September 13, 2006


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:38 PM by President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Stuart Feldstein, Dave Goslin, Jerry Mendenhall, Kevin Howe, Steve Klein, Mark Cavich, Carolyn Coldren and Pete Walker.  Board members Lark Lovering, Mike Stahl, Bill Herz, Frank Aukofer and Shirley Timashev were not present.  Past President, George McLennan, Water Safety Supervisor Van Hoffman,  Improvements Committee members, Mike Niebling and Betsy Washington were also present.


The minutes of July 12, 2006 were approved as presented.




CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was reviewed.


LBA COMMON GROUNDS SURVEY:  Kevin mentioned the need to survey the common grounds due to surrounding lots that could be infringing on LBA property.  A recent tree that went down next to LBA property sparked this discussion.  Kevin reported that Target Surveys submitted a bid for $5,000 and Dominion Survey submitted a bid for $5,200.  Iron posts would be set at all corners of the properties.  Stuart discussed recent unexpected expenses and expressed a desire  to wait and  see what the improvements expenses for the remainder of the year would be before authorizing this.  The matter was  tabled.


PARCEL A – COUNTY TURNOVER & RETAINING WALL:  Kevin reported that the engineer has met with all of the appropriate parties involved and has requested plans from Fairfax County because there appear to be some inconsistencies..  He stated that the county still has a $43,000 bond on the property that has not been released yet.


WEBSITE UPDATE:  Mark Cavich distributed printouts of sample work that has been prepared for the website for the Board’s review.




AGENDA FOR OCTOBER 25 CIVIC AFFAIRS MEETING:  Stuart discussed the upcoming meeting and asked if anyone had anything specific that they would like to discuss.  It was agreed that local candidates would be invited.


BEACH #5 DEMONSTRATION GARDEN:  George discussed three items that needed board action.  First, he asked for the Board’s approval of a policy governing landscaping on the Lake’s common property.


Dave made a motion for approval of the proposal for establishment of the Lake Barcroft policy for landscaping common areas.  Seconded by Kevin.  All voted in favor.


The policy  will be published in the Newsletter as a matter of information.  Second,

George discussed the grant we received from the Fairfax County Water Authority in the amount of $4,900 for a demonstration garden at beach #5.  He presented plans for the garden, including a diagram of the area, and explained that the garden will be  around 10-15 feet wide and  approximately 270 feet long.  Kevin stated that the WID can start working on the area in October and plantings would start in the spring. 


Motion made by Steve, seconded by Pete, to approve the beach #5 Resource Protection demonstration garden with a budget up to $30,000.  All voted in favor.


Third, George described  the need to replace the beach #4 gate and boat ramp chain, beach #1 handicap ramp and beach #’s 3 and 4 parking lot repairs.  Expenses for these items will be around $9,000.  Discussion took place about re-striping versus resealing the parking lots at this point of time due to the age of the parking lots. The Board approved without objections George’s recommendations .


 Move by Dave and seconded by Kevin to move forward and that the Board appreciates the work that George had put into this.


WATER SAFETY REPORT:  Stuart thanked Van for all of his hard work and reported that regretfully he will not be coming back next year but has made a couple of suggestions for his replacement.  Van thanked the Board and stated that the budget appears to be under at the end of the season.  Overall, phone service needs to be checked.  Rescue boards will need to be replaced and two should be purchased prior to next season.  Cost is around $800 each.  Umbrellas need to be bought.  Landscape rakes need to be purchased as well. 


DANGEROUS BOATERS:  Stuart raised recent discussion on lakelink about residents not obeying the rules on the water.  Kevin suggested that boats should have lot numbers on both sides.  Stuart will put something in a future newsletter.


Stuart received a blurb from the local Habitat store that receives home supply materials at reduced rates requesting an article in our newsletter about their services.  The Board decided  not to permit this.

He reported that he also received a request for access to our database.  The Board declined to grant this request.


Stuart mentioned Fairfax County’s recent acknowledgement of Lake Barcroft’s permission for the police and fire departments’ use of the lake for practice drills at their monthly meeting at the Government Center.  Stuart, George and Chris attended this event.




TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jerry reported that the tax returns have been submitted on time for the year.  It’s budget time and he needs preliminary figures as soon as possible from all committees.  Jerry will send an e-mail to everyone to remind them.  He would like them to submit their requests in a line item format.


ARC:  Stuart and Kevin have been dealing with a couple of resident issues.  Dock letters went out to 75 residents regarding sizes of docks protruding into the lake.  Records are being kept  of those that have contacted the office.


SECURITY:  Pete reported that the summer was very calm.  The Police patrol will continue until the end of the month.  Pete requested trespassers that were fishing from beach #5 to leave immediately.


MEMBERSHIP:  Carolyn reported that for the month of August two transfers and one new member were received for a total of $3,700.  All twelve lots from Parcel A Cloisters have now settled making 1044 lots within the community.


PUBLICATIONS:  A question was raised about the production of the community handbook as well as the next directory.  It was agreed that this needed to be budgeted for in the upcoming year.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:52 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,


Chris Lawson, Acting Secretary