July 11, 2007

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:45 p.m. by President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Stuart Feldstein, Cindy Waters, Mark Cavich, Bill Herz, Kevin Howe, Lisa Levine, Shirley Timashev and Pete Walker. Board members Carolyn Coldren, Dave Goslin, Steve Klein, Jerry Mendenhall and Joe Pisciotta were not present.

The minutes of June 13, 2007 will be presented for approval at the meeting in August.

A review of the agenda noted that Kevin Hardy, the LBA Water Safety Supervisor, was in attendance for a presentation.

The meeting began with the presentation by Kevin Hardy, Water Safety Supervisor. He indicated that some of the problems outlined earlier in the season have been resolved, including that new rescue boards are due in late summer. Other problems continue such as the phone system – the phones do work but need to be updated. Currently, we have 23 lifeguards including Bink Stewart. The guards are given a weekly inservice plus three hours of training a month. At the end of July, fire department training will take place so that the guards know what to expect from EMS. Kevin indicated that he will recommend an increase in the lifeguard salaries beginning next year. So far, the beaches have not been used much during the week and the season has been relatively quiet. As for equipment, Kevin mentioned that the motors are back for the boats and that the goose boat is still being used. He also said that the lifeguard stands at Beach 4 need to be replaced and that the shack will be organized and inventoried by the end of the season. He will also outline some capital improvement projects. There was also a discussion about boat stickers. At the end of the presentation, Kevin was asked about his prospects for returning next year. He did not give a specific answer; he also indicated that there could be at least one other candidate, Bink Stewart, for next year and that Dave Penland was a possibility.


CALENDAR REVIEW: The calendar was reviewed. Two Newcomers’ Club events were added: Brunch at the Rhodeside Grill on July 15 and Barge Party on September 22. The Woman’s Club added the House Tour on October 6. The LBA Board Meetings for August and September will be changed to August 15 and September 19.

JULY 4TH FIREWORKS: This was Amon Nixson’s last year for running the fireworks. If we cannot find a replacement, we will go to the company for approximately $2,000 more (from $5,500 to $7,500); the show will be similar to what we are used to having. However, a couple of Board members indicated that they know of people who might be interested and it was noted that Amon will help train. It was also noted that the trailer seems to be breaking and might have to be replaced. The Board was unanimous in its praise of a magnificent show this year.


IMPROVEMENTS: Stuart reported for Steve Klein that a project to monitor roadside foliage that presents visual obstruction to drivers is underway with the help of VDOT. VDOT is notified of those locations where foliage is a problem; VDOT notifies the homeowner involved giving that homeowner time to comply. If the homeowner does not comply, VDOT will then cut the offending foliage.

George McLennan prepared a Maintenance Report for July 2007 which included the topics of Parcel A (re-landscaping); the street sign at the intersection of Whispering Lane and Lakeview Drive; grass encroachment on the beaches; miscellaneous carpentry projects; boat storage issues; and financials.

Further discussion on the Parcel A project detailed that Basheer has agreed to re-landscape the hill where clear-cutting took place. With the help of Kim Smith, a plan has been put together and accepted. Planting will occur in September which gives Delfino time to install the new sprinkler system.

A lengthy discussion followed concerning boat racks, storage space, water pooling in boats, and what can be done to resolve the many issues. For example, do we get new racks? At what cost and where would they be placed? How many boats per household might be allowed? It was finally agreed that Stuart would write an article for the next issues of the newsletter explaining the problems and asking for community input.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Lisa mentioned the upcoming Beach BBQ. She indicated that volunteers are needed for the Labor Day Games and mentioned that this would be Joe Pisciotta’s last year for running the event.

ARC: Kevin Howe discussed the beach survey results showing that there were three encroachments. The bill for the survey has been paid.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Stuart reported for Jerry that we are on path but that the maintenance and the water safety budgets might be in trouble.

COMMUNITY WATCH: Pete noted that there had been one incident of vandalism reported – the egging of a car. It was also noted that a bonfire had occurred at Beach 3.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Bill indicated that he is still working on the manual. He is waiting on the submission of two items.

LEGAL: Stuart discussed the house occupancy issue and mentioned that he is waiting for a legal response as to our covenants. Our covenants stipulate that the lots are limited to single family residences; if our covenants are not violated, what about the county ordinance?

Stuart also indicated that the acquisition of Parcel A lands from the Lake Barcroft Foundation to the LBA has been approved. Notices to those residents who have not paid their fees have been sent out.

MEMBERSHIP: Stuart reported for Carolyn that we have received $500 in transfer fees. There was discussion about is contained in the newcomers’ packet.

PUBLICATIONS: Mark said that we have collected more than $14,000 in ad revenue for the directory. The database has been given to Gary and Mollie Jewell; proofers will eventually be needed. The new website is still being fixed. A new editor for the newsletter is still being sought; Dominique will definitely take over production.

OTHER BUSINESS: The dates for the meetings in August and September have been changed – August will now be on August 15 and September will now be on September 19.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:

Cindy Waters

LBA Secretary