July 13, 2005


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:39 PM by President Dave Goslin at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.Those present were LBA Directors David Goslin, George McLennan, Karen Wehner, Pete Walker, Lark Lovering, Diane Davidson, Carolyn Coldren, Stuart Feldstein, Mike Stahl and Jerry Mendenhall.Board members Frank Aukofer, Kevin Howe and Shirley Timashev were not present.Water Safety Supervisor Anne Marie Hardy was also in attendance.


The minutes of April 14, 2005 were approved as presented.The minutes of June 8, 2005 were approved as corrected.




CALENDAR REVIEW:The calendar was reviewed.


FINAL APPROVAL OF PROPOSED NEW PROCEDURE:Dave discussed the paragraph prepared by the Board on 4/14/05.Motion was made by George and seconded by Diane to approve the new procedure as follows:


On January 1 (the date when annual service fees are due and payable) of each year, the lake manager will compile a list of all properties for which the annual service fee has been unpaid for one year. The names and addresses of these property owners will be sent to the Assocationís legal counsel with a request that a registered letter be sent to each property owner of record notifying the owner that the annual service fee has not been paid for the prior year and informing the owner that legal action will be initiated if the fee, including late fee, is not paid by may 15.If the delinquent fees have not been paid by May 15, the LBA board of directors shall authorize the Associationís counsel to initiate legal action to compel payment of the unpaid fees.All voted in favor.




MOVIES UNDER THE STARS:Dave discussed recent movie presentations at beach 1.Motion was made by Diane and seconded by Pete that:


The board has no objections to Holly Hazard hosting the ďmovies under the starsĒ event and waives its beach party rules pertaining to this event, subject to the following:


1)      event organizers should take necessary steps to reduce noise so as not to disturb surrounding residents;

2)      event organizers should take necessary steps to remove trash and otherwise eliminate any other adverse impacts to the beach and grounds;

3)      the board reserves the right to revisit this waiver if it becomes aware of problems or significant complaints from residents.All voted in favor.


POLICY ON TREE PRESERVATION IN LAKE BARCROFT: Diane discussed the need for the Board to adopt rules regarding tree preservation.The Board did not feel adoption of rules was needed at this time.†† Diane and Stuart will work together on establishing a policy to present to the Board at the next meeting.




WATER SAFETY:Mike reported that boats have been going too fast on the lake and Anne Marie has put an article in the upcoming issue addressing this.A boxed item announcing that residents must have their stickers on their boat by August 1 will also appear in the July issue of the Newsletter.

The recent July 4 event was discussed and it was suggested that the newsletter should print an article explaining that the loud noises are not appropriate for infants or dogs and requesting that residents not take infants or animals to the fireworks.


Diane suggested having several residents on call to make their barges available to the police as needed for patrol throughout the season.


TREASURERíS REPORT:Karen reported that Basheer & Edgemoore paid $25,000 towards maintenance of the retaining wall.The first Parcel A settlement has taken place and the new resident has already moved in.She added that $3,500 will be collected as well as the annual fee from each of the 12 lots in Parcel A as they settle.$500 annually will also be collected from these 12 lots for maintenance of the retaining wall.Dave suggested hiring an engineer to look at retaining wall after all the houses are built to determine the size of a reserve fund needed.


ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE:Dave discussed Kevinís report regarding recent issues.


COMMUNITY WATCH:Pete reported an incident on Potterton and Waterway Dr.National Night out is August 2 and Pete will write something up for lakelink.


MEMBERSHIP: Carolyn reported 7 transfers received in May.She mentioned that she would contact Newcomers about the new resident on Parcel A who has moved in so that they can welcome her to the community.


IMPROVEMENTS:Jerry called attention to Mike Nieblingís report.He felt the need for a project manager just for Parcel A due to the amount of time that will be involved for this space.Trees are being examined throughout the community on the common property.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 PM.