June 13, 2007

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:50 p.m. by President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Stuart Feldstein, David Goslin, Jerry Mendenhall, Cindy Waters, Carolyn Coldren, Bill Herz, Kevin Howe, Steve Klein, Joe Pisciotta and Pete Walker. Mark Cavich, Lisa Levine and Shirley Timashev were not present.

The minutes of May 9, 2007 were approved as presented.

A review of the agenda noted that Ralph Smalley was in attendance for a report on the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund.

The meeting began with a report by Ralph Smalley concerning the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund which currently contains more than $100,000. The monies in the fund have come from contributions from Lake Barcroft residents. The Fund came to the LBA from the JEB Stuart HS PTSA and is now part of the Lake Barcroft Foundation, a tax exempt organization. The Fund provides a way for our community to reach out to the local high school; so far, the Foundation has only provided scholarship monies. This year, 12 applications were received and three were selected for a total of $12,000 in disbursements. (The Committee decides how many students are selected and how much is given.) One student received $5,000, a second student received $4,000 and the third student received $3,000. It was noted that the funds are sent directly to the colleges, not to the students themselves. Dave Goslin, a Committee member, spoke about one of the candidates and said that the community can be very proud of the candidate selections. Stuart thanked Ralph and Dave for their efforts.


CALENDAR REVIEW: A question was raised about the boat roundup date – it will be moved to October.

JEB STUART CREW TEAM: A letter was received from Regina Derzon, on behalf of the crew team, requesting information on the damage assessment and offering to pay for repairs on the motor. Members of the team participated in Beach Clean Up.

NEWCOMERS: The Club has requested a $400 contribution to the August 4th barbecue. Chris Lawson will check to see what has happened in the past. Dave Goslin moved that Stuart discuss the amount with Lisa and Shirley and approve up to $400. The motion was seconded by Steve Klein and approved unanimously.


IMPROVEMENTS: Steve reported that the RPA is almost completed. $5500 in donations has been received with more coming in. It was noted that Richard Hardy has agreed to fix the boat rack at Beach 3 and the lifeguard stand at Beach 4. The maple trees planted in the median along Lakeview Drive will be removed and replanted elsewhere. Dave Goslin noted that some years ago, foliage was cut back on Waterway (VDOT was contacted to do it) and it is time to do it again. Stuart asked Steve to look into this.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Stuart reported on an e-mail he received from Shirley saying that the Ice Cream Social was a big success, thanks particularly to Janet Kerley, Harris Teeter, Garrett Green and others. Upcoming events include the 4th of July parade, the fireworks, barbecue, and the Labor Day Games which will be run by Joe Pisciotta.

WATER SAFETY: The report began with the suggestion that Kevin Hardy be paid at the rate of $25 per hour to date in his capacity as consultant and interim manager. Kevin helped with summer readiness and the training and monitoring of guards and managers. There was hope that one of the three assistant managers would step into the full position but none have. Joe indicated that he and Kevin will meet with Samantha Doyle in the hope that she would take on payroll – if so, she would be compensated. Another person under consideration, Bink Stewart, does not return to the area until July 24. If we find a Water Safety Supervisor, Kevin has agreed to train that person. Joe will also talk to Winkler Pool Company, a company that has been involved in lake management, to discuss future seasons. In the meantime, Dave asked again how many hours a week Kevin can give us. If he can give us 20 hours a week and we can combine his time with Samantha for a “package” in the $12,000-$14,000 range, we should do it. Discussion followed that what we are paying now is comparatively low but that we need to resolve this now. Although the lifeguard numbers are fine, there is weak day to day supervision and that needs to be resolved immediately.

The goose boat was made available to the managers. Kevin trained several guards on how to use it.

Joe discussed several repair items – the box at Beach 3 (Kevin Howe will get one); upgrading the phones; repair of ladder at Beach 4 (Richard Hardy will fix); first aid kit supplies; and the life boards need to be replaced. Stuart authorized Joe to purchase the necessary items.

TREASURER’S REPORT: After a review of the financial statements, Jerry suggested that each director monitor his/her budget. All past due statements have gone out.

ARC: Kevin discussed an issue with a resident’s basketball stand; it has to be moved. Another resident wants to offer a painting class in October on the weekends for 3-15 people. She would like to have the class on Beach 5. The Board agreed that as long as she was in touch with the office in advance, there should not be a problem. Kevin indicated that the survey of the beaches by Target Survey has not yet been completed. The bill has been submitted but not yet paid.

COMMUNITY WATCH: Pete indicated that the police have begun patrols and that there have been no significant incidents. He will find out the security needs for the fireworks.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Bill reported that Geese Peace has been working well and that we need to begin budgeting for a replacement dog. There is no progress on the handbook. Dave Goslin commented that the quality of the water is excellent.

LEGAL: Stuart reported that Chadwick had drafted the deed papers for the transfer of property from the Lake Barcroft Foundation (Parcel A) to the LBA and that he is waiting for the final papers. He also reported that five amendments to the Virginia Property Owners Association go into effect on July 1 but that they do not apply to Lake Barcroft.

MEMBERSHIP: Carolyn indicated that there were two transfers for a total of $200 in fees. Currently, we have 1030 members, four non-members, one partial member, and nine outstanding.

PUBLICATIONS: Stuart reported for Mark in three parts. Directory: More than $14,000 has been collected in ad revenue. Printing a four color cover will cost approximately $8,000. The process is in good shape. Website: The website is up but has some glitches. Those are being addressed. Newsletter: We will continue with our current printer. We need to find a replacement for Carol Donlan as editor. A notice will appear in upcoming newsletters.

FIREWORKS: Stuart and Kevin discussed two “negatives” that the Board needs to bear in mind if we decide to hire Zambelli for everything as opposed to having strictly volunteers – cost (a turnkey operation would be approximately $7,500) and schedule (a date other than the 4th). We will still actively search for a successor to Amon, but a decision must be made soon. A notice will be put on Lakelink looking for volunteers.

OTHER BUSINESS: A brief note that we may have to look at raising dues to cover rising costs of lifeguards, fireworks, WID contributions, etc.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:

Cindy Waters

LBA Secretary