June 11, 2008

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:33 p.m. by President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Kim Smith, Jerry Mendenhall, Mark Cavich, David Goslin, Joel Gregorio, Bill Herz, Kevin Howe, Steve Klein, Lisa Levine, and Pete Walker. Board member Joe Pisciotta was not present. Other guests included Improvements Committee member George McLennan and lake residents George Erikson, George Waters, John Wilkins and Regina Derzon.

The minutes of May 14, 2008 were approved as corrected.

Cindy introduced Joel Gregorio and welcomed him to the Board.


CALENDAR REVIEW: The calendar was reviewed. There were no changes.

Cindy gave a quick update on the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship committee.

JULY 4 UPDATE: Kevin updated the Board on the situation with ATF and Zambelli. ATF is telling LBA: 1) Storage is insufficient. 2) Even though Zambelli will pay the LB residents who fire the fireworks, the LB residents would be temporary employees and not true employees. Kevin stated that he felt we needed to contact Congressman Tom Davis for his assistance. Dave suggested only as a last resort and to try and work it out with ATF and Zambelli first.

Action Item: Kevin will contact Zambelli and report back at the July Board meeting

TRAFFIC COMMITTEE UPDATE: Cindy reported that LBA received written confirmation from Penny Gross’s office that the 75% threshold of petition signatures has been met. Because the Newsletter has not been published yet, it is possible that not all community members are aware of this information since some residents do not subscribe to LakeLink. Cindy stated that she would prefer to discuss this topic after the newsletter has been delivered and residents have time to volunteer to be on the Traffic Calming Task Force.

Action Item: None this month. Volunteers and Cindy’s recommendations for the Task Force will be discussed during the July Board meeting.

BOAT REMOVAL DISCUSSION: Cindy reported that there is a pontoon boat that has been sinking for a while. Cindy has asked the owner if he would like assistance from the WID. but the offer was declined since the owner is attempting to raise the pontoon himself. Cindy reminded the Board that boat removal needs to be pursued and asked if there was a precedent to remove pontoons that have no stickers. Kevin suggested checking the racks in the next month and holding an auction before the end of the month. Cindy questioned past Board policy on removal of party barges. Dave suggested Stuart to check into the legal issue and stated that some owners have the stickers but have not affixed them to their boat. Non-residents have no ability to obtain boat stickers. Cindy stated that Stuart’s notice went out in January with the Bills and that her notice went out with the stickers. Stuart recommends that LBA notify the property owners one more time that they have 30 days to put a sticker on the boat, after which the boat is considered abandoned. Bill said a bigger issue is that many boats don’t make it on the racks and are blocking emergency access. Dave recommends tabling the issue until Joe Pisciotta is able to weigh in on the discussions since this as well as auctions and boat round-ups fall under his committee. Cindy stated that if we remove boats from the racks, that we should also remove boats from the water.

Action Item: Stuart will talk with Joe.

COMMUNITY GARDEN UPDATE: George McLennan presented the current garden and proposed concept plan as well as a problem/solution, project status, cost estimates and reasons for proceeding with the project.

Lisa asked why the current pond has failed and why the new pond will be any different. George M. responded that the current pond was built by Lake residents, not professionals. Dave asked if we need consultation with the Community due to the high dollar costs involved. Jerry indicated that there is not necessarily a need but it might be good for PR. Jerry also clarified that by going to the community, we wouldn’t necessarily need approval, but rather give information. Dave voiced a concern that by spending $45k on the community garden, we are taking away from the other common areas. Lisa recommended that a full plan be considered for all common grounds that will serve as a longer term plan that future Boards can follow to aid with institutional memory. Cindy also expressed the need for a common ground plan. Jerry stated that this project should not be delayed to a longer term plan. Instead, the project should be started, especially since the majority of other projects will be funded with capital improvements. Bill stated that other communities may need a “crown jewel” like the proposed pond, but that in LB the lake itself is a crown jewel. Bill also suggested that a better alternative may be an engineered wetlands to aid with the health of the lake. George M stated that there is already a wetlands area that helps with runoff. Kevin clarified also that there must be County approval for construction within the RPA. Further, he recommends that LBA retain a wetlands engineer to assess the space to determine if the area behind the pond is a natural wetlands and if there are any other areas of concern.

A motion was made by Bill Herz and seconded by Stuart Feldstein that before the Board votes on landscaping the community garden, that we hire a wetlands engineering firm to review the plans. Kevin amended to set a limit of up to $3,000 for this purpose. All voted in favor.

Lisa added that George McLennan and Cindy will meet at her house on Monday to discuss long term plans for the community areas.

Dave expressed appreciation for all of the efforts from Kim and George.

OTHER OLD BUSINESS: No other business was discussed.



Action Item: Will be discussed at the next meeting.

REQUEST FOR A DONATION TO BBQ: Lisa explained the history of the BBQ that it is now an LBA event. In the past, LBA has paid for the band in the amount of $400. The current request is for $600.

A motion was made by Dave Goslin and seconded by Pete Walker to approve the $600 for the community BBQ. All in favor.


IMPROVEMENTS: Steve reported on Beach 5 and vandalism of picnic tables. He added that the WID has now installed locks on these tables. He also reported that there are more than 11 trees in the community that are dead or in substantial decline and need to be removed

Action Item: Community needs to find oak saplings to replace the dead trees.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Lisa reported that the Ice Cream Social is this weekend and all Board members should be present to scoop. Kim and Steve both noted that they will be out of town and not able to assist. Lisa also reminded the Board that volunteers are needed for 4th of July. General point related to special events: it is harder and harder to get volunteers. Kevin added that the July 4 volunteers will be meeting next Monday evening at Beach 3.

Action Items: None reported.

WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: Cindy reported on behalf of Joe the issue of sand at beaches blowing into the grass areas or washing into the lake. She also reported on the possible need for more sand specifically at Beach 4. It was felt that the WID should be asked to re-fluff the beaches first prior to ordering additional sand. Kevin Hardy is completing training and monitoring of the lifeguards and will be present full time from here on out. Kevin has also informed the Board that the debris in the water is a concern.

Action Items: None reported.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jerry called attention to the financial report. He reported that June, July and August are heavy expense months primarily due to water safety and improvements. He also reported that the Audit is moving forward. Tax returns will be filed soon.

Action Items: None reported.

ARC: Kevin reported that Donna Pica has joined the ARC. Joel is also serving on this committee as well.

Action Items: None reported.

COMMUNITY WATCH: Pete said the police are patrolling the community properties. Beaches have been busy and a lake resident minor was arrested for possession of alcohol.

Action Items: None reported.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Bill gave an update on the geese patrol, including that their boat keeps filling with rain water. Bill also reported that he has contacted the county about recent activity at 6514 Recreation Lane, specifically that they are digging into the hillside as well as along their side yard without the necessary posted permits. He also reported that mosquito control is underway at Beach 5. Bill requested Board approval to put bio-logs along Beach 5 to prevent further erosion.

Action Items: None reported.

LEGAL: Stuart reported that there is nothing pending.

Action Items: None reported.

MEMBERSHIP: Joel reported that there was $4,200 received for the month of May of which $3,500 was for a new membership. There are now only 3 non-member properties in the LB community. Lisa encouraged him to talk to Miranda Thomas from Newcomers. Kim recommended that whenever a new family moves into the Community their name and address be distributed to Board members so that the new resident can be contacted by a Board member, welcomed to the Community and asked to volunteer on a specific event or committee.

Action Items: Joel will discuss volunteer needs and opportunities with Ms. Thomas to avoid overlap.

PUBLICATIONS: Mark mentioned the splash page on the website that is now available and gave a demonstration of the new LB Photo Gallery. He distributed a printout on a photo page that he plans on working on and will input pictures. Mark has asked the Board for $500 to do work on the website.

A motion was made by Lisa Levine and seconded by Bill Herz to approve $500 towards work on the website. All in favor.


George Erikson asked on the status of items he mentioned last month concerning the traffic calming issue. Bill Cook sent a letter to the Board and George asked the status of the LBA response to the Cook letter. Stuart informed him that the Board will answer his letter. George stated that he would like the letter put in the newsletter if it is timely. He addressed his previous questions regarding formation of a special committee, conflict of interest on the Board and developing a task force. Cindy said the Board will respond to his requests. George informed the Board that after researching, he feels that: the humps on Dearborn were done in error, including that Dearborn was not identified as a collector road and that it therefore appears that the definition of the areas to be petitioned was not correct; and he is pursuing the possibility of having the humps removed. He does not want to see anymore humps in the community.

In addition, Mr. Erikson raised the following points: (1) he questioned the 75.9% figure provided by the Fairfax County Department of Transportation and indicated that he is in the process of pursuing an appeal (Dave asked if George knew when there may be a response and Mr. Erikson replied that he could not get an answer from the county on the timing); and (2) he believes that there has been selective dissemination of information and views there to be a conflict of interest.

Stuart motioned to adjourn. All agreed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:47 PM.

Respectfully submitted by:

Kimberly Smith

LBA Secretary