April 19, 2006


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:40 PM by President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA board members, David Goslin, Kevin Howe, Lark Lovering, Jerry Mendenhall, Steve Klein, Bill Herz, Pete Walker and Carolyn Coldren.  Board members Frank Aukofer, Mark Cavich, Shirley Timashev and Mike Stahl were not present. 


The minutes of March 8, 2006 were approved as presented.




CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was reviewed.


PAST DUE FEES:  Stuart updated the Board on outstanding fees. There are now only eight (8) lots with seriously delinquent fees.  The status of two of these lots was briefly discussed as well as the need to take action in fairness to the vast majority (over 1000 lots) for which fees are current. Thanks to the high level of volunteer contributions to our community, and the very high rate of on time payment of fees, the fees are kept very low, especially relative to the services received.    No formal Board action with regard to the eight delinquent lots will take place before we have exhausted other options.




POA LAW & REQUIREMENTS SEMINAR:  A list was distributed of upcoming  seminars presented  by the LBA law firm.


COMMUNITY SURVEY:  David Goslin reported on a community survey that took place back in 1996 and asked the Board to review it and give him any comments which would assist him as he designs a new one.




IMPROVEMENTS:  Steve Klein delivered Mike Neibling’s report.  Mike is working on his to do list and has recently given Delfino a raise. 


Kevin Howe made a resolution, seconded by David Goslin, to have Stuart Feldstein send a thank you letter to Dylan Deardorff on behalf of the Board, for his contribution of trees to the community.  All voted  in favor.


Kevin has met with the surveyors to work on developing the steps for the Parcel A area.  Bill Herz asked that Delfino attend to the area to the left of Recreation Lane. 


WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE:  Dave called attention to Mike Stahl’s report.  He reported that Van Hoffman has been hired as the new Water Safety Supervisor and Dave Penland will also assist.  Past supervisor Kevin Hardy will serve as a consultant.  Steve Klein questioned the language of bilingual signs at the beaches.  Stuart Feldstein asked Steve Klein to work on new wording and send it to Stuart for review.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jerry Mendenhall called attention to the recent financial statement and several category changes that he has made.


ARC:  Kevin Howe reported that the committee of five is starting to have a problem with recent plans submitted.  Owners disregard the committee and their suggestions.  Kevin suggested issuing letters to offending owners to stop their construction immediately.  It was suggested to have Stuart and Kevin send a letter to a resident  architect advising him that plans must be submitted prior to work beginning.  Dave suggested that Kevin put another article in the Newsletter regarding owners’ obligation to submit plans prior to commencement of work.


SECURITY:  Pete Walker reported that the police patrol will start May 1 with altered hours.  Local public schools will be getting out on June 8.  He discussed the stranger that has been wandering through the streets and yards of Lake Barcroft.  The police have informed Pete that they have picked him up before and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Bill Herz discussed beaver traps that a resident had set on the lake.    He talked about the recent tree workshop that was offered to the community and plans for a geese workshop in May to educate the community on properties that need to be flagged.


LBA’s policy regarding oiling goose eggs was discussed in the context of a recent situation where a resident did not want the eggs oiled.  The WID has agreed to contact homeowners prior to oiling eggs in the future by telephone or written notification.


Bill recently walked the Tripps Run area with George Waters regarding the large amounts of debris in this area.  He suggested that the Post Office or the Honda dealership be required to install an electrical fence to deter people from littering in this area.  Dave suggested deferring this issue to the WID.


 Bill also visited a site off of Quarry Road in Fairfax County that may be a candidate for dredging spoils disposal.  Bill reported that more was removed from the lake this year than originally planned.  WID is contracting with a trucking company to remove the dried dredge spoils. 


Kevin Howe reported that a tree seedling workshop would be taking place this weekend and that Starbucks Coffee was sponsoring it and contributing $300 along with coffee.


MEMBERSHIP:  Carolyn Coldren reported 4 transfers in March and gave current membership statistics.


Stuart Feldstein raised the issue of realtor signs and the size of signs.  He added that George McLennan previously handled this issue and the Board agreed to ask George to continue.


Stuart discussed the rules regarding the size of docks.  A recent inventory of the docks has been taken. It was agreed that dock owners that are not in compliance will be notified and a letter will be placed in the files.  Any dock construction or rebuilding on these properties would be required to be in compliance with the rules.


Stuart discussed the covenant  as it relates to single-family residence status within the community.  This remains an issue.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:04 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,


Lark Lovering, LBA Secretary