May 14, 2008

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, David Goslin, Jerry Mendenhall, Kevin Howe, Joe Pisciotta, Steve Klein, Pete Walker and Kim Smith. Board members Lisa Levine, Bill Herz, Carolyn Coldren and Mark Cavich were not present. Other guests included Improvements Committee member George McLennan and lake residents George Erikson and George Waters.

The minutes of April 9, 2008 were approved as corrected.

AGENDA REVIEW: Cindy stated that the boat removal discussion will be delayed until next month. Dave added that the beach rules committee would like to be added to the agenda as well.


CALENDAR REVIEW: The calendar was reviewed.

WATERWAY DRIVE R-TAP TRAFFIC CALMING UPDATE: George Erikson distributed a handout and briefly discussed it. He requested the LBA Board actively control and represent the interests of all residents. Second, Mr. Erikson advised the Board that the validity of the petitions is in question and he is contesting the petitions. If the petition survives then Mr. Erikson stated that he will be back to request the Board to represent both sides equally: 2 proponents and 2 opponents should be on a resulting Traffic Calming Task Force. Third, the LBA Board establish a special Waterway Drive study composed of members without conflicts of interest to oversee the current process and disputes. He suggested considering a three member committee of Stuart Feldstein, Dave Goslin and George McLennan – past LBA Presidents. Fourth, LBA Board consider and take appropriate action to deal with the currently existing Conflicts of Interest relative to the calming matter. He added that he felt that Kim Smith and George Waters have a conflict of interest. Fifth, the LBA Board recommends an unbiased member to represent the interests of all lake members to Supervisor Gross. Sixth, Mr. Erikson stated that he believes the Board should look at and promulgate a checks and balances to ensure duty and candor.

George Waters distributed his report to the Board and discussed it. It was a series of questions raised by Dave Goslin regarding the process. Forming a task force was discussed. Dave stated that the Board is not involved in the task force deliberation and is only involved in the process. Mr. Waters stated that the task force should have guidance from the Board on how to convene meetings. Mr. Goslin then stated that the Board is responsible to ensure the process is followed and does not have substantive conclusions. Mr. Waters then advised that the County has confirmed that 75% signatures have been received and the County would be sending a letter advising the Board to that end. Mr. Waters also clarified that there are not specific dates tied to forming a task force or to the task force completing its recommendations.

COMMUNITY GARDEN UPDATE: George McLennan presented a scale map of the community garden. He stated the pond leaks and run off water from the road muddies the water. This area is approximately 5 times the size of the RPA garden and requires significantly more maintenance. Dave Goslin stated that fixing the space would reduce the maintenance. Cindy clarified that the necessary repairs would be a significant investment George would like to make some long term repairs to the pond and make it so it doesn’t require as much maintenance. He presented Kim Smith’s concept design for the area, including new paths. He explained the history of the Woman’s Club having been the original owners of claim, but that the current garden has long been maintained by the LBA. Mr. McLennan also stated that the initial cost would come out of capital improvements. George will come back next month with some detailed information and estimates. He added the WID will do all the demolition including supplying the dirt. Joe suggested to lawn it over. Kevin stated that this is within the RPA and it can not be lawned over. Stuart suggested that we eliminate the pond. Dave suggested to put in a Rose Garden. George suggested bringing back 1 other option. Stuart suggested a proposal to eliminate the pond and reconfigure the ground. A few variations will be presented to the Board.


LBA/WID RESIGNATIONS: Cindy read a letter from Carolyn Coldren resigning from the Board due to health issues. She suggested appointing the next candidate that did not win the election which is Joel Gregorio.

A motion was made by Jerry Mendenhall and seconded by Kevin Howe to ask Joel Gregorio to serve on the LBA Board. All in favor.

Cindy stated that WID associate Tony Bracken will be stepping down. Cindy informed the Board that in June, 2003, WID and LBA reached an agreement to fill positions. Two people from the WID have been selected and Cindy has asked Dave Goslin and Bill Herz to serve on this joint committee.

A motion was made by Stuart Feldstein and seconded by Kevin Howe to nominate Dave Goslin and Bill Herz to serve on this committee on behalf of LBA. All in favor.

BEACH RULES COMMITTEE: Dave said we are beginning to talk about the rules and will report back next month. He asked the Board to think about money making events that presently are not allowed. Beach parties are only allowed at beaches 2 and 5 and asked the Board to think about that as well. Dave reported that there presently is a semi-permanent camp area on Swift Island. Joe asked that at least one beach be designated non-smoking.

MEMBERSHIP REQUEST: Cindy stated that we have received a letter from someone who is settling May 21 on a property that is a non member lot and is requesting the Board to grant them a reduced membership fee from $3,500 to $1,750. Cindy explained the history on the fee. Dave felt that we should not bend on the amount due and felt it was not LBA’s problem.

A motion was made by Stuart Feldstein and seconded by Kim Smith to accept the $1,750 for the membership fee. Six opposed, 2 abstained. The request has been denied and Cindy will contact the potential buyers to make them aware of the Board’s decision.

THURGOOD MARSHALL UPDATE: Cindy stated she has tried to contact Ralph Smalley unsuccessfully but was informed that the committee met Monday night and reviewed 12 applications of which 8 were acceptable. Two recipients will receive $4,000 and two will receive $2,000. Cindy read the universities that they will be attending.

Cindy is trying to reach Ralph to determine why an LBA representative was not present. Jerry reminded the Board of the double signature check writing that he would like to institute which would also involve the checks to the universities. Stuart recommended that the Board review the process. Dave recommended that we verify that the committee awarded the funds in the spirit of the scholarship as intended by TM. Stuart suggested that no decision can be finalized without a board member being present. The student presentations will be made May 28 at JEB Stuart High School.

JEB STUART FIELD REPLACEMENT REQUEST: Cindy presented a letter from Bob Thompson, President of the JEB Stuart High School Athletic Boosters. They would like LBA to endorse the idea of Stuart’s athletic field being replaced with an all weather field.

A motion was made by Joe Pisciotta and seconded by Stuart Feldstein to support this. All voted in favor.


IMPROVEMENTS: Steve discussed tree issues and three items the Improvements Committee would like approval on: 1) Beach 3 erosion control project on Half Moon Circle - not to exceed $2,500. 2) Raise beach 3 entry pit – not to exceed $2,500. 3) Build a floating dock at beach 4 – not to exceed $3,000. There was general discussion about the general maintenance.

A motion was made by Dave Goslin and seconded by Kevin Howe to grant the above mentioned expenses. All in favor.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Cindy reported on behalf of Lisa Levine that Sand Day was a great success. Ice Cream Social is scheduled for June 14 and each Board member will be expected to be on the scoop line. Joe wants to retire from Labor Day games and a replacement will need to be found.

Kevin reported that he is doing a lot of work on the fireworks. He did add that he has received some volunteers. Meeting with the fire marshal has not taken place. 12-15 people are needed over the day. Cindy recommended that each major community event have a check-list and process that can be handed to the successor, citing immediate need for the July 4th fireworks and for Joe’s position in charge of Labor Day games. Chris reported that Mark Cavich and Dave Cook have agreed to volunteer to help with the fireworks. Kim discussed the need for the Board to think up ways to recruit volunteers for a future meeting.

WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: Joe reported the beach clean up went well. Joe advised the Board that several people are frequenting the beaches that are not residents. Recommends that more visible signs be posted, possibly have signs to hang on rear-view mirrors. Sand has been fluffed at the beaches. Kevin Hardy has done a great job to set up the beaches. Beach 2 is attracting a lot of trespassers. Kevin is still searching for full time guards and is considering adjusting the salary. Joe placed an ad in Digital Sports. Beaches open up this weekend. Cindy clarified that Kevin has “most” of the guards that he needs to open the beaches and have them open thru the end of the season. He is, however, lacking managers. Dave clarified that the rules need to be updated to reflect that Beach 5 does not have a guard except during parties. Dave recommended to Joe that he ask Kevin to advise the Board about what Beaches he wants to have open and those that need to have signs “No guard on duty.”

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jerry reported the format for the financial statement has been updated per the Boards request. Audit is moving forward. He would like to document the lifeguard and police for payroll.

ARC: Kevin reported on a recent fence that was declined that will possibly be appealed. Cindy advised that the resident has exceeded the timeframe to appeal.

COMMUNITY WATCH: Pete reported that the police have started patrols. He posted a notice on Lakelink about unruly kids will be sent off and beach privileges will be rescinded. There was general discussion about community kids’ antics and behavior and the past history. As the community demographics change and new families with young kids move in, then the community needs to advise parents.


LEGAL: Stuart reported that Steve Klein went to the Chadwick meeting. There are a couple of changes that apply to us, including the potential licensing for the lake manager costing $1,000. The license would be valid for 2 years. Disclosure packet may need to be updated. Stuart will look at them and report back.

PUBLICATIONS: Mark has updated the website from 1 to 2 GB.


Cindy read a letter from the Woman’s Club giving LBA a $200 donation for the upcoming Ice Cream Social.

Joe mentioned a letter from the Red Cross to produce a video filming out here. He added that they have filmed out here before and will work with Kevin Hardy and supply LBA with an insurance binder. It is anticipated that this will take place some time in mid June during the week.

A motion was made by Joe Pisciotta and seconded by Stuart Feldstein granting the Red Cross permission to film an educational tape. All voted in favor.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:32 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Kimberly Smith