April 11, 2007

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Stuart Feldstein, David Goslin, Cindy Waters, Jerry Mendenhall, Carolyn Coldren, Kevin Howe, Steve Klein, Lisa Levine, Joe Pisciotta and Pete Walker. Board members Mark Cavich, Bill Herz and Shirley Timashev were not present.

The minutes of March 14, 2007 were approved as presented.

A review of the agenda noted that George McLennan was present to make a presentation on a resolution of work performed by WID for the LBA. Also attending later in the meeting was Delegate Bob Hull.


CALENDAR REVIEW: The calendar was reviewed. The report from the Thurgood Marshall Committee will now occur on May 9 during the LBA Board meeting.


Information Items:

Stuart noted that the LBA used to belong to the Property Owners Association of Virginia and will look into rejoining.

LAKE BARCROFT FOUNDATION: Dave Goslin discussed a conversation he had with Ralph Smalley concerning the Thurgood Marshall Committee and the Lake Barcroft Foundation. Background: The Foundation was created as a tax exempt vehicle for the donation of land in Parcel A, although the LBA did not discuss the operation of the Foundation. So far, its main, and only, activity has been to maintain a scholarship fund. The Foundation has a broad charter; however it cannot perform activities that only benefit the lake. Its purposes are to be educational, to benefit the greater good in a broader area, etc. LBA’s officers are supposed to supervise the Foundation and a Committee is to run the Foundation. A current question is the propriety of the scholarship awards – how many, how much and who ultimately decides. The LBA Board needs to decide how to proceed. Issues and questions to be discussed by the LBA Board in June include: (1) the operation of the Thurgood Marshall Committee; (2) the governance of the Foundation (whether to appoint an independent Board of the Foundation, which would mean modifying its structure); and (3) if the LBA’s officers continue in their current capacity, is there anything else we want the Foundation to do besides the scholarship funding.

PARCEL A: On April 17, Stuart, Kevin and George McLennan will look at the construction easement in Parcel A. Kevin will recommend a price for landscaping.

The principal of Glasgow Middle School (Deirdre Lavery) sent a note of thanks to the Board for allowing her to make a presentation during the Annual Meeting.

The next Chadwick Seminars are scheduled for May 11 at the Fairview Park Marriott and on May 23 at the Hilton Arlington. Topics for the seminars can be found on the website.

There was a brief discussion about JEB Stuart’s All Night Party contribution request to which the Board decided not to contribute.

Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross will be holding the next CA/HOA Presidents’ meeting at the Mason Government Center on April 21. The issue will be safety and Pete will attend.

WID/LBA LABOR ISSUES: George McLennan provided background information on the issue of labor performed by WID staff for the LBA. The WID has considered several choices to address its acute labor shortage including: (1) cutting back on lake cleanup and support for LBA operations; (2) raising taxes sufficiently to cover one full time employee; and (3) asking LBA to cover part of the cost for one full time employee. A lengthy discussion followed concerning the source of funding. Chuck deSeve has asked us to put this decision off. Kevin noted that WID needs to be careful about budget issues at the state level and that we also need to maintain good will. George concluded by saying that WID services are valuable to the community and that LBA should support their efforts.


IMPROVEMENTS: Kevin reported that plans at Beach 5 are moving along. George McLennan reported that all of the trees have been planted and protected with beaver wire. So far, $2886 has been received in contributions. Steve reminded that there is a list of improvement tasks remaining for 2007 and that we are close to spending all of the budgeted amount. He cautioned that we be careful as there is no surplus available.

LEGISLATIVE SESSION HIGHLIGHTS: Delegate Bob Hull said that there is a lot of money being placed in environmental programs, especially stream cleanup. Dave asked about the proposed new regulations on dams; Mr. Hull will look into this. Other bills of interest to our community involved zoning issues (overcrowding) and the transportation bill ($3 billion in bonds for statewide assistance).

SPECIAL EVENTS: Lisa reported that Sand Day is on May 12, the Ice Cream Social is on June 9, and there will be Beach Party in August. She asked if Amon Nixon would still be participating in the Fourth of July fireworks. Plans for all events are well under way.

WATER SAFETY: Joe reminded that May 5 is Beach Clean Up Day and volunteers are requested. He will contact Davis Grant about WID’s participation. He has also talked to Kevin Hardy about 8 returning lifeguards; a water safety supervisor and 16-25 lifeguards are needed for the season. Joe has talked to schools, the local pools, American Pool Management Co. and others in search of a water safety supervisor. He has also been in touch by letter with five former lifeguards recommended by Kevin as potential candidates for the position. It is possible that Kevin will return in 2008.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jerry included definitions of the reserve accounts in the report. He said we are operating with a tight budget this year and all should attempt to stay in line with the budget. Stuart noted that we might have to raise the annual fee.

ARC: Kevin reported that there are no issues pending.

COMMUNITY WATCH: Pete said that the police patrols will begin on May 1 and will continue until Labor Day. He indicated that there is increased police activity in the Culmore area and that he will be writing an article for LakeLink and the newsletter.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Stuart gave Bill’s report that great progress is being made on the handbook. A draft should be available shortly.

LEGAL: Stuart reported that there are no issues currently.

MEMBERSHIP: Carolyn reported that seven transfers had been made bringing in $700 in fees. Currently there are 1029 members, 4 non-members, 1 “partial” member, and ten outstanding transfers.

PUBLICATIONS: Stuart reported for Mark that he is continuing his work on the directory while Dominique is working on the advertising. Stuart also indicated that Carol and Tom Donlan will be stepping down from their newsletter posts at the end of the year.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:44 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:

Cindy Waters

LBA Secretary