March 14, 2007

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:40 PM by President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Stuart Feldstein, David Goslin, Jerry Mendenhall, Kevin Howe, Pete Walker, Bill Herz, Mark Cavich, Shirley Timashev, Cindy Waters, Joe Pisciotta and Lisa Levine. Board members Carolyn Coldren and Steve Klein were not present.

Stuart welcomed Joe Pisciotta, Lisa Levine and Cindy Waters to the Board. He added that April 15 has been selected as the date for the Board cocktail gathering.

The minutes of February 21, 2007 were approved as presented. Jerry will post the minutes to the website.

The minutes of the annual meeting on February 26, 2007 were presented to the Board for their review. Any changes should be presented to Chris Lawson; these minutes will be posted on the website.

ELECTION RESULTS: Stuart read the results. Incumbents Stuart Feldstein, Pete Walker and Carolyn Coldren were re-elected. Newly elected to the Board are Cindy Waters, Joe Pisciotta and Lisa Levine.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Stuart asked the Board for nominations for the officer positions.

Dave Goslin made a motion, seconded by Shirley Timashev, that Stuart be elected as President. All voted in favor.

Jerry Mendenhall made a motion, seconded by Kevin Howe, that Dave Goslin be elected as Vice President. All voted in favor.

Shirley Timashev made a motion, seconded by Kevin Howe, that Jerry Mendenhall be elected as Treasurer. All voted in favor.

Stuart made a motion, seconded by Lisa Levine, that Cindy Waters be elected as Secretary. All voted in favor.

COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS: The following committees will be chaired as follows:

Architectural Review: Kevin Howe; Beach Maintenance/Water Safety: Joe Pisciotta; Community Watch/Security: Pete Walker; Environmental Quality: Bill Herz; Finance/Audit: Jerry Mendenhall; Improvements: Steve Klein; Legal: Stuart Feldstein; Membership: Carolyn Coldren; Publications: Mark Cavich; Special Events: Shirley Timashev & Lisa Levine.


CALENDAR REVIEW: The calendar was reviewed.

SURVEY OF COMMON GROUNDS: Kevin explained to new Board members the concern of having LBA common areas surveyed. He stated that in August 2006 he had received a price of approximately $5,000 to set the corners of all the beaches with pipes. The company is agreeable to keeping the quoted price. Dave thought that this might have been done back in 1995/1996 regarding a resident’s property issue. Jerry stated that a provision was made in 2006 for this expense. Stuart informed new Board members of the 4 existing reserve categories: Reserve for operations, reserve for asset replacement, reserve for Capital Improvements and reserve Parcel A Retaining Wall. $5,000 would come out of the reserve fund for operations (contingencies). A survey of other common properties was discussed. Joe questioned the land behind the footbridge and the right-of-way. Kevin stated that there is a triangle lot off of Dearborn that is owned by a member of the Barger family. Pete asked if there were liability issues and Stuart replied probably not. Stuart suggested just doing the beach surveys at this point in time.

A motion was made by Kevin Howe and seconded by Mark Cavich that LBA be authorized, after checking the records, to allocate $5,000 for Target Survey to provide professional services at the five beaches. All voted in favor.


Stuart stated that he had received a request from Newcomers’ for $500 from LBA to help with their welcome baskets.

A motion was made by Dave Goslin and seconded by Pete Walker to give the Newcomers’ Club $500. All voted in favor.

Stuart mentioned a recent meeting with Penny Gross that took place at the Mason District building that included association leaders. March 24 and April 21 are the dates for the next meetings. He encouraged Board members to attend if interested. Cindy volunteered to attend the next meeting.

Stuart discussed the Bailey’s Revitalization Corporation that was discussed at the annual meeting. Stuart stated that it cost $10 to join and LBA should be a member.

A motion was made by Joe Pisciotta and seconded Mark Cavich to join the BCRC. All voted in favor.

Stuart informed the Board that he would like to reconstitute the awards committee. He has asked Pete to gather a couple of people to review this and report back at a future date.

Stuart asked Dave to take a look at the Foundation to decide if any changes need to take place. It was also mentioned that a report should be presented to the Board from the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Committee in either April or May. Ralph Smalley will be contacted about this.

Cindy raised the issue of funding some of the Woman’s Club events that were taken back from LBA. She stated that a request for $500 was given to LBA back in November, 2005 but no action was taken and payment was not made. She will supply the office with the letter for action.


IMPROVEMENTS: Stuart gave George McLennan’s report. Delfino is back. He has an action list and has begun work. Dead trees have been removed by the new contractor. The Beach 5 project is moving forward. The cypresses planted in the Fall of 2005 in Parcel A have since died and will be replaced by Meadows Farms with hollies.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Shirley reported that she would be working with Lisa in coordinating the upcoming events. Sand Day and, the Ice Cream Social are the next events.

WATER SAFETY: Dave stated that a team approach would probably be the outcome for a Water Safety Supervisor for the upcoming season. He added that e-mails have gone out to lifeguards from last year to see who is interested in coming back. Cindy suggested going to the swim team coach at JEB Stuart to see if anyone might be interested in guarding. Kevin suggested putting something in the Stuart Newsletter as well. Cindy agreed to make contact to try and get e-mails for all of the kids on the swim team. Bill asked if we should be advertising for the senior position in the Post. Lisa suggested rethinking our approach in how we identify a supervisor. Dave will work with Joe to get him up to speed with the current situation.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jerry called attention to the financial statement. He asked Board members that if they need any additional information on their line item, to please contact him.

ARC: Kevin reported that the committee was reviewing several plans at this time.

COMMUNITY WATCH: Pete reported that Officer Murphy has moved from the local department but he has met his replacement and will begin working on the upcoming patrol schedule.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Bill mentioned that a boat auction should take place soon and will work with the WID to coordinate. He added that Earth Day would be taking place on April 22.

LEGAL: LBA owns 4 small pieces of property in Parcel A that our attorneys are looking into transferring to LBA. Stuart reported that Ken Chadwick was working on looking into transferring the property from the Lake Barcroft Foundation to LBA.

MEMBERSHIP: Stuart reported for Carolyn that there was one transfer.

PUBLICATION: Mark reported that the new LBA website is ready to be launched. Directory mailing will be done shortly. Mark said he would like to have 16 pages of ads in the upcoming directory to help cover additional costs. Presently he has a couple of interested parties that might be willing to take the advertising position on.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Cindy Waters

LBA Secretary