December 13, 2006


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:35 PM by President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Stuart Feldstein, David Goslin, Jerry Mendenhall, Lark Lovering, Kevin Howe, Steve Klein, Pete Walker, Mark Cavich, Carolyn Coldren, Bill Herz, Shirley Timashev and Frank Aukofer.  Other guests included Charles de Seve, Davis Grant and Tony Bracken from the Watershed Improvement District.


The minutes of November 8, 2006 were approved as corrected.


The agenda was reviewed.  Stuart reported that lake resident Cricket Clayton would like LBA to have an emergency preparedness day  in the spring to educate residents on emergency items that they should have in their homes.  This will be presented by her at the January Board meeting.




CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was reviewed.


WID UPDATE:  Chuck de Seve discussed future dredging costs.  Since the WID will be mobilizing to do the dredging covered by the recent FEMA grant, they will also carry out other planned dredging at the same time.  Davis Grant presented charts showing current sedimentation build up and discussed the strategies for improving water flow to direct sedimentation build up to areas which are accessible to the dredging equipment and less of an impediment to navigation.  Under normal circumstances, dredging would occur every four years.


Pits are being emptied at beach #3 and #5 in preparation for dredging that will begin in March.  A new technique of pumping out water as dredging material is pumped in has markedly reduced drying time, from three years to one.


Chuck discussed the dam safety regulatory issue that will affect all county dam operators.  The discussion is proceeding at a technical level at present.  A state process is underway and Chuck updated the Board on the current status of the technical discussion.  A lengthy discussion took place.  Kevin complimented the WID on the recent award of a $315,000 FEMA grant.


UPDATE FROM NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  Dave reported that the committee met and Pete, Carolyn and Stuart have agreed to run again.  Joe Pisciotta, Cindy Waters, Ben Cooper, Lisa Levine, Paula Rothenberg and Kimberly Smith have agreed to run for the Board.  Nine people will be running to fill 6 slots on the Board.  Stuart thanked Dave and the committee for all of their hard work.


2007 FINAL BUDGET PREPARATION:  Jerry presented a proposed budget for 2007 for the Board’s review.  Motion by Dave, seconded by Carolyn that the proposed budget be accepted as presented.  All in favor.




BAILEY’S PLANNING EVENTS:  Lark reported on the Bailey’s revitalization district and the recent study conducted by the Urban Land Institute.  The ULI will produce a final written report in March but an initial presentation of the results of their interviews was given on December 8.  The ULI envisions impressive development, especially on the two quadrants south and east of Columbia Pike, with the most density to occur on the eastern quadrant. (Bamian, Babies R Us.) This development needs to planned with strong county support and proceed in clearly stated stages which will take up to twenty years to complete.  Proposals for improving the streetscape between Bailey’s and Seven Corners were also mentioned.  The Weissberg Corporation expects to proceed first with its development of the southern (Acura dealership) quadrant between Moncure and Route Seven.  This is envisioned as a real gathering place, with an international market and green space, county facilities, underground and on street parking, a theater, and a real sense of “place.”  Other entities control the eastern quadrant.


ULI emphasized that all this development should be contingent on full county and state support of greatly improved transportation to Bailey’s and that, in addition, good overall design of the projects will be crucial.  They propose several light rail stops (Jefferson St, Carlyn Springs, Seminary Road) and the extension of Seminary Road to Columbia Pike.  The light rail system would be largely paid for by Arlington County and Fairfax would benefit a great deal from a relatively small investment to continue it up to Bailey’s. The higher density eastern quadrant would be developed with a grid of streets to improve traffic flow through the new neighborhood.  A pedestrian connection across Columbia Pike between the Trader Joe’s/ Best Buy quadrant and the new Weissberg development would be made.


The lack of ULI mention of metro connection was disappointing but at least ULI emphasized that commitment to the light rail is crucial.


Moving responsibility for these efforts to Chairman Connolly’s office indicates a new level of county commitment.


HOME BASED BUSINESSES:  Stuart stated that periodically he is contacted about this issue and asked the Board their opinion.  The issue was discussed.  No action was taken.


VDOT INACTIVITY:  Stuart was informed by some residents that VDOT has said that they do not have money for needed maintenance due to budget issues.  Frank suggested getting elected representatives involved.


Stuart reported that he, Kevin, and George McLennan have dealt with the Charles Foster Tree Service.  Recently parking was permitted for him on LBA property but he will now be asked to stop using LBA property for parking his equipment.


Stuart has received a proposal from the JEB Stuart crew team for use of the lake for practices for the upcoming season.  Stuart gave the proposed contract to Kevin for his review since he was involved with this issue last year.  The Board agreed to allow them to continue upon review of the contract. Aukofer made the motion, Coldren seconded it, and all were in favor of another contract with the JEB Stuart crew team.


Kevin reported that he is still talking with the engineer about estimates for funds needed for replacement and maintenance of the Cloisters retaining walls.  They will determine if it is necessary to fund for full replacement value and if the amount currently collected is sufficient to cover maintenance.  Gerry pointed out that we should get a written statement that the life of the retaining wall is not an issue as long as we maintain it. 




IMPROVEMENTS:  Steve reported that the bank along one side of Beach 5 has been cleared, and papers and mulch have been laid down.


Parcel A’s plantings have died but are under warranty and will be replaced.


SPECIAL EVENTS:  Shirley stated that she would like to see some new people involved with special events.  She is working on a calendar.


WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE:  David will begin working on this issue shortly.  He stated that something should appear in the upcoming newsletter.  He is not optimistic about finding someone within the community for the coming summer although he is trying.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jerry reported on a recent meeting with Chris and the Bank of America to allow electronic access to the account.


ARC:  Kevin stated he had nothing new to report.


COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY:  Pete said police are still working on the recent burglaries.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Bill has completed the boat inspections for the season and thanked the people who helped out. 


Diane Davidson and Bill Herz attended a Cameron Run meeting regarding watershed management and have some hopes  that the county will fund the ideas presented.

Bill has reviewed the previous handbook regarding environmental quality in preparation for producing a new handbook.


MEMBERSHIP:  Carolyn reported 4 transfers received in November.


PUBLICATIONS:  Mark reported on the update of the website and hopes that will see something in February.


Lawson will check with JEB Stuart for Feb. 28 for the annual meeting with the 27 as a fallback.


Gerry asked if the newsletter will need a subsidy for the coming year and Frank will check and report on this.


The Board meeting was adjourned 10:05pm.


Respectfully submitted by,


Lark Lovering, Secretary