February 15, 2006


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:40 PM by President David Goslin at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.Those present were LBA Directors David Goslin, George McLennan, Karen Wehner, Kevin Howe, Pete Walker, Stuart Feldstein, Jerry Mendenhall, Shirley Timashev, Frank Aukofer, Carolyn Coldren and Lark Lovering.Board members Diane Davidson, Karen Wehner, and Mike Stahl were not present.Improvements Committee member Mike Niebling and lake resident Heather Thomas were also present.Kiensey Miller and David Michael of the Northern Virginia Mediation Service, Inc. attended the meeting as well.

The minutes of January 11, 2006 were approved as corrected.




CALENDAR REVIEW:The calendar was reviewed.


TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE UPDATE:George McLennan submitted a written report which covered cell phone service within the community, a technology survey sent out to the community, an online community directory and electronic voting.


DUMPSTER DAY REQUEST UPDATE:Heather Thomas, representing Wydler Brothers Real Estate distributed a request to host a dumpster day for Lake Barcroft on April 22 at beach #4.Representatives from a nonprofit organization, Prospera Initiatives, Inc., will be present to sort items contributed by residents.Useless items will go into a dumpster and the rest will be sold on eBay with proceeds to benefit the nonprofit. In response to a question, Heather Thomas stated that the nonprofit would be able to provide receipts to donors.The issue of insurance coverage was raised and Heather Thomas agreed to explore how the community could be indemnified from any damage resulting from the event.


A motion was made by George McLennan to authorize Wydler Brothers to conduct a dumpster day in Lake Barcroft in accordance with the proposal of February 15, 2006 to be held on beach 4 on April 22, 2006 with the condition that LBA would be indemnified should any damages occur and that the event organizers would have adequate insurance coverage.The motion was seconded by Carolyn Coldren and all voted in favor.


AGENDA FOR ANNUAL MEETING:David Goslin discussed the agenda for the annual meeting.


David Goslin reported that he had sent LBA attorney Ken Chadwick a letter listing the residents who are seriously delinquent in paying their fees for 2005.dues.




PROPOSED CONTRACT ON MEDIATION SERVICES:David Goslin reported lthat he had had several conversations with recommended retaining a local mediation service about the possibility of establishing a relationship with the LBA in order to be able which could offer mediation services at a greatly discounted rate to Barcroft residents.The use of sSuch a service would be entirely voluntary could on the part of members of the Association, but could reduce unnecessary escalation of disputes between neighborshouseholds by providing a structured conversation for homeownersthe households thatwhich are having trouble resolving their problems.†† David Michael of Northern Virginia Mediation Service, Inc. made a presentation to the Board, describing how the services are provided and the qualifications of the mediators.


George McLennan made a motion to approve the proposal made to retain the Northern Virginia Mediation Services, Inc. subject to negotiation of the final contract.The motion was seconded by Pete Walker and all voted in favor.


David Goslin made a motion to acknowledge the exceptional contributions to the community made by retiring board members George McLennan, Diane Davidson, and Karen Wehner.The motion was seconded by Stuart Feldstein and all voted in favor.




IMPROVEMENTS:Jerry Mendenhall called attention to Mike Nieblingís report.The boundaries of the Cloisters development in Parcel A have been permanently marked.


SPECIAL EVENTS:Shirley reported that dates for on Sand Day, the Easter Egg Hunt and the Ice Cream SocialSocial have been set.


TREASURERíS REPORT: Frank Aukofer questioned the expense amount appearing under the Newsletter category in the financial statement presented by Karen Wehner..


COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY:Pete Walker reported that the Police patrols by off-duty police officers will begin in May.


MEMBERSHIP:Carolyn Coldren reported that one new membership payment for $3,500 was received in January from a pParcel A settlement.


Frank Aukofer made a motion, seconded by Kevin Howe, tothank David Goslin for his service as President.All voted in favor.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,


Lark Lovering, Secretary