March 10, 2004


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:33 PM by President George McLennan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors George McLennan, Regina Derzon, Dave Goslin,Uri Arkin, Frank Aukofer, Pete Walker, Kevin Howe, Shirley Timashev, David Dale and Diane Davidson. Board members not present were Mac Canter, Karen Wehner and Bob Foster. Lake residents David Goslin, Jr. and Scott Kalkwarf were also present.


The minutes of February 11, 2004 were approved as corrected.


ELECTION RESULTS: George read the results of the election. He also thanked the Board for his plaque.


ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Regina made a motion to present a slate of nominees: David Goslin as President, George McLennan as Vice President, Uri Arkin as Secretary and Karen Wehner as Treasurer. David Dale seconded. All in favor.

George turned over the chair to David Goslin. David thanked George for all of his time and efforts as President.


COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS: David read the list of committee members and reported that by George Waters of the ad hoc Committee on Traffic would be presented to the Board next month. Other current ad hoc committees are working on issues of playgrounds, support for the aging and feasibility study for a community center.


SCHEDULE OF BOARD MEETINGS: It was agreed that Board meetings will continue to be held on the second Wednesday of each month.




CALENDAR REVIEW: Review of the monthly calendar took place.


LBA AUDIT UPDATE: Karen reported that the audit has been finalized and hard copies are in hand. Inventory of all of our property was discussed. She informed the Board that she and George met with the auditors to discuss the cost of the audit and their recent request for additional compensation. Karen told Board that the original estimate was $3,500 and that they now have $9,000 in additional charges. Following a discussion, a motion made by Diane and seconded by David Dale to accept the audit and to consider the bill paid in full and express our appreciation to the auditor. All in favor.


LBA BOARD ACTION ITEMS: George discussed a list that he composed of the WID/LBA Task Force of action items formed from this committee.


ACCOUNTING PROCEDURES: Karen reminded the Board that the budget has gotten increasingly complicated including the reserves and requested the Board that when people submit a bill for payment or reimbursement, they will need to clearly indicate which account(s) need to be charged. She gave an example of the sand that was purchased for the playground equipment but it should have been put in capital improvements. Regina will develop a voucher form for Board members to use.


LINES & SIGNS: George discussed traffic issues and the fact that Dearborn and Waterway have not been marked clearly. He stated that Alan Pizarski has talked to VDOT to begin correcting this problem. Redrawing the lines on Waterway/Potterton is being done as well. Diane expressed a concern about house numbers that are not very visible. Pete Walker stated that he would add this to the article he was writing for the Newsletter.




SPECIAL EVENTS: Uri will brief Shirley on her new position. The ice cream social will be scheduled for Sunday, June 13.


WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: Beach clean up will be May 8. Floyd Robinson is the captain of the beach chairpersons.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Karen mentioned that our current insurance company has given us forms to update and submit. The Lake Barcroft Foundation has to file tax returns for the first time this year in order to maintain its tax-exempt status.

We received a bill from IRS that Ivan is working to complete. Regina reminded the Board that the Bylaws require that an annual audit or review is required.


ARC: David reported that the committee is moving along. He discussed the rules and a situation that is currently taking place. Kevin discussed establishing fines down the road for those that do not comply with the ARC.


COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY: Pete will be sending a letter to Mason District for officers for the summer and will increase their salary to $35 per hour. He also suggested giving them a letter allowing the officers access to the beaches. Boat patrol people will be contacted again to see if they are interested in helping out again.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Diane stated that the Hazardous Waste day was very successful. Transportation of these items is an issue that needs to be addressed for future removal dates. It was suggested contacting the county to supply the appropriate bins or contacting the Fire Department.


LEGAL: Nothing to report at this time.


MEMBERSHIP: Regina reported that LBA received $300 in transfer’s fees for the month of February.


PUBLICATIONS: Frank reported that $15,000 has been collected in revenue on the Newsletter for the year. He added that the directory is moving forward and another proposal has been received for printing.


IMPROVEMENTS: Peter Finkel designed and built new bulletin board and with the help of Pete Silvia, installed it at Beach 3. Richard Hardy has agreed to build 3 picnic tables. Chris Van Every has labeled all the plants in the community garden.


Shirley suggested naming the beaches and it was suggested to put this on Lakelink to gather initial input from the community.


Diane reported on the beaver situation and a recommendation has been given to relocate the beaver lodge. Betsy Washington is trying to determine if there are young beavers. If not, it was suggested to try and move the lodge back over to the island.


Diane was asked to raise the issue of the recent increased property assessment and will the LBA Board consider a letter to the Board of Supervisors to reduce the rate? It was felt that this was not a Board issue and that each individual resident should contact the County.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:01 PM.


Respectfully submitted,



Chris Lawson, Lake Manager