April 9, 2008

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:37 p.m. by President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Kimberly Smith, Jerry Mendenhall, Mark Cavich, David Goslin, Bill Herz, Kevin Howe, Steve Klein, Lisa Levine and Pete Walker. Board members Carolyn Coldren and Joe Pisciotta were not present. George McLennan was also present.

The minutes of March 12, 2008 were presented. Jerry Mendenhall noted that he and Bill Herz had been omitted from the March 12 notes of re-elected Board members. Steve Klein moved to accept the minutes as corrected with a second by Dave Goslin. The minutes were approved unanimously.

Cindy stated that we received a thank you card from Sleepy Hollow PTA for the $300 donation.

A review of the agenda noted that the topic of the Native Trees program needed to be added under New Business.


CALENDAR REVIEW: The date of the WID annual meeting was questioned. Cindy will call Pete Silvia to confirm the date.

FENCE APPEAL UPDATE: Cindy updated the board on the fence issue and that it now appears to be the end of the issue.

FIREWORKS UPDATE: Kevin gave an update on the ATF situation and it appears to be falling into place through the efforts of Walter Cate. Kevin also noted that ATF became involved by requiring additional steps and approvals. Walter has recently been in touch with the ATF HQ in West Virginia and apparently everything now looks good. LBA has a permit but it currently expires July 1. Because renewals are supposed to be completed at least three months prior to an event, LBA was required to obtain a waiver which has been received.


BEACH #5 PARTY REQUEST: Cindy informed the Board of a recent request from a resident regarding a Beach 5 party request. The resident has requested the LBA Board to grant a waiver not to require a port-a-john and not to require an off-duty police officer as a security guard. Last year, approximately 100 people attended. According to LBA beach rules, any event over 50 people requires a port-a-john. Dave noted that only events with 100 people or more require a security guard. Kevin noted that, if the guidelines stating that parties over 50 people require a port-a-john were written before LBA installed port-a-johns at each beach, having a second one may not be required and that the one port-a-john at the beach should be sufficient. There was general consensus that the Board approve the waiver of both the second port-a-john and the off-duty police officer. Lisa suggested the rules should be revisited. Cindy stated that in February there was agreement that the Beach rules needed re-examining and that she would ensure that is a topic for the May LBA Board meeting.

NATIVE TREES: Bill thanked everyone for their edits to the Native Tree Cost Share program, noting that several suggestions were made that would extend the funds to assist approximately 50 households. LBA has committed up to $5,000 toward the native tree program. LBA will reimburse a resident up to $100 for planting approved native, over-story trees. Each resident can apply for only one tree. Bill also noted that if the program’s funds are not fully used by the end of the year, those who applied once can re-apply for additional trees. Steve Klein moved to approve the expenditure of the funds with a second from Kevin Howe. The motion was approved unanimously.

During the course of this discussion, Dave raised the issue of the beaver population noting that LBA is investing money in trees and yet the community is protecting beavers. He asked how large a beaver population would LBA allow on the lake, noting that the beaver population will continue to grow. He also noted that we have a geese control program; do we want to contact somebody to come to trap some number of beavers for removal. Kevin noted that he has contacted several local universities…. None have shown interest in a program for beaver monitoring. He also noted that Ken Kopka believes that the beaver population in the 1990s was larger than we have now. Dave then recommended that the Board begin taking a census of the beavers and then be prepared to take action.


IMPROVEMENTS: Steve reported that Delfino is back He also reported that the bench was recovered and that it would soon be reinstalled permanently. Kevin recommended the WID may be able to assist with welding if necessary. Steve also reported that George McLennan and Kim Smith are working on a design for the renovation of the Community Garden pond. George stated that several contractors had been contacted and that the estimated pricing seems to be in line with his initial estimates of $40,000. George also reported that the WID has agreed to perform the demolition, earth moving and filling in the of the moat area; that is, the WID will do everything except building the pond and installing the plants.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Lisa reported that Beach Clean Up is being handled by the Water Safety and Beach Maintenance Committee. She also reported on upcoming events including sand day (May 10) and the ice cream social (June 14). Volunteers are still needed to scoop the ice cream.

WATER SAFETY AND BEACH MAINTENANCE: Cindy reported that Kevin Hardy’s contact was delivered to Chris Lawson. It is now official that he will be the LBA Water Safety Supervisor again this year. Cindy reported that she sent a letter to the Stuart HS Athletic Director who committed to advertising the LBA lifeguard positions. She also noted that Joe is preparing a digital advertisement as well as an ad for the Washington Post. Kevin has indicated that he has several people interested in part-time positions but that he is having difficulty finding full-time lifeguards. Kevin Howe suggested that LBA may need to raise the pay, noting that SHSA pays higher wages and has the reputation of being more fun. Cindy also noted that being a lifeguard for a lake is more serious responsibility because it is a larger and murkier body of water than a pool requiring the lifeguards to be more aware and vigilant. There was general agreement to give Kevin more latitude on paying the lifeguards a higher wage noting that a couple of dollars more would only be about a five percent increase.

Cindy reported that Joe does know about and is planning the Beach Clean Up. Also, the WID is on board for pre Beach Clean Up including delivering tools and bags. Lisa recommended that the Beach Clean Up should be announced in advance, not just a few days prior to the event. She also recommended that it be promoted as a family event noting that kids may also be able to get community service credit. Cindy inquired as to Beach Captains and George McLennan recalled that that had been tried in the past but, because it is a thankless job with not a lot of recognition, people soon lost interest in such a position or program.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jerry reported that the LBA Audit is ongoing, but that it has been delayed significantly because the person conducting the audit has been busy with tax returns. He noted that it may be June before the audit gets back on track. Bill asked for clarification on the meaning of “other assets.” Jerry stated that it refers to BBI which is an investment portion of LBA. He noted that LBA was created in 1992 as an oversight entity of BBI and LBF. BBI “owns” the lake and represents $300 per household, with about 1015 households. The balance sheet reflects the cost that LBA paid for BBI. The auditor is trying to track down that investment. Stuart mentioned that Tony Bracken might know. The value of the lake is reflected in the value of each home. Assets should be presented as costs. The auditors are trying to confirm that what is stated is the correct cost. Dave noted that typically Budget vs. Actuals are shown, but that the LBA finance report does not show actuals. Stuart requested that a column be added to show current actual status. Jerry indicated that he should be able to have this completed by the June meeting.

ARC: Kevin reported that the house on Blair Road that is being knocked down has initiated several calls and Lakelink comments. A question was asked if there was any activity on the LBA website regarding the ARC rules and guidelines. There was general discussion about the site being new and that new websites typically need time to become heavily used. There was consensus that the LBA website is vastly improved.

COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY: Pete reported that he has no new information on the recent burglaries of contents in several cars around the lake. Pete will be sending a letter to the police asking that patrols start in May.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Bill reported that a small group of people including George, Kevin, Kim and three others participated in the Potomac River Watershed clean-up, specifically with the Holmes Run clean up on Saturday, April 5. Kevin reported that while the effort was well attended by people in addition to Lake Barcroft residents, the effort seemed almost fruitless, noting that in a two hour period the group barely covered a 300 yard area. George McLennan reported that he had discussed with the WID the possibility of a Tripps Run clean-up but that the WID is not interested in cleaning up either of the Runs because it does not save the WID anything: most of the debris washed into the lake is natural debris so the small amount of trash does not make a difference to WID. Cindy reminded of the visit to the Board by the Congressional School expressing interest in working on the watershed and that the Board referred them to WID. And Dave voiced concern about the liability of injured children. George recommended that a more beneficial effort for the community would be cleaning out the storm ditches. Kevin also recommended that Beach Clean Up should include the surrounding woods. He also recommended a volunteer day to weed the Beach 5 RPA garden.

LEGAL: Stuart reported that Chadwick will have their next seminars are on Thursday, May 8 at the Fairview Park Marriott and on Wednesday, June 18 at the Hilton in Arlington for Board members interested in attending.

MEMBERSHIP: Cindy reported for Carolyn that there were three transfers last month.

PUBLICATIONS: Mark reported that the group would be labeling the April Newsletter tomorrow night.

OTHER BUSINESS: Cindy noted that the rules would be addressed at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:31 PM.

Respectfully submitted by:

Kimberly Smith

LBA Secretary