the Newsletter.


PUBLICATIONS: Frank reported income of over $32,000 for the newsletter indicating that the newsletter should be financially self-supporting this year. He briefly discussed the upcoming directory and handbook.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Diane reported that Hugh Calkin is working with her on the committee and that he would be writing articles for the Newsletter regarding gardening.


MEMBERSHIP: Regina reported $100 was received last month in transfer fees. She added that she was working with Chris Lawson and Christy Herz to improve the way we identify new residents.


Frank moved and it was seconded by Diane to commend George for his role as LBA President and for his service to the community. All in favor.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:31 PM.




Chris Lawson

Lake Manager