November 8, 2006


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:37 PM by President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Stuart Feldstein, Dave Goslin, Mark Cavich, Jerry Mendenhall, Kevin Howe, Steve Klein, Carolyn Coldren, Lark Lovering and Shirley Timashev.  Board members Frank Aukofer and Bill Herz were not present.  Board member Mike Stahl has resigned.


The minutes of October 11, 2006 were approved as corrected.




CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was reviewed.


OCTOBER 25 CIVIC AFFAIRS MEETING:  Stuart reported that the Civic Affairs meeting went well.  Politicians, including those running for national office, were able to speak as were several Barcroft residents concerned about the speed of traffic on Waterway Drive between Crosswoods and Cavalier. 



NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT: Dave Goslin reported that more nominations for the board  are needed.  Because only a small portion of those approached choose to run and because Frank Aukofer, Mike Stahl and Lark Lovering’s slots will be open, six positions need to be filled.  So far Dave has two definite candidates and three probable ones.  One candidate is trying to change the regular meeting of another group so that she will be able to run for the board.


2007 BUDGET PREPARATION:  Jerry Mendenhall reported on the second draft of the budget which has been changed to reflect estimates of the likelihood of increased expenses for some categories in 2007.  So far in 2006 most categories have been under budget.  A significant increase is included for the Beach 5 RPA garden which may require about $20,000. The predicted reserve for 2007 is $28,000 less than for 2006.  Dave Goslin raised the issue of the amount of contribution needed for the Parcel A retaining wall reserve fund.  The county has done its part but we are still awaiting an engineer’s report on the appropriate amount that should be accumulated in this fund.   The reserve needed for actual replacement may be as much as $100,000.in today’s dollars but we may not have to budget for complete replacement.   


INACTIVE BOARD MEMBERS:  The Board discussed actions which might be taken to remove board members or make changes in board member portfolios.   In spite of absences, there has been a quorum of 7 present for every meeting so far this year.  It was pointed out that current bylaws have strong provisions for dealing with this issue.


CONSIDERATION OF DUE PROCESS RULES:  Only a few comments on the proposed due process rules have been received, six approving, three with questions, and two opposed.  One person, Sam Rothman, did a detailed reading and made useful edits.  Board member Steve Klein raised the issue of what procedure would be appropriate if an owner disobeys the rules and sells.  Would the penalty be assessed against  the new owner?  In such a case, under the POA Act, properly imposed charges are considered an assessment and if they are unpaid, the POA can file a lien which would have to be assessed on sale.  Stuart Feldstein explained how the due process rules would work.  The LBA would have to send a letter to the resident who would have a certain number of days to respond.  If they rectify the problem, the issue is over.  If they don’t, a hearing becomes necessary.  There are many procedural hoops to go through and anyone who still receives an assessment would be very unusual.  It is hoped that the existence of these rules will reduce the number of residents with problems even lower.


Shirley moved that the new due process rules be approved, Steve Klein seconded the motion.


Discussion before the vote included the issue of the cost of implementing the rules outweighing the benefit (raised by Dave Goslin) and the issue of avoiding selective enforcement, (raised by Jerry Mendenhall).  Stuart Feldstein pointed out that the board is already faced with the issue of selective enforcement and is dealing with it when enforcing limits on dock construction,  inspecting for boat stickers, and checking beach tags.  He mentioned that the new rules will allow the suspension of beach privileges as a deterrent.   Speaking for her motion, Shirley Timashev stated that the whole procedure is triggered by a demand letter of which there will be very few.  The motion carried with Jerry Mendenhall and Dave Goslin opposed.  




WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE:  Kevin Howe reported that inspections of boats on Beach 5 have been completed.  Three to five boats have been pulled from each beach.  There is a problem with kayaks that are not on racks and boat trailer(s) that are parked at the beach next to the boat racks.  Next year boats on private property that go into the lake will also be inspected for stickers.  Lifeguards will check for boats without current stickers and at least note lot numbers for possible follow up.  Kevin reminded the board of the need to clean thoroughly any boats that have been in another body of water. 


COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY:  Kevin Howe mentioned that a burglary occurred at Crosswoods and Dearborn.  Kevin reported a call from Lillian Peterson about Mr. Baker’s car repair business which repeatedly produces cars in the street in front of his house that are in various states of repair.  It was pointed out that cars which meet the definition of “inoperable” (i.e. on blocks) and are unlicensed can be towed.   Chris LaChance will check to see if the current crop of cars in front of this house meet the definition and will call the police to have them towed from the county right of way if so.


IMPROVEMENTS: Steve Klein reported that the parking lots have been striped.  Kevin Howe reported on progress on Beach 5.  WID has been clearing the brush and putting in biologs.  A troop of cub scouts may help spread mulch in the cleared area.


SPECIAL EVENTS: Shirley Timashev is working on the 2007 calendar on the website.


WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: Dave Goslin reported that Van Hoffman is not returning.  This means that the board must find both a new board member to chair this committee and a new person to be water safety supervisor.  One candidate (Bink Stewart) is excited about the position but will not be available until June or later.  He may also not be qualified to teach.  Therefore, Dave is still looking for candidates and requested that all board members keep this in mind.  Kevin suggested that we again call the George Mason aquatic program.  Water safety equipment needs to be replaced for a cost of approximately $1500.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jerry Mendenhall handed out the Treasurer’s report and pointed out several requirements for the board.  First, he will control down to the line item amount.  Any committee chair expecting to spend more than the line item amount must come to the board for approval first.  As Dave Goslin pointed out, however, there may be emergency needs which have to be met before the next meeting, for example, a new motor on short notice for the lifeguards.  In such a case, the president of the board can approve an increase.  The board must also approve any transfers between line items provided however, a committee chair shall have the discretion to reallocate funds. 


ARC: Kevin reported that WID is pursuing FEMA funding for clean up of the June storm. 


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Bill Herz is in Minneapolis.


MEMBERSHIP:  Carolyn gave the report for October. 


PUBLICATIONS:  Mark Cavich reported on upgrading the website.  He is using software to make uploads easier but secure.


OTHER BUSINESS: Stuart Feldstein reported on unexpected real estate taxes levied over the past two years on LBA owned parcels around Parcel A.  The foundation that currently owns the parcel is taxable but the homeowners’ association would be exempt.  He has filed for an exemption for the foundation.  If that is refused, he proposes changing ownership to the association.


The issue of Pat DiVito and the beavers raised its head again.  He has been told not to trap beavers in the water or on the island.


Three publications will be produced – 1) regular directory 2) governance (decadal) and 3) environmental.  Mark will work with Chris Lawson on the directory and all residents will be asked to check their own listings.   Mark volunteered Dominique Cavich to be hired to complete the directory.  The environmental piece is being reworked.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted by,


Lark Lovering, Secretary