March 12, 2008


The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:33 p.m. by President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Stuart Feldstein, Cindy Waters, Carolyn Coldren, Bill Herz, Steve Klein, Lisa Levine, Joe Pisciotta, Kimberly Smith and Pete Walker. Mark Cavich, Dave Goslin, Kevin Howe and Jerry Mendenhall were not present. 


The minutes of February 6, 2008, were presented.  Steve Klein moved to accept them with a second by Carolyn Coldren. The minutes were approved unanimously.

The results of the February 2008 Board elections were reviewed. Incumbent directors were re-elected, including Mark Cavich, Stuart Feldstein, Dave Goslin, Kevin Howe, Jerry Mendenhall, Steve Klein and Carolyn Coldren. One new member, Kimberly Smith, was also elected to the Board.

The new 2008 LBA officers were nominated and unanimously approved, including: President Cindy Waters, Vice President Stuart Feldstein, Treasurer Jerry Mendenhall and Secretary Kimberly Smith.

The LBA Committee Assignments were determined:

Improvements                                                               Klein

Special Events                                                              Levine                                             

Water Safety/Beach Maintenance                                 Pisciotta

Treasurer/Finance & Audit                                            Mendenhall

Architectural Review                                                     Howe

Community Watch/Security                                           Walker                       

Environmental Quality                                                   Herz

Legal                                                                            Feldstein               

Membership                                                                 Coldren

Publications                                                                  Cavich                         

A review of the agenda noted that Frank Sellers, President of the Bailey’s Crossroads Revitalization Organization and Maria Elana Schacknies, Founder of the Lincoln at the Crossroads Alliance, were in attendance for a presentation of the planned Re-enactment of Lincoln’s 1859 Grand Review at Bailey’s Cross Roads.





CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was reviewed. Three updates as follows: 1) the date for the Woman’s Club House Tour was confirmed as April 12; the secondary date of April 25 was omitted; 2) the chair for the Ice Cream Social was confirmed to be Janet Kerley; and 3) the WID Annual Meeting date has not yet been set.

There was no other “old business”.




1859REENACTMENT PARADE: Guest speaker Maria Elana Schacknies, founder of the Lincoln at the Crossroads Alliance, presented the plans for the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Grand Review at Bailey’s Cross Roads, scheduled for 2009. The purpose of the Alliance is to celebrate the historic importance of Bailey’s Crossroads and to inform current residents of Lincoln’s Grand Review as well as appreciate Bailey’s Crossroads’ role in forging our democracy. Ms. Schacknies reviewed the objectives of the Alliance, including: to reenact Lincoln’s Grand Review during its 150th anniversary in November 2011; to erect a sculpture of President Lincoln’s Grand Review by renowned memorial sculptor Ron Toonesen; to place historical markers along Route 7 between Old Town Alexandria and Tyson’s Corner; and, to develop educational materials and conferences involving schools and other associations. Immediate tasks for the Alliance were reviewed. Stuart Feldstein committed to LBA support, including but not limited to, informing the Lake Barcroft Community, soliciting volunteers from within the community and possibly requesting a newsletter article.


WOO PROPERTY ZONING: Marcus Woo owns approximately 5-6 acres at the end of Brooks Lane near Crosswoods Drive. The property is currently undeveloped, but is zoned R-2. Mr. Woo has filed a request with the County to re-zone the land to enable him to build approximately 7 houses on a cul-de-sac. Stuart indicated that he has no objections. There was unanimous agreement to no objections. Stuart informed everyone that no further action was required with the County.

OTHER NEW BUSINESS: Stuart informed the Board that Glasgow Middle School sent a thank you note for the LBA $300 donation. Also, the George Mason Regional Library will be hosting its annual book sale from April 24 - 27, 2008. This is an important event to support because the GM Regional Library supports and funds the smaller, local libraries. Stuart will request Daphne Butas, editor of the Lake Barcroft Newsletter, to include an article in the upcoming April edition of the newsletter.


COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENTS: Steve Klein indicated nothing new to report. Stuart Feldstein recognized George McLennan for working with the WID to maintain and clean-out the storm water drain on Barger Drive. Also, Cindy Waters commended the WID for doing a superb job in cleaning the lake after the recent storms.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Lisa reported that the 4th of July fireworks event is on track; likewise, Sand Day events planning is underway. Lisa also reported that Janet Kerley needs ice cream scoopers and volunteers for the annual Ice Cream Social.


WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE:  Joe reported that Kevin Hardy is experiencing disappointing responses from last year’s life guards - some will not be returning. Joe will probably need to put an advertisement in the paper. Joe will also check with the Red Cross to determine if they keep a list of facilities (pools, beaches, etc.) needing life guards - the Red Cross may have a bulletin board on which to post available life guard positions. Joe will also check with NOVA Community College. Cindy Waters will check with JEB Stuart HS to determine it there is a similar bulletin board or listing of students who are Red Cross certified lifeguards. Lastly, Joe reported that the JEB Stuart Crew team will borrow the Geese Peace Boat to assist with the Crew training team.


TREASURER/FINANCE & AUDIT: Stuart reviewed the current LBA finance report in Jerry Mendenhall’s absence. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary in the finance report with minimal expenses in the winter months. He also said that our audit is ongoing.


ARC:  In Kevin Howe’s absence, Chris Lawson reported that the ARC met on Tuesday, March 11. Several ARC committee members plan to assume larger responsibilities while Kevin is recuperating. Stuart Feldstein raised a question concerning a front porch addition on Tollgate. It is believed that no application of exterior modifications was submitted to the ARC. Stuart also re-iterated that applications should be submitted to Chris Lawson at the LBA Office, not directly to the ARC, so that all applications can be properly and more formally responded to and tracked. Lastly, Cindy Waters reported that the ongoing fence concern with the Kleimans on Dockser Terrace should be revisited in better weather. The Kleimans are waiting to hear from Fairfax County Zoning.


COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY: Pete reported that he has talked with both the Police and Fire Departments regarding speed humps. The police have no objections. The Fire Department prefers speed humps that have a break in the humps for the tires. Stuart Feldstein informed everyone that the roads in Fairfax County are owned and maintained by the state of Virginia, whereas the roads in Arlington are owned and maintained by Arlington County. The state does not install the type of speed humps that Arlington County installs.


ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Bill Herz reported that he has received calls concerning problems with beaver damage. He referred the homeowner to Delfino to wrap trees and install fencing.


LEGAL: Stuart had nothing to report.


MEMBERSHIP: Carolyn reported that there are 1044 households in the Lake Barcroft community. There are 1030 paid members, 4 non-members, 1 partial member and 9 outstanding transfers (pending home sales). The 4 non-members are not included as members of the Lake Barcroft Association: they have not paid the membership fee and they do not pay the annual membership fee; therefore, they do not have lake or other community privileges. It was also reported that the Lake Barcroft covenants do not provide or allow for new resident inclusions. It was generally agreed that there needs to be better enforcement of beach tags, but it is difficult to do so.


PUBLICATIONS: Stuart reported that the March 2008 edition has a much improved format and layout over the February edition.


OTHER BUSINESS: Joe asked about the rules and Stuart urged members to read and review; they probably need revision. It was agreed that during the April meeting, we will formalize a process for review and revision.


The meeting was adjourned by 9:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by:


Kimberly Smith

LBA Secretary