June 21, 2006

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:47 PM by President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Stuart Feldstein, Jerry Mendenhall, Kevin Howe, Steve Klein, Bill Herz, Mark Cavich, Pete Walker and Shirley Timashev.  Board members Frank Aukofer, Dave Goslin, Lark Lovering, Carolyn Coldren and Mike Stahl were not present.  Improvements committee member George McLennan, realtors Andy Cambern and Burma Klein and lake residents Dennis & Signe Merz and John Cannon were also present.

The minutes of May 10, 2006 were approved as presented.


CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was reviewed.

WEBSITE UPDATE:  Mark reported that anticipated cost to update the community website would be around $4,500.  Discussion of allowing advertising on the website took place without resolution. 

A motion was made by Steve and seconded by Bill to authorize Mark to begin website updating for a maximum cost of $4,500.  The motion was amended to increase the maximum authorization  to $5,000.  All voted in favor. 

Kevin thanked Mark for all of his efforts.

REVIEW OF REAL ESTATE SIGN POLICY:  Dennis Merz addressed the Board about LBA's sign policy and his concern about trying to sell his house.  He stated the need to place a few directional signs  because of the house's location.  Andy Cambern and his client John discussed the difficulty of seeing his house as it was not located on a main street in the community.  They have asked the Board to be understanding when it comes to sign placement due to the slow market at this time.

Burma Klein presented a letter from the local realtors and questioned the inconsistency of the Board's enforcement .  Andy suggested an accommodation should be made on behalf of community members trying to sell their house and asked the Board to reconsider their previous decision.

Burma made some suggestions for the Board's consideration.  Stuart thanked the guests for their presentation.

George McLennan presented pictures of signs from years past showing the clutter on street corners and why a sign policy was then developed.  He informed the Board that he had recently contacted 23 realtors and that Burma Klein has been kind enough to keep George updated on houses for sale within the community.

Stuart stated that the pipe stem streets are the issue and he suggested allowing one  directional sign at the base of a pipe stem.  Bill raised the issue that the house at the base of the pipe stem would complain.  Mark suggested mimicking the community signs with standard blue realtor signs.

After a lengthy discussion, it was agreed to defer until next month as 5 Board members were not in attendance. 

IMPROVEMENTS:  Steve called attention to Mike Niebling's report.  A meeting took place with Stuart Feldstein, George McLennan, Steve Klein, Mike Niebling, Davis Grant of the WID, Kevin Howe and Betsy Washington about coordination between community groups.  Kevin and Betsy have suggested turning a section of beach 5 into an RPA area which could be funded by a grant from the Fairfax Water Authority.  They suggested having a demonstration garden of native plants.  WID would like to change the seawall to a riprap and the WID would build piers.

George stated that he would continue as the Improvements chief  until someone else can take over, preferably by fall.  He stated that the job presently involved about 20 hours a week.  Kevin stated that this position may  need to be a paid position.

Kevin reported on the stairs to Parcel A.  A letter from Stuart should go to a resident thanking him for preparation of drawings that he supplied to LBA.  Kevin informed the Board that he solicited  bids for the pathway and received 3.  The bids ranged from $13,600 to $16,500.  Kevin requested approval to issue a contract to the contractor of $13,600 and to allow 10% for overage.  The Board agreed to have Kevin move forward.

Kevin discussed the engineers' work on the survey of the retaining wall.  He will have an interim report in July for the Board.


RULES ALLOWING LBA TO LEVY FINES AGAINST ARC VIOLATORS:  Stuart expressed concern  that some residents are not abiding by the ARC rules or they are deviating from what they submitted and was approved by the ARC.  The Virginia Property Owners Association Act has a provision that we can have rules and regulations to enforce our covenants and that we can impose fines.  $50 for a single violation and up to $900 total for a continuing violation.  If the fine remains unpaid, since it is  an assessment, beach privileges could be denied.  Stuart will present something in writing to the Board at the next meeting.  He asked for authorization to move forward on this and to contact the attorney for the association about this issue.

A motion was made by Kevin Howe and seconded by Bill Herz to authorize Stuart to contact the attorney and to move forward with this action.  All in favor.

Stuart suggested having Kevin contact Penny Gross about the RPA as well. 


SPECIAL EVENTS:  Shirley reported that the ice cream social was well attended.  July 4 parade and fireworks are on.  She asked the Board for approval for reimbursement for  expenses associated with the July 4 parade.  Approval was duly granted.  She added that August 5 is scheduled for the LBA BBQ on  beach 5. 

WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE:  Stuart reported that things are going well.  Board members expressed concern about guards reading, using ipods and their cell phones while on duty.  The Board asked Chris to contact WSS Van Hoffman to make him aware of this.

TREASURER'S REPORT:  Jerry called attention to the financial statement.  Kevin questioned dam insurance and Jerry agreed to check on this. 

COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY: Pete reported that a recent trespasser arrested will be going to court according to the police due to drug possession.  Parking for July 4 is a problem per police and Pete has agreed to post a notice on lakelink reminding residents that parking should be limited to only one side of the street.  Cones will be placed in these areas and the police will be given the authority to enforce it.  He reported that there has been one arrest to date on the beaches.  He asked if LBA wanted to recognize a  resident for his/her  outstanding contribution to the community.  He will  solicit the Woman's Club and Newcomers for their input of candidates as well.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Bill reported all the Geese Peace documents were delivered to the waterfront homes.  Cameron Run watershed group met and Diane and Bill met with them.  Only two of the twelve priority projects were selected and they were disappointed.  He added that unfortunately there is  not much recourse that could be done about this but added that potential funding will be given to 25 additional projects pending complaints.  Bill and Diane will be meeting with Penny Gross to discuss this further.

Diane gave Bill documents for the handbook regarding environmental quality.

LEGAL:  Nothing new to report at this time.

MEMBERSHIP:  Delayed at this time.

PUBLICATIONS:  Mark is getting quotes on different sizes of newsletters and the use of color.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:07 PM.

Respectfully submitted by, Chris Lawson, Acting Secretary