August 15, 2007

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Stuart Feldstein, David Goslin, Cindy Waters, Carolyn Coldren, Bill Herz, Kevin Howe, Steve Klein, Joe Pisciotta, Shirley Timashev and Pete Walker. Mark Cavich, Lisa Levine and Jerry Mendenhall were not present.

The minutes of June 13, 2007 were approved as presented.

The minutes of July 11, 2007 were approved as presented.

A review of the agenda noted that Kevin Hardy, the LBA Water Safety Supervisor, and George McLennan, Maintenance and Improvements Coordinator, were in attendance for presentations.

The meeting began with Stuart indicating that there would be two major topics of discussion at the meeting: (1) water safety, especially as it had to do with the two recent incidents involving swimmers and boaters, and (2) the formation of a task force to take a “global look” at our common areas. Stuart further indicated that there would be no immediate conclusions concerning the swimming incidents and that he would be appointing an Ad Hoc Committee to review them and to report what we might do beginning the next boating season.

WATER SAFETY: Kevin Hardy provided the Board with a detailed report of the two incidents on the lake. The first incident involved a pontoon boat hitting a swimmer at approximately 5:20 p.m., Saturday, August 11. The swimmer was taken to Beach 4 where first aid was administered. Those involved in the incident have expressed their thanks and gratitude to the lifeguards for their quick and professional response. A water incident of this nature requires Fairfax County Marine Patrol to investigate; that information will be turned over to the US Coast Guard. The second incident occurred on Sunday at approximately 3:00 p.m. A swimmer was hit by a pontoon boat and reported to the lifeguards after the fact. Stuart thanked Kevin and Joe for the report. He then said that there is a range of changes for the board to consider and appointed a committee. Dave Goslin will chair and Kevin Hardy, Joe Pisciotta, and Pete Walker will serve. Any necessary changes will be put in place next season.

Kevin next addressed a time line for the replacement of equipment. Two of the four life boards have been replaced at the cost of $620 per board. Two more will be needed for next year. Bags are needed for the storage of the boards at $150-$175 each. (The boards are expected to last a minimum of seven years.) Bins for storage need to be fixed (Richard Hardy will do this). Two red rescue tubes are needed at just under $50 apiece. The first aid kits need to be upgraded for a cost of $100. A durable boat cover needs to be purchased for $175. The beach ropes and floats still work and may not need to be replaced next year, however, the kiddie ropes at beaches 3 and 4 will be replaced at no cost as we already have the equipment. The phones will be looked at to upgrade – this will be done post-season with Nextel. Stuart asked for a financial report for this year and a report on projections for next year.

COMMON AREAS: Steve reported that 15 foliage overgrowth sites were identified. Four residents responded with action; VDOT took care of the rest. George McLennan reported that the RPA costs are within budget and that there is currently a small surplus.

George also provided the Board with a written budget (actual and projected) which indicated that we will be over budget by approximately $15,000. A discussion followed concerning how the numbers were obtained. Following this discussion, Dave Goslin moved that the Board authorize spending up to $20,000 over the present budget for maintenance expenses for FY 2007. Steve Klein offered a second and the motion passed unanimously. Stuart asked for a projected 2008 budget by the September meeting.

Stuart then outlined the projects he would like the new Common Area Task Force to address. Those include: boats racks and storage; play equipment; the future of Swift Island; the community garden; Beach 5 beyond the RPA; etc. He then asked Steve Klein and George McLennan to chair the group and asked Board members Kevin Howe and Bill Herz to serve. Others who will be asked include Chuck deSeve (WID); a Woman’s Club representative; a Newcomers’ Club representative; George Waters (former LBA Board member); Horacio Pigurina and Walter Cate. A report, listing items by priority as well as by budget impact, is requested for this fall.


CALENDAR REVIEW: The nominating committee deadline is September. The Woman’s Club House Tour has been postponed from October 2007 to April 2008.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Shirley reported that she and Lisa will get together to discuss future issues. Joe reported that he has several volunteers for the Labor Day games but is asking for more. The JEB Stuart cheerleaders and field hockey team will be providing refreshments. He has asked Matt Friedman to consider taking over the games next year but if Matt declines, Joe will continue.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Stuart reported for Jerry that the financials are okay except for maintenance. It was reported that Kelva (Ivan Selig’s assistant) will be retained for bookkeeping but that Jerry has been in discussion with another firm to prepare taxes and perform the audit. Knowing that the budget for next year will exceed our income, we have three alternatives to discuss: (1) raise dues to cover the gap; (2) not raise dues but take money out of the operating reserves; or (3) raise dues partially and take the remainder of the gap from the operating account.

ARC: Kevin reported that a possible appeal on a fence may take place. A discussion followed concerning the ARC process. A suggestion was made that it was time for a new article to appear in the newsletter outlining the process.

SECURITY: Pete noted that beach trespassers are asked to leave by the police. A question was raised about a boat patrol (concerning non-resident boats). There followed a short discussion about the recent bike robbery.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Environmental issues raised this season include swimmer’s itch and bass virus. It was also noted that Geese Peace is up and running.

LEGAL: We are waiting for a response as to whether the Coast Guard has jurisdiction on the lake. Stuart further indicated that insurance ramifications are being checked.

MEMBERSHIP: Carolyn reported that there were eight transfers for a total of $800 in fees. Currently, we have 1028 members, four non-members, one partial member and 11 outstanding transfers for a total of 1044.

PUBLICATIONS: Stuart reported for Mark in three parts. Directory: the directory data base is being sorted and edited by Gary and Mollie Jewell. Website: Mark is lining up new volunteers. Newsletter: The search for the newsletter editor is ongoing. The printer can now barcode and include postage. We will explore whether this would actually save money for posting and mailing.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:

Cindy Waters

LBA Secretary