October 11, 2006


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:35 PM by President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Stuart Feldstein, Jerry Mendenhall, Kevin Howe, Steve Klein, Frank Aukofer, Bill Herz, Carolyn Coldren, Shirley Timashev and Pete Walker.  Board members Lark Lovering, Dave Goslin, Mark Cavich and Mike Stahl were not present. 


The minutes of September 13, 2006 were approved as corrected.


Stuart displayed the plaque LBA received from the county for allowing the lake to be used for Fairfax County police and the fire department officials for their practice drills.




CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was reviewed.


OCTOBER 25 CIVIC AFFAIRS MEETING:  Stuart reminded the Board of the upcoming civic affairs meeting on Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at Belvedere Elementary School.  Carolyn asked Stuart to make a pitch on behalf of the nominating committee.  He asked committee chairs to be prepared if questions are presented from the community. 



BOAT STICKERS:  Bill and Kevin agreed to head up the annual removal of boats without stickers.


UPDATE FROM NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  Stuart reported that an ad in the latest Newsletter has appeared looking for those interested in running for the Board.  He reported that six Board members would be going off the Board and thus the ballot needed to have at least 9 candidates.


2007 BUDGET PREPARATION:  Jerry discussed his draft budget for 2007 and compared it to the current budget.  He asked Board members to let him know of any additional expenses that they are expecting prior to the end of 2006.  Kevin reminded the Board of additional expenses that Van had recommended in his end of the season report for water safety supplies.  Stuart suggested looking at his list to see what needs to be addressed most immediately. 


Frank explained the history of the governance handbook and the need to budget this expense for the upcoming year.  The idea was to have something published that would be good for up to 10 years.  Bill suggested having two separate books for the community – one being on environmental issues and the other having all the rules and mandatory information.  Jerry would like figures from everyone within the next week.




ENGINEERING REPORT:  Kevin reported that he is still waiting for a report from the engineering company on the Parcel A property and will contact them requesting this.  He stated that there had been delays in obtaining the plans.  The $43,000 bond that is being held by the county will be released once a final inspection has been completed of the property.




Stuart raised the issue of non-attending Board members and committees that are not getting their work done.  Presently there are no set procedures to replace a Board member under these circumstances in the bylaws.  He asked the Board to think about whether they want to institute a policy that might require a bylaw change.  Shirley suggested a ‘request to resign’ from inactive Board members. 


Shirley mentioned that the person with the next highest votes from the election should not automatically be asked to fill the slot on the Board.  She felt that the President should be authorized to select someone to fill the particular position that was best qualified.  Jerry suggested asking the next 2 candidates with the highest number of votes to serve on a committee.  Kevin suggested those that did not get elected should be asked to do something visible for on the Board so that they will become recognized throughout the community.  This matter will be discussed further at the next Board meeting.





IMPROVEMENTS:  Steve Klein reported a good meeting with Kevin Howe, Betsy Washington, George McLennan and Mike Niebling about the garden at beach #5.  He added that the handicap path at beach #1 has been paved and a new gate at beach #4 has been installed.  Parking lot striping still needs to be done and will be done shortly.  Richard Hardy has repaired a picnic table at one of the community areas.  Steve added that he was still looking for a replacement for George McLennan as Improvements Chair but is hoping that work can be delegated and spread among several people.  Bill Herz asked if the mulch at the end of the steps in the parking lot of beach #2 needs to either be spread or moved.  Steve agreed to look into it.


SPECIAL EVENTS:  Shirley reported that the recent dog show hosted by the Woman’s Club was well attended and successful.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jerry stated that there was nothing new to report at this time.  Working on a future audit.


ARC:  Kevin reported on a recent meeting that the ARC had with a resident.  He discussed recent submissions.


COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY:  Pete reported security patrols have stopped for the season and it overall was a mild summer.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Bill reported that wildlife management has slowed down involving beavers.  Geese Peace is winding down as well for the season.


LEGAL:  Stuart reported that he and Kevin recently attended a legal luncheon out in Tyson’s that was offered by another law firm.  He reminded the Board that the 90-day period will be up in November regarding implementing fines. 


MEMBERSHIP:  Carolyn reported that there were 3 transfers for $300 in September. 


PUBLICATIONS:  Kevin spoke on behalf of Mark Cavich who is trying to arrange a meeting between interested website personnel in the near future involving Shirley, Jerry, George and Bob Finley.  Color print versus black and white for the Newsletter was briefly discussed.


Kevin mentioned that a well-known member of the community fertilized their lawn in July or August and did not use a non-phosphorus fertilizer and have killed all of the grass in their yard as well as their shrubs.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:42 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,


Chris Lawson, Acting Secretary