January 11, 2006


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:35 PM by President David Goslin at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.Those present were LBA Directors David Goslin, George McLennan, Karen Wehner, Kevin Howe, Diane Davidson, Pete Walker, Stuart Feldstein, Jerry Mendenhall, Shirley Timashev, Mike Stahl, Frank Aukofer, Carolyn Coldren and Lark Lovering.Improvements Committee member Michael Niebling and lake resident and web master Charles Turner were also present.

The minutes of December 14, 2005 were approved as corrected.




CALENDAR REVIEW:The calendar was reviewed.


DUMPSTER DAY REQUEST UPDATE:George McLennan reported that discussion had been tabled until the March board meeting.


ANNUAL MEETING PREPARATION:David Goslin discussed the agenda for the upcoming annual meeting. Brief reports will be presented on the following subjects:Treasurerís report, Environmental Quality with emphasis on the use of proper fertilizer, Architectural Review Committee activities, and work performed by the Improvements Committee.David Goslin will give the presidentís report. Supervisor Penny Gross, Congressman Tom Davis, and other interested elected representatives will have the opportunity to say a few words.




WEB SITE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE COMMUNITY DIRECTORY:George McLennan demonstrated enhancements which webmaster Charles Turner has designed to make the community directory available on the LBA website.A lengthy discussion took place involving the security level of this link and explaining the security features that Turner has already built into the enhancement.


Diane Davidson made a motion to:approve establishment of an online directory with access restricted to members of the community; inform the community of this new feature through the newsletter and at the annual meeting; and, give each household the opportunity to opt out of inclusion in the online version of the directory.Shirley Timashev seconded the motion.All voted in favor.


George McLennan thanked Charles Turner for all of his work in developing another well designed addition to the website.




IMPROVEMENTS:Jerry Mendenhall called attention to Michael Nieblingís writtenreport.He added that the survey has been completed in the Parcel A area.In the next few weeks, board members will walk the perimeter of this area with a surveyor to determine its precise boundaries.The board discussed the need to set up markers which will be substantial enough to be permanent.Kevin Howe reported that he will be meeting with a structural engineer to discuss the steps and the retaining wall.David Goslin raised the issue of the existing fence behind Jay Miller which the developer had begun to remove.Jerry Mendenhall and Mike Niebling were asked to prepare a report for the annual meeting on all the recent activities in Parcel A.The possibility of preparing a digital slide presentation of these and other actual improvements to accompany the talk was raised. Jerry Mendenhall suggested that the Board might want to consider purchasing a computer projector so that the community will have ready access to its own projector and will no longer have to borrow one for special events.


Shirley Timashev made a motion to authorize George McLennan to spend up to $2,000 for a digital projector.Seconded by Pete Walker.All in favor.


Michael Niebling will work with Karen Wehner to clarify the reporting of maintenance expenses.He expressed a concern that the projected 2006 maintenance budget actually is $2,000 less than in 2005 due to WIDís withdrawal of their $10,000 contribution.He was assured that the Board does not intend for there to be any reduction in the maintenance budget for 2006.Diane Davidson requested better coordination between the environmental quality committee and the improvements committee when preparing invoices for tree planting.


SPECIAL EVENTS:Shirley Timashev said that she would like to start collecting photos in 2006, and George McLennan said that he already had access to photos, and would prepare a background slide show for this annual meeting.


WATER SAFETY REPORT:Michael Stahl reported that an ad will appear in the January newsletter requesting applications for the position of Water Safety Supervisor.The announcement has already been listed on Lakelink†† He has also published a request to reactivate the Beach Captain program.He reported on a recent incident involving unsupervised children walking on dangerous ice. In response to this incident, Michael Niebling posted temporary warning signs.He also suggested having long ropes available.They will work with Stuart Feldstein to develop permanent signs to address this problem.


TREASURER'S REPORT:  Karen Wehner noted that, to comply with the Virginia Property Owners Association Act, in 2006 the board must do its five-year review to determine the replacement cost of all LBA property and the adequacy of the level of annual contributions to the Asset Replacement Reserve Fund.  Wehner also reported that she announced through the Newsletter that the Finance and Audit Committee is seeking new members with accounting or auditing experience so the committee can begin work on the 2005 financial review.  She is now working with LBA's accountant to finalize the 2005 spending figures.  She reminded the Board that when submitting invoices for payment, board members must annotate the invoice with the applicable budget category so that expenses are posted to the correct accounts.


ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE:Kevin Howe reported ongoing activity.


SECURITY:Pete Walker updated the Board on the issue of alerting the police and fire departments of the presence of handicapped residents who might need special attention during an emergency.He was informed that emergency responders from both departments routinely check for residents with mobility problems so that a separate listing of handicapped residents is not appropriate.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:Diane Davidson reported on recent goose activity in the lake.


MEMBERSHIP:Carolyn Coldren reported that LBA received 5 membership payments in the month of December:2 new memberships at $3,500 each and 3 transfers at $100 for a total of $7,300 received.Presently there are 1026 active members, 4 non-members, 1 partial and 10 outstanding transfers for a total of 1041 lots.


PUBLICATION:Frank Aukofer announced that publications in 2005 produced a net profit instead of a cost to the community. David Goslin authorized a celebratory dinner for the Newsletter team to express the Boardís appreciation for their efforts and successful year including Chris and Vince Lawson for their contributions as advertising managers.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,


Lark Lovering, Secretary