February 6, 2008

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Stuart Feldstein, Dave Goslin, Cindy Waters, Jerry Mendenhall, Mark Cavich, Carolyn Coldren, Kevin Howe, Steve Klein, Lisa Levine, Joe Pisciotta, Shirley Timashev, and Pete Walker. Bill Herz was not present.

The minutes of January 9, 2008 were presented. Jerry Mendenhall moved to accept with a second by Carolyn Coldren. The minutes were approved unanimously.

A review of the agenda noted that WID Trustees Chairman Charles de Seve and WID manager Davis Grant were in attendance for a presentation.


CALENDAR REVIEW: The calendar was reviewed; there were no updates.

FENCE APPEAL UPDATE: Cindy gave an update on the status of the fence appeal.

FIREWORKS DISCUSSION: Kevin discussed his meeting with the ATF. The ATF reviewed documents and inspected the “magazine” (trailer) along with Walter Cate. The ATF agent was diligent on all counts and then explained our deficiencies. Further, because we don’t store the fireworks, we can act as an agent for Zambelli. We are waiting for the letter stating such. A “pyrotechnic certified technician license” from ATF will be required our fireworks volunteers. Kevin will be writing an article for the newsletter calling for volunteers well in advance. He also noted that a spot inspection could occur at any time. Also, regulations have changed concerning the distance the “audience” must be from the fireworks. The worst case is to close Beach 3 and Waterway Drive; the best is for 40% of Beach 3 to be off limits. Water locations should continue to be okay. Kevin and Walter will be meeting with the fire marshal to determine what remains to be done. Joe asked who is liable for any incident – LBA or Zambelli. Kevin said that we are still unclear, but that we prefer to maintain our own insurance coverage.

DAM REGULATION UPDATE: Chuck de Seve gave a detailed report concerning the dam regulation issue and there is no longer a problem. The new regulations say that a dam certificate requires appropriate computer modeling of the structure in a dire storm. WID performed many models and spoke to other dam operators. The State said WID should hire its own engineers, who need to approve and certify the dam, and the state will then give its okay. The state regulations are now moving forward with our objections removed. Our dam is able to withstand ½ of dire storm and the adjoining embankment with slow erosion (serves as a fuse plug) helps to meet requirements since they operate together.

We should have no trouble getting certified as our approach is a solid technical approach with which WID is comfortable. Chuck praised all of the efforts of Davis in shepherding this through the process. Stuart recommended that Chuck give an executive summary for presentation to the LBA annual meeting.

Davis explained the no-cost-benefit in Virginia which provides no leeway – if one property is inundated we are out of compliance. He noted that an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for downstream is currently not being explored and indicated that WID will be working on that in the future. He also noted that we owe thanks to Penny Gross, Gerry Connolly and State Senator Dick Saslaw for their assistance.

PLANNING FOR ANNUAL MEETING: We have invited FCDOT and VDOT to make a short presentation on the process of traffic calming. Any questions will go to the government officials. The question was asked if the opposing groups themselves should make presentations but the feeling of the Board was no. Shirley pointed out that not everyone in the entire community is affected by this and that’s the reason to keep it to a short presentation. Dave suggested that a fall back could be to suggest a meeting down the line. Stuart outlined the composition of the task force itself. The remainder of the agenda is fine with the addition of presentations by Special Events and the ARC.


BEACH 5 PARTY REQUEST: A resident has asked to host a wedding at Beach 5 after Labor Day. Our rules say that the beach is to close at 8:00 p.m. but the resident has asked for an extension in time. After some discussion, the Board voted 7 to 4 to abide by our rules. Stuart will contact the resident with the Board’s decision. There was also discussion concerning the requests of residents who wish to use the beaches for classes. The feeling of the Board was that we will decline any money-making requests; free classes would be okay.

IMPROVEMENTS: Steve reported that he, George McLennan, Jerry Mendenhall and Stuart Feldstein met at the Community Garden and discussed the need for a major renovation. They are working on a plan in conjunction with the Lake Barcroft Woman’s Club and as much as $40-$50,000 may be required. Steve also noted that the fall cleanup and mulching went into 2008 and that this might have an impact on the budget.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Lisa thanked Kevin and Walter for all their work concerning the fireworks. Lisa also reported that she had received the details concerning the camp-out request. After a brief discussion,

A motion was made by Pete Walker to deny the group’s request for an overnight campout. Steve Klein offered a second. All voted in favor.

WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: Joe reported that agreement has been reached on the contract with Kevin Hardy to serve as Water Safety Supervisor for this coming year. He also mentioned that the motors have been serviced and returned to the WID compound.

TREASURER/FINANCE & AUDIT: Jerry reported that, due to the change in meeting date, we don’t have budget numbers to review. We will have two for the March meeting. He also said that our audit is ongoing.

ARC: Kevin reported that all of the ARC information is being posted on the website and that updates would occur monthly. He thanked Mark and Joel Gregorio for all their work.

COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY: Pete discussed the drive-by shooting incident on Waterway Drive and indicated that the police have no further information to offer. Pete has put out a call for volunteers for Neighborhood Watch.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Nothing to report on Bill’s behalf.

LEGAL: Stuart had nothing to report.

MEMBERSHIP: Carolyn reported that there was no activity during January.

PUBLICATIONS: Mark reported that the web updates were going well. He indicated that he wants to find someone to write script for the photo album

OTHER BUSINESS: Joe asked about the rules and Stuart urged members to read and review; they probably need revision. It was agreed that during the March meeting, we will formalize a process for review and revision.

The meeting was adjourned by 9:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:

Cindy Waters

LBA Secretary